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Spread the Sweet Buttery Justice of Therin!


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Zombie Orpheus Entertainment brings us Adventure!

You've watched the adventures of Brother Silence, Daphne, Flynn the Fine, and Luster—now live it with your own characters with Zombie Orpheus's first Pathfinder Roleplaying Game adventure!

In The Gamers: Dorkness Rising, our main protagonist, Lodge, struggles to write his adventure, but is hampered by one thing: his players. While that tale is for another time (and one every gamer should watch), that adventure, "The Mask of Death," is now available, and ready for your Pathfinder Roleplaying Game campaign! King Erasmus the Randomly Biased rules over the relatively calm lands of Whitetower, but this peace is broken by a declaration from the wicked necromancer, Mort Kemnon! With a vile artifact in his grasp, he swears that he will pervert the land in the name of his god, and with increased reports of undead sightings throughout the land, things do not look good. On top of that, Therin, goddess of light and patron of Whitetower, is silent to all but her strongest followers, her power waning as the darkness closes in upon the land...

Tongue firmly in cheek, this adventure will have you laughing as you meet familiar characters from Dorkness Rising, but you'll also get several new rumors to investigate on your quest to recover the Mask of Death from Mort Kemnon! Of course, new side quests aren't the only thing you get in "The Mask of Death!" You'll get character sheets for the four heroes of Dorkness Rising, rules to support their crazy antics like Mound of Dead Bards, WILD!! magic, the First Strike feat, and, of course, Luster's favorite spell, flaming hand of fiery doom! New magic items like the cursed pike of mediocrity, tankard of excellent ale, armageddon pastry, and duct tape of healing will also be yours to add to your Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, as well ans the cantor of Therin prestige class!

Check out all of Zombie Orpheus's releases here, and jaunt on over to Kickstarter to make the third Gamers movie a reality and snag awesome rewards for your pledge (like the Mound of Dead Bards miniature)! Onward... To waffles!

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Liberty's Edge

is this a pdf or the actual book? If book, is there a pdf?


It is the actual book—I'm working on getting a PDF version of "The Mask of Death" on the store. :)

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