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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

The Stuff Dreams are Made Of—Now with Pictures!

Pathfinder Cards: Artifacts Item Cards

Add Cards $10.99

Add Non-Mint $10.99 $8.24

New GameMastery Item Cards now available!

Need to show your party exactly what the Shield of Aroden looks like, or maybe an Orb of Dragonkind? Look no further than the latest GameMastery Cards deck!

More than mere magic items, artifacts are the stuff of legends—and now you can show them off with Pathfinder Cards: Artifacts! Tied into our Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Artifacts & Legends release, this card deck is full of the heavy hitters of the Inner Sea: the Apollyon Ring, Bottle of the Bound, Saint Cuthbert's Mace, the Torc of Kostchtchie, even the Dancing Hut of Baba Yaga! Even if you don't play in our world, you can re-use these cards in any fantasy roleplaying game, and wow your players when you lay down their recently acquired treasure on the game table!

Check out all of the GameMastery Cards right here at Paizo!

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