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When the Lights Go Down in the City

Pathfinder Tales: Blood of the City

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New Pathfinder Tales novel here!

In the latest Pathfinder Tales novel, we head to the streets of Magnimar, for a story of urban mercenaries in the City of Monuments!

Nobility has a way of complicating things in the latest Pathfinder Tales novel, Blood of the City. Out on the steppes of the Storval Plateau, when you want something, you take it, but among Magnimaran nobility, saving face and plying the political web of power makes getting what you want a bit more difficult. Luma, able to hear the whispers and murmurs of Magnimar's cobbled streets as sure as any tavern song, aids her siblings of the Derexhi family. Together, they consider themselves "problem solvers" for the city's elite, but even though she's the oldest, her half-elven heritage earns her little respect—or trust. Not every job is a cakewalk though, and when a job goes terribly wrong, Luma finds herself in the prison known as the Hells, tangled up in a wave of bloody power plays and unable to trust those she once held dearest. Written by Robin D. Laws, author of The Worldwound Gambit, "Plague of Light", "The Ironroot Deception", and "The Treasures of Far Thallai," Blood of the City will send you along for a grand ride through murder, mayhem, and intrigue in the City of Monuments!

Check out all of our fiction set in the world of Golarion with the Pathfinder Tales line right here!

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Dark Archive Contributor

Dammit, Courts! I did not need a Journey earworm.



Silver Crusade

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And the sun shines on the bay.

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I want to be there ...

Contributor my city.... oh, oh, oh-oh-oh...

So you think you're lonely....

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