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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

One if by Land, Two if by Sea, Three if by...Air?

GameMastery Map Pack: Vehicles

Add Print Edition $12.99

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New GameMastery Map Pack available!

Let your characters ride into battle with style with our latest GameMastery Map Pack!

Adventurers don't always travel on foot—that's why GameMastery Map Pack: Vehicles is here! No matter the mode of transportation, we've got it covered. Carts, sleds, carriages, gliders, caravan wagons, boats, and yes, even siege towers and a steam giant are included for you! Those chariots and wagons aren't going to pull themselves (well, maybe they are in your game), so we've also included two tiles of common and uncommon mounts. Sure, we've got horses and ponies, even sled dogs and oxen...but there are spiders, geckos, goblin dogs, rhinos, and undead horrors too! Don't forget, these Map Pack tiles are specially coated so you can use dry and wet-erase markers—even permanent markers—so you can make all the alterations that you need to!

Check out all of the GameMastery Map Packs right here!

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