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How About a Shave?


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New Reaper Miniatures for your Pathfinder game available!

Long-time fans of Paizo will recognize the cast of the latest batch of Pathfinder Miniatures from Reaper!

If somebody in a crazy mask asks if you want a shave, the answer is "no," especially if they're a Skinsaw Cultist! Making their debut appearance way back in Pathfinder Adventure Path #2: "The Skinsaw Murders", these deranged cult members are perfect in their original role. Even if you don't need a cultist miniature added to your collection, this mini can serve as a bardic mastermind with an evil twist, or as any PC or NPC who likes a little style in their garb—and a wicked blade in their hand!

Appearing in the final part of the Rise of the Runelords Adventure Path, Viorian Dekanti is a warrior of great skill—but will she join the party, or bury them? With a commanding stance and sword outstretched in challenge, this miniature is great for any fighter in full plate, paladin, or cavalier!

Our final miniature this month steps out of the pages of "The Compass Stone." The members of the Decemvirate, the leading council of the Pathfinder Society and responsible for sending hundreds (if not thousands) of their agents across Golarion in search of ancient secrets, conceal their identities behind masks of unknown provenance. This Pathfinder Society Leader had a few words with agent Eando Kline in his tale, but she can make an appearance anywhere in the Grand Lodge in Absalom or places far from the Inner Sea, either in her original role or as a cleric or oracle!

Stock up on the Skinsaw Cultist and Viorian Dekanti—you'll want them for our upcoming release of the Rise of the Runelords Anniversary Edition Hardcover! Check out all of our unpainted Pathfinder Miniatures from Reaper right here (and check out their new line of unpainted plastic minis that won't break the bank)!

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"Conceal their identities"? Pah! I'd know that navel anywhere!

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