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It's the Rebels, Sir—They're Here!


Our Price: $19.95


Rebel Miniatures now available for preorder!

If your game has a decidedly old school feel, get ready to outfit your tabletop with new figures from Rebel Miniatures!

Every adventure needs a lineup of heroes—what better way than to start with The Adventurers Box Set I? Within, you'll find four models and their bases, but the models are a classic lineup—cleric, rogue, warrior, and wizard! Even better, the second box set has a dwarven hunter, ranger, amazon, and illusionist, so you can really round out your cast of characters! Of course, heroes don't get their titles just on their word alone, and heroes need foes to fight! Rebel Miniatures has foes like the Minotaur of Knossos, Terrax and his lizardmen raiders, or the fearsome Blight Lord!

Check out all of the figures from Rebel Miniatures right here at Paizo!

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Do they want...tea?

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I don't know sir, but they've brought a flag...

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