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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game


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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Something Sinister in Sandpoint!


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Get your monthly dose of Pathfinder in an all-new format!

You've longed for tales about our iconics—those characters you've seen over and over again in our Pathfinder artwork—and now you'll get a front row seat to read all about them with our Pathfinder Comics!

In Pathfinder #1, something is afoot in Varisia—not a surprise, since this wild land holds many secrets from ancient empires long since relegated to dusty historical tomes and theses on magical theory. A random encounter on the road has Valeros fighting against a pack of goblins, along with the magic-wielding Seoni and the knife-loving Merisiel, but goblins are a cowardly lot, and don't attack during the day...normally. However, these goblins are anything but normal, bearing strange scars and growths upon their bodies, and our party, along with their ally Ezren, enlist the aid of the dwarven woodsman Harsk to track down more of these unusual goblins. Goblins don't travel alone, though, and our group may have stumbled upon something quite big indeed.

Pathfinder Comics is foray into the world of comics with our partner Dynamite Entertainment. Written by Jim Zub and illustrated by Andrew Huerta, you'll get an exciting, adventure-packed introduction to the world of Golarion that will have you eagerly awaiting the next issue to see what trouble our iconics can get themselves into! (Answer: A lot.) Check out all of our Pathfinder Comics here, and subscribe now to get your own copy (with a exclusive cover) delivered directly to you!

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