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Another World, Another Time!


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New Pathfinder RPG campaign setting from Louis Porter Jr. Design!

Arcane power and mental might clash in the world of Exodus from Louis Porter Jr. Design!

In an age long past, all humanoid races were bound in slavery, serving the whims of the inscrutable First Ones. The most brilliant of them concocted a means to overthrow these god-like beings, helping usher in an age undreamt of in NeoExodus: A House Divided! Sword, sorcery, and psychics are suffused throughout the history of Exodus, and power-hungry warlords come and go. But with the death of Empress Mercy just last year, and her brother implicated, the Imperial Alliance has fallen apart, and the land is in desperate need of heroes!

In this setting, you'll be hard-pressed to find elves or dwarves. If playing standard fantasy races in your roleplaying game is too mainstream, you'll have a handful of new choices to select from! The rat-like cavian, possessing tremendous psychic potential and recently returned from three hundred years of exile, are in every major city in the lands, connected to a hive mind that gives them unique insights on any subject. Rock-like cyneans pore through libraries in search of mystical secrets, the plant-creatures called dalreans roam the lands, and the primal mutants known as enuka are just some of the new player character races in NeoExodus: A House Divided!

In addition to these races, you'll get pages of new feats, alternate racial traits, prestige classes, spells like accelerate magic and caliban's feast, equipment, and magic items!

Check out all of Louis Porter Jr. Design's Pathfinder releases here, including the new class machinesmith, and learn more about the NeoExodus setting here!

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1 person marked this as a favorite.

I am very thankful that Paizo was kind enough to focus on NeoExodus: A House Divided and all the great that has been done by the likes of JP Chapleau, Jonathan Matthew Palmer, Jeff Erwin and Chris Field that made this happen.

looks liek a thunder kitty on that cover

2 people marked this as a favorite.

"In an age of wonder...until the Crystal cracked!"

The Exchange

Yeah! Thanks for the love, Paizo!

Sovereign Court Contributor

It's been fun working with NeoExodus and helping it shine. It stands alone very well and also has a lot of elements a Swords and Planets GM might find inspiring.

Steelfiredragon wrote:
looks liek a thunder kitty on that cover

A Thunder Kitty that shoots black lightning bolts from it hands...

It shoudl also be noted that there's an adventure-kickstarter going on right now for NeoExodus. And at least from the potential of the basic idea, it could be AWESOME if it dares to be as different as its premise!


1 person marked this as a favorite.
terraleon wrote:
"In an age of wonder...until the Crystal cracked!"

Glad you got the reference. ^_^

When single shines the triple sun... :D

Congrats on the front page, Louis :)

Liz Courts wrote:
terraleon wrote:
"In an age of wonder...until the Crystal cracked!"
Glad you got the reference. ^_^

Awesome song ;)

Im lovin it just ordered my copy, Im going to use distant worlds to place this one in the pathfinder realm.

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