Nay, We are But Men!


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New Otherworld Miniatures now available!

They've made their way across the pond to us, and a new batch of Otherworld Miniatures is available here at!

There ain't no school like old school, and every miniature from Otherworld recalls back to a time when elves were a class and you colored in the numbers on your dice with a crayon. With a set like Berserkers, you've got a trio of battle-hardened men-at-arms ready to face anybody that might get in their way. Perfect as either heroes (I've got an idea for three brothers off to gain their fame and fortune right now) or as hired thugs, this is a great set to add to your collection of miniatures.

Speaking of thugs, every Evil High Priest needs a few good minions. Minions are great for distracting the good guys as you attempt to complete your master plan, finish summoning a nice-sized demon, or whatever nefarious scheme your bad guy has up their sleeve. The Evil Acolytes is a set you'll keep going back to everytime you need a few cultists for your game!

Even minions have their minions, and Otherworld has plenty of pets to toss on the table—a giant spider or two, the two-headed amphisbaena, or giant weasels! Swarms are fun too, but you can always bring up the ick factor with a few giant leeches!

Check out all of Otherworld's miniatures right here and add a little kick of classic to your game!

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Bofdm wrote:

Heh, that was my immediate response too.

Sovereign Court

I was thinking more like this personally. :)

Nice looking miniatures!

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I bought their Satyr mini a few months back as a stand in for the Horned Hunter from Kingmaker (before they announced his release). It's a very nice looking mini. The only problem I have with it is that his base doesn't have a slot and his tab is too long to fit into any of my spare bases. I'm not sure if it was just a fluke base or if they are all this way.

are these prepainted?


Jarleth wrote:
are these prepainted?

They are not.

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