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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Brave the Black Monastery!


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Preorder the latest adventure from Frog God Games!

If you remember when dungeons were deep, caverns were cold, and elf was a class, then Frog God Games has an adventure that will chill your bones!

In "The Black Monastery", adventurers will get a chance to explore this mysterious edifice. Appearing only once every twenty years atop the Hill of Mornay when the stars are in the correct alignment, the rumors of what lies within are many, but the facts few. Stories of the corruption of the brotherhood that founded the hilltop fortress are numerous, and tales told by the fireside of malign influences poisoning the land persist even to modern times. Still, like a moth to flame, the Monastery lures in the bold (and the foolish)—to find its riches, to free it of its dark past, or claim it as their own. No big boss awaits in this adventure—"The Black Monastery" is a sandbox, and your players will get a chance to go whatever direction they choose. And in this place, they may want a reminder that "running" is a valid tactical choice!

Pathfinder characters won't want to enter into this corrupt site until they're at least 7th level, but if your prefer it old-school, you'll also be able to get "The Black Monastery" for your Swords & Wizardry game!

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