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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Put the ARRRRR in RPGs!

Pathfinder Adventure Path #55: The Wormwood Mutiny (Skull & Shackles 1 of 6) (PFRPG)

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Paizo posters for your game room!

Bare walls in your game room? Paizo can fix that for you!

I've got pirates—er, maritime wealth redistribution experts on my mind lately. I'm thinkin' it has to do with the Skull & Shackles Poster staring at me, reminding me that I've got a campaign to plan for my crew of scallywags! With six of the meanest pirates of the Inner Sea featured, this poster might just serve as a hit list for your party—or a list of allies, depending on how your Skull & Shackles Adventure Path plays out!

Both our Carrion Crown and Jade Regent Adventure Paths got a nice poster, but did you check out the awesome Beginner Box Poster featuring Wayne Reynolds' incredible art? Our iconic wizard, Ezren, looks like he's got a problem on his hands—good thing Merisiel the rogue is on her way to help out! All of those posters aside, one of my favorite posters to date has to be the Bestiary 2 Poster—gotta kill 'em all! (Though if you really want to wallpaper the gamer way, grab yourself a copy of the Inner Sea Poster Map Folio!)

Check out all of our posters and prints available right here!

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"maritime wealth redistribution experts"

That just made my day, thank you :)

Now it's hard to decide what AP to start after we finish Kingmaker, Pirates or Samurai?

Silver Crusade

This poster really does look great. Great enough that I'm going to frame mine and hang it in my game room.

Already have one framed at home along with the Jade Regent one. We'll be starting to alternate between the 2 APs (thus alternating GMing duties) after finishing each volume. We should be just wrapping up Brinewall by the time we're ready to start Wormwood. The AP we're currently running a volume of will dictate which poster adorns my game room wall. :-)

Isn't part 1 called The Wormwood Mutiny, not The Wormwood Legacy?

DM Barcas wrote:
Isn't part 1 called The Wormwood Mutiny, not The Wormwood Legacy?

Ha! I didn't even notice that while framing it! Woops! :-P

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber
DM Barcas wrote:
Isn't part 1 called The Wormwood Mutiny, not The Wormwood Legacy?

that is hilarious!!, reminds me of the original pathfinder campaign setting map where region is spelled REIGON. typos and word mix-up will happen, hopefully not an ominous sign of editing problems ahead.


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