Through Forests Dark and Grim to the Crossroads City!

New Campaign Setting from Kobold Press!

Midgard needs heroes—will you be able to brave the woods of the Ghostlight Forest, or will you flee at the first flickering shadows in the latest from Kobold Press?

In the Midgard Campaign Setting, you'll get a dash of eastern European folklore, a healthy pinch of the Brothers Grimm, knights in shining armor, fey that aren't all sweetness and light, and combined into a setting that has been developed for years by roleplaying game industry veteran Wolfgang Baur. Starting as a homebrew world, then developed over the years through Open Design patronage projects, the world of Midgard has been collected into one tome for your heroes to adventure in! Almost 300 pages long, you'll get beautiful maps, the history of the realm (both mortal and metaphysical), and learn about ley lines and how to manipulate them! Of course, this is a land that needs folk with more bravery than sense, and you'll be able to choose from many human ethnicities of Midgard, as well as dragonkin, dwarves, elves and elfmarked, the clockwork gearforged, minotaurs, and of course, kobolds! Every country of Midgard is portrayed, from the canton of Tijino, to Domovogrod, home of the World Tree, to more well-known places like the Free City of Zobeck. Arm yourself with the Rothenian poniard sword, dip your arrows in dragon blood, or purchase a hatchling crimson drake in a Mharoti bazaar. Many different adventures await you in Midgard—are you brave enough to seek the glory and renown it could bring?

Check out all of Kobold Press's releases right here, and dive into their world of Midgard here!

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Welcome to Midgard, folks. The shadow road starts right over... here.

Great setting. One of the best I have seen.

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Thank you, Mead! I think you are seeing the results of a lot of people hammering on it for a few years: Midgard was not designed in a hurry.

I'm especially fond of this review by Stargazer's World:

Stargazer wrote:

"I am a compulsive homebrewer, I rarely play campaigns straight from a book, and as much as I love this book I don’t think I will switch my long running campaign to Midgard. Still this book has a LOT for me.

"There are rules throughout that I will steal for my game, such as Ley Lines, Status rules, the mechanical effects of languages, new races, traits and feats, pantheists priests, and then there are the details on nations and places that can be picked up and inserted into any campaign. This book will see great use at my table…"

Scarab Sages

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According to whomever handles their Facebook page, there should be a Print+PDF bundle available through Paizo. How can I order it?

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You heard right. I think it's as simple as clicking on "Add Hardcover" or "Add Softcover" above. Check out as normal.

If for some reason the PDF does not appear, let the Paizo folks know, especially Store Gninja Liz. It should be included in every order.

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This product definitely needs some promotion!


Because its rock solid great stuff. I dare say some of the best 3PP you're going to find.

This is especially auspicious because it is a complete campaign setting. It stands apart from Golarion because the two settings fulfill different needs. Midgard has a very old world European feel to it, while still be an excellent sword and sorcery setting (with a generous dash of weird and ironic to keep it fresh). Brandon Hodge also mixed in a generous helping of Lovecraft and high magic.

I strongly endorse this product. I own this product in hardcover. I've seen this setting develop since Wolfgang first started it.

I understand many 3PP products compete for attention. If you're not at *least* checking out the PDF as a prelude to possibly buying the book in hardcover or softcover, then you're doing yourself a disservice.

I can't say it any stronger than that. Formal review pending.

EDIT: Oops, I don't know if a PDF version is publicly available. I suspect it is from the KQ store maybe? In any case, my comment stands. If you're hesitant, you need to check it out however you can and make an informed decision before considering not getting this. It deserves a look if not your instant purchase!


Both the PDF and Print/PDF bundles should be available here now. :)

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This will be my birthday gift to myself, because I know my family won't get me anything I actually want.

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I must agree with Jim: This is an absolutely fantastic setting. Let me elaborate just a bit.

As an editor who works with Kobold Press, I got an early peek at this book, and I quickly saw that the hype this setting has stirred is completely warranted. In fact, the book exceeds even my expectations -- and I've been stoked about Midgard for a long time.

Where to begin? Midgard is a rich, deep, and complete setting that seems at once intimately familiar and completely new. If you like old-school, Tolkien-esque worldbuilding, this is your book. If you like new worlds with fantastic new features to explore, this is your book. If you at all like European or Norse mythology, this is your book. Heck, if you like role-playing games, this is your book.

Following that last assertion, the campaign setting incorporates some incredibly new and imaginative gaming mechanics. Ley lines add a whole new, versatile component to magic. Deities' masks lend the pantheon an unrivaled air of mystery and power. Not only are these ideas great but their execution here is just so, so solid.

Anyway, if you've read about Midgard from Kobold Quarterly or otherwise, this book is the best Bible you can buy. If this is the first you're hearing about it, I encourage you to a least consider giving this book a shot. It's well worth your time.

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I may have to quote you. Thanks!

Paizo Employee Development Coordinator

Wolfgang Baur wrote:
I may have to quote you. Thanks!

Hey, I speak only the truth.

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Kobold Design means QUALITY Pathfinder material designed by gamers, for gamers. That's not just a cliche. It's the real deal. Sure you could purchase Midgard because of the excellent design work by great names like Jeff Grubb, Brandon Hodge, Christina Stiles, Dan Voyce, Ed Greenwood Wolfgang Baur and the 2012 Gold ENie Award winner Ben McFarland. Or you could buy it because it has some of the best creative gameworld material you'll get anywhere! Oh... and the print copies are high quality, made in the USA press. The bindings of Kobold Design products will NOT fall apart on you.

Hey, just for the inspiration it's a worthy purchase. It reminds me of the old 3.0 Forgotten Realms book. I ended up not using much of the material, but it was very inspiring for my own gameworld design. With Midgard, I'm also going to select out some of the cool races and kingdoms (Neimheim and Zobeck are just a couple I MUST include) and use them in my own homebrew. It's totally worth it! You will like what you get with the Midgard Campaign Setting.

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I have been waiting for this since last year as I watched the project develop. Now I am so happy the wait is over. The Midgard Campaign Setting turned out even better than I anticipated! I like it so much I have already bought a hardcover for a friend for Christmas.

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Ohh... and while you are enjoying Midgard, check out the Midgard Adventure "The Forgotten Kings Tomb". Also available right here at Paizo. In my opinion it is pretty good. (Shameless plug)

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Forgotten King's Tomb has been a bit of a surprise hit: it's a short dungeon in a classic style, plus some twists.

Playable pretty much anywhere.

Personally, I fell in love with Zobeck and stayed for Midgard. It's been my favorite city for a long time now, and I'm thrilled to be able to not only see its place in the larger game world but know there are places where I got to help shape that world. :) Besides, how many game worlds do you have blighted wastelands with skyscraper sized monstrosities slowly inching their way across the horizon while goblins search for lost bits of fantastic? Not many, I tell you, not many.

I was one of this project's Open Design patrons, so I had the privilege of seeing the project grow and come together. Armed with this foreknowledge I knew it was going to be really good... But I'm still astounded at the magnificence of the finished product!

There are lots of new ideas in Midgard. I don't just mean new monsters (although there are plenty of those) or new magics (even though it has plenty of them too), but really genuinely *new* *ideas*. Stuff that will rock your game world (literally).


I'm biased about the nook, but I moved my campaign offworld and into Midgard after becoming fascinated with Zobeck.I will be keeping the campaign there for quite some time, as there is so much to explore across Midgard.

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