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What's Better than a Dungeon Crawl?

GameMastery Flip-Mat: Pub Crawl

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New GameMastery Flip-Mat now available!

The latest GameMastery Flip-Mat is ready for your characters to revel in a well-deserved night of rest!

Hard-working adventurers need some time to decompress, and what better way than a night out on the town, livin' it up? With the GameMastery Flip-Mat: Pub Crawl, you'll be able to stumble your way from pub to pub, eating the finest foods and sipping the most delicious of beverages with your hard-earned coin! Of course, as we all know, sometimes revelry can turn into a brawl, and sometimes enemies can try and catch up to you when your guard is down...

Double-sided, Flip-Mat: Pub Crawl has a number of different drinking and eating establishments situated in the more gentrified part of town (which includes a grand hall worthy of Cayden), but on the other side, you get the more rough-and-tumble sort of bars. A place where questions won't be asked, people keep to themselves, bouncers can toss the unruly out into the water for a refreshing swim, and also meshes in perfectly with Flip-Mat: Warehouse!

Check out the rest of the GameMastery Maps right here, and get high-quality, reusable maps for your tabletop gaming (virtual or otherwise) right now!

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