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Death Comes on Black Wings!


Our Price: $19.99


Pathfinder Battles Black Dragon available!

What has skin as dark as a moonless night, corrupts water, and can warp the swamp around them? The baddest creature in our Pathfinder Battles: Heroes and Monsters set!

Encountering a dragon never fails to be a memorable occasion. Indeed, these winged icons of fantasy roleplaying games live for ages, collect vast hoards of treasure, are intelligent, have vast arcane forces at their claw-tip—too bad sometimes they see your character as an appetizer! The cover of our Beginner Box features the Black Dragon as imagined by fan favorite artist Wayne Reynolds, and now you can add one to your battlemap as a prepainted plastic miniature! Over 4 1/2 inches tall, the Black Dragon should strike fear into the hearts of all that see it—not many can resist its acidic breath and wickedly sharp claws! Originally released as the case premium for the Heroes and Monsters set, the Black Dragon is available now, but you'll want to grab your own soon—we only have so many of the beasties!

Check out all of our prepainted plastic Pathfinder Battles miniatures right here!

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Grand Lodge

That is awesome.
Will we be seeing all dragons in such form? Like a green dragon?
Nobody ever loves those guys like I do.

Liberty's Edge

Was that a Dragonlance reference?????

Liberty's Edge

Pathfinder Starfinder Adventure Path, Starfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber
Marc Radle wrote:
Was that a Dragonlance reference?????

No, of course not. Clearly not. The arcane spellcasters on the seashore would likely object if it was. So it's not.

The Exchange

The real thing about the gargantuan green dragon is that WotC never hit that one and then changed the beast's look for 4th Edition. I personally would want such a monster to complete what WotC never so much other stuff they did.

Grand Lodge

From me....yes it was a DL referance. But also I want a green dragon. I really do love those guys.
Red, black, blue, and I think Wizards did the white as well...

What have we never seen....a green.
I want a green.


If you're talking about the blog title, yes, it was a Dragonlance reference.

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