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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Master! Master! Where are the Dreams That I've Been After?


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New third-party Pathfinder Roleplaying Game products available!

It's time for another roundup of third-party Pathfinder Roleplaying Game products, and they have been busy since the last time we gushed about their releases!

First up, the fifth part of the bad-as-you-wanna-be adventure path, Way of the Wicked, is in from Fire Mountain Games! "The Devil My Only Master" sets you on a path you can't turn away from—the destruction of your mentor that has cultivated you on your path to overthrow the kingdom of Talingarde. This volume covers exciting new options for playing vampire and lich PCs, and includes a number of new character options for villains by Jason Bulmahn, lead designer for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. Grab the PDF and start reading immediately, or get your preorder in for the print version!

Little Red Goblin Games has released Substitution Levels, which allows a character to sacrifice levels for an equal number of levels as a saint, lich, or even vampire! Super Genius Games wants to know what's in that NPC's pocket (who might be a Luminary) with The Genius Guide to What's in My Pocket? Part Deux, while Louis Porter Jr. Design has three new entries for the NeoExodus setting: the artifacts known as the Omen Blade and Malice Blade as well as the adventure "Encounter at Ramat Bridge". Raging Swan Press gives you a double helping of Dungeon Dressing with Corpses and Secret Doors to help you spruce up fantasy roleplaying's favorite adventure location, and Dreadfox Games has new options for their gypsy and ritualist classes with Secrets of Card & Salt! Newcomer Rocks Fall Games has two adventures with "The Missing Child" and "The Wizard Under the Well", and longtime publisher Rite Publishing has a spooky new (and FREE) offering with Pathways #19! Kobold Press is riding high with the release of the Midgard Campaign Setting, and you can dive into their world with "The Forgotten King's Tomb" (complete with kobold pregenerated characters) and get a taste of sin with their Monsters of Sin PDF Collection!

Phew—what a dizzying assortment of incredible Pathfinder Roleplaying Game releases! Check out all of them right here, and keep on top of the latest with the new releases RSS feed!

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2 people marked this as a favorite.

Promised only lies!

ahem...I mean, wow! The front page. Thanks, Paizo!

Gary McBride
Fire Mountain Games

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Laughing at my cries. Classic.

Shadow Lodge

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber

Metallica on the front page of Paizo!?

My loves are colliding! The world is imploding on itself!

Pathfinder Comics Subscriber; Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

I've just started reading the first installment in the Way of the Wicked AP, Knot of Thorns, and just wanted to say I'm very impressed with it, and I'm looking forward to collecting the other volumes when my next paycheck drops.

You should be proud of your creation Gary!


Thanks for the kind words. I'm glad you're enjoying "Knot of Thorns" and you have my heartfelt appreciation for purchasing "Way of the Wicked".

I am indeed very proud of "Way of the Wicked".

Gary McBride
Fire Mountain Games

Awesome! The dark side come sunder.

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