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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Shot Through the Heart!

The Ebon Vault: Bows of War (PFRPG) PDF

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New third-party Pathfinder Roleplaying Game releases!

Get out your wayfinders out—it's time to venture into new territory with exciting new Pathfinder Roleplaying Game releases from third-party publishers!

Get ready to fill your efficient quiver, because Necromancers of the Northwest is here with a PDF dedicated to ranged combat—The Ebon Vault: Bows of War! Within its pages, you'll find new weapons like the goliath crossbow, special ammunition like the assassin's touch, halfling dart bolts, orcish barbed arrows, sticky shot, and wind-resistant arrows and bolts, you'll have exciting new choices for your character to add to their arsenal. Of course, if you want to make a magical weapon to remember, there are fifty new ranged weapon abilities to add to your favorite ranged weapons! Strike fear from afar with the zombie-raising animating shot, wield lightning like any spellcaster with an arcing bow, or take a turn as Cupid with a charming shortbow.

The spooky season is just around the corner, and Super Genius Games would like to haunt you! I mean, they want to tell you all about the fear-filled not-traps that are haunts with The Genius Guide to Horrific Haunts! The Geniuses give you pointers about how to use haunts in your game, and Raging Swan Press wants you to enact the zombie apocalypse with 100% Crunch: Zombies (in some Caves & Caverns, perhaps)! And if you like spooky settings, check out this FREE preview of Kobold Press's latest, Midgard Campaign Setting! lives up to their name, and they have "A Learning Time", "A Frightful Time", "Cry of Ill Omen", "Beauty & Blood", while Headless Hydra Games has "The Wasting of Duny Slough", the first in their Viridian Legacy adventure path!

If you like magic items, Louis Porter Jr. Design has been releasing Treasure of Exodus—learn more about legendary items like Helm of the Communal Mind, Mordant Wrath, and Protectorate Twilight Bow! You can now also dive into the world of NeoExodus with a new line of adventures, including "Ruins of Trovaska!"

New monsters, magus archetypes, new feats, new races, spells—check out all of these and more with third-party Pathfinder Roleplaying Game releases right here!

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::wicked guitar solo::

Thanks for the product nod, guys. I'm gonna go put this song on now.

Daron Woodson
Abandoned Arts

All these store blog titles have me missing music during the 80's. Man im felling old now.

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