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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

As Black as the Whispering Tyrant's Heart!


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New Pathfinder dice from Q-Workshop!

Aching to add another set of dice to your collection? Q-Workshop has some of the most unique dice out there, and they've got a brand-new set for you!

Step right up and get the latest dice from Q-Workshop, the spooky-colored Carrion Crown Dice Set! As dark as the shadows of Gallowspire, this set of dice is a fantastic addition to Q-Workshop's line of Pathfinder Adventure Path-themed dice. Whether you're the game master looking to keep the gothic feel of your game down to your dice, or your character is a dhampir antihero trying to earn a little good karma, these dice will stand out next to all the others at the table. If you're looking for something a bit brighter in hue, check out the Second Darkness Dice Set, or pick up a unique die that will let everybody know when you've confirmed a critical!

Check out all of Q-Workshop's Pathfinder dice right here, and be sure to check out their entire line of unique dice!

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Sovereign Court RPG Superstar 2009 Top 32, 2010 Top 8

Any chance of getting extra d6s available or (even better) a white Second Darkness d6 with black numbers?

I enjoy my 10 piece RotRL and SD dice but I'd love to be able to make a 10 die set of these.

The stark black and silver looks to address a lot of the "I can't read 'em" issues of Q-workshop.

Liberty's Edge Contributor

I'll admit that ordering these was a foregone conclusion for me. Still, it's good to see that they're keeping with the clean numbering scheme they started with the Legacy of Fire set and continued with Kingmaker. The first couple of sets definitely got a bad reputation and had to be retired from play in my group because they were so hard to see. It was unfortunate, too, because my Second Darkness set rolled better for me than any set I've own.

I'm sorry Q Workshop hasn't done a Council of Thieves or Serpent's Skull set, though. I think they could do some great stuff with those designs. I sincerely hope that Jade Regent and Skull & Shackles get a set.

Funny you should say that Paris, my party hates when our DM uses the Second Darkness dice, they always roll high for her!

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