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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Fezzes—and Bow Ties—Are Cool!


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New Pathfinder RPG PDFs from Super Genius!

This months, those crazy cats over at Super Genius Games have four new Pathfinder PDFs for your gaming pleasure, and each of them are sure to find a home in your game!

Pointy wizard hats are so yesterday—fezzes are in (or so the Doctor tells me)! Super Genius's latest Pathfinder PDF, The Genius Guide to Loot 4 Less: Volume 10—Fezzes are Cool! gives you a double handful of awesome new headgear for your adventurer! Not only does include two cool fezzes (like the fez of storing), you'll get the sneak attack-preventing seer's diadem, a snood of obfuscation perfect for any silver-tongued bard, or if you like your wizard in a pointy hat, the capuchon of astrology is for you!

A new hat isn't the only thing the Geniuses have for you—three new Bullet Points PDFs give new feats for classes that first appeared in other Genius PDFs! With 4 Death Mage Feats, 6 Archon Feats, or 9 Armiger Feats, these PDF will give you expanded options for these classes. Need a backup in case your death mage drops? The Revenant feat will create a short-lived undead that carries out your will. Did your enemy fail against your last spell? Gain a bonus against them with the archon's Eldritch Insight feat, or use your armor against creatures that love to grapple or bull rush with the armiger's Armored Hulk feat!

Check out all of the PDFs that Super Genius has to offer right here at!

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*pokes thread, makes sure it's alive*

Super Genius Games

Everyone needs a new hat this time of year. :)

Thanks Liz!


Paizo Employee Developer, Starfinder Team

For the record it two fezzes... and a tarboosh!

Akbar and Jeff agree!

But are the fezzes useful for divine casters?

Paizo Employee Developer, Starfinder Team

doctor_wu wrote:
But are the fezzes useful for divine casters?

The fezzes are useful to all character classes!

The tarboosh is more for spellcasters, but clerics/oracles/sorcerers/wizards should all be able to use it... when they need it, they need it. :D

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