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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Get Some Iron in Your Gaming Diet!


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A new roleplaying game from Privateer Press!

Get ready to rumble in your steamjack, because Privateer Press's latest is here and ready to slam its way into your game night!

In Iron Kingdoms: Full Metal Fantasy Roleplaying Game, you'll be able to venture forth in your own steam-powered mecha and craft alchemical artifacts and mechanika to face the threats of the kingdoms of western Immoren. Featuring enough background information to help you craft a dozen characters and campaigns, this hardcover will let you play diverse classes like arcanists, alchemists, fell callers, gunmages, warcasters, and more! Humans aren't the only race in the Iron Kingdoms, either. Gobbers, Iosans and Nyss, ogrun, even trollkin and Rhulfolk await the chance to be your player character. With skills and abilities a-plenty, no matter where the campaign takes you, you'll be able to engage in dastardly or daring acts in both the sooty metropolises and the ruins of ancient power best left unawakened.

Check out all of Privateer Press's releases right here!

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Grand Lodge

This is one of my favorite steampunk themed games for 3.5. Then I got involved in the miniatures game Warmachine.
The new rule set is based of the miniatures rules. I can't wait to play a warcaster and control warjacks.

I tried to pick this up a GenCon, but it sold out in about an hour when the dealer room opened.
By far one of my favorite settings that is so rich with fluff. Khador, Menoth, all of it..

Great game!!

Scarab Sages

I didn't have any luck at GenCon either.

Man, I can't wait for this book to get here. :)

I snagged this beauty the other day as a present for one of my steampunk obsessed gamer pals. Now I am fighting the urge to buy one for m'self...

Dark Archive

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

So is this an update to Pathfinder rules?

Grand Lodge

No pathfinder. PP has their own system for this campaign, based on the miniatures game. It's a 2d6 system.

Dark Archive

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Oh, sweet! So it is at least a revision of the 3.5 rules then?

Liberty's Edge

I'm glad to see this come out. The Witchfire trilogy were loads of faun back in 3.0. I was sad to see Iron Kingdoms as an RPG give way to minis, but now it's back. This time with a consistent vision and well defined world, unlike the old 3.0 products.

xn0o0cl3 wrote:
Oh, sweet! So it is at least a revision of the 3.5 rules then?

It bears very little relation to the old ruleset. Many things that were part of the setting due to being a D&D game are cut out, such as the majority of reliance on magic items. Spellcasters work completely differently and there's almost no such thing as utility magic. If you're not in a fight, you do things mundanely or with technology, not magic.

The list of abilities a spellcaster has are extremely limited at the moment, but may be expanded with later books. At present, it's not possible to create many kinds of spellcasters that are shown in the tabletop game, such as druids and temporal mages.

Liberty's Edge

Is there a need to use minis in the game? Or can it be run without them?

My online group is going to be switching over to this after we're done with Kingmaker book one. It's going to be great getting to be a player in this and GM the online portion of kingdom building at the same time.

Grand Lodge

memorax wrote:
Is there a need to use minis in the game? Or can it be run without them?

No more so than D&D or Pathfinder. But they do a have rules if you so choose too, because they already have a huge miniatures game.

Free promo module with the new rules and pregens here.

Liberty's Edge

GarnathFrostmantle wrote:

No more so than D&D or Pathfinder. But they do a have rules if you so choose too, because they already have a huge miniatures game.

Free promo module with the new rules and pregens here.

Good to know and thanks for the link and answeing my question. May buy this when I have the spare cash to do so.

I've had it for about two weeks now, and can't keep my nose out of it. They've built up so much fluff and backstory over the years, and it's nice to have a lot of it in one place, in a much more story-centric format.

Nice that roleplaying is so encouraged, considering this comes from a wargaming company. In many ways, it's rules-lite, and in a good, sort of retro way. But definitely modern, up-to-date production values.

It's a really beautiful book.

Dark Archive

Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber; Pathfinder Comics Subscriber

Love this book, but then I love everything Privateer Press puts out (fluff wise I should say)


If anyone's ever considering running a pbp for this system - PLEASE colour me very interested!

Bruunwald & Plaag's comments have just sealed the deal and I'm ordering today (festives are round the corner so why the hell not :)

Iron Kingdoms has been one of my favourite fantasy settings for a while, so I was, of course, extremely interested when a friend of mine mentioned that he'd like to start a campaign in this new game he'd just picked up.

Does anyone have any playtime experience with how the new system runs?

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