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Cheapass Games is back!

Don't miss out on the latest Kickstarter from Cheapass Games!

Even if you don't know the name of James Ernest, you know his work in card and board games. Button Men, Dead Money, Deadwood, Falling, Give Me the Brain, Kill Doctor Lucky, Lords of Vegas, and Pirates of the Spanish Main had his hand in their design, and now he's back to get the Cheapass Games classic Unexploded Cow in a new and improved Deluxe Edition with Kickstarter! Of course, with a game title like "Unexploded Cow", you may be wondering what the game is about... In true and quirky Cheapass Games fashion, you've got a few spare resources (mad cows) and a problem (live bombs in the countryside). In this game, you'll buy cows and send 'em out to find the bombs to liberate cities and earn enough points (and cash) to win the game! Cheapass is known for, well, being easy on the pocket book, with black and white printouts and tokens. With the Unexploded Cow Kickstarter, though, Cheapass is aiming for a deluxe, full color version of the game, and the more pledges they receive, the better the game gets for everybody—it'll be a blast!

Check out all of Cheapass Games's stuff here, along with the deluxe versions of Kill (and Save) Doctor Lucky, and head on over to Kickstarter to pitch in your ducats for fun gaming!

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