Weekly Adventures?! Brilliant!

A8: Search for the Tri-Stone (PFRPG) PDF

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New Pathfinder RPG-compatible adventures for your game!

Quick—game night is tomorrow, you need something new, fast, and not first level! Fortunately for you, AdventureAWeek.com is ready with a new Pathfinder Roleplaying adventure every week!

Your players thrive on exploring ruins and unraveling mysteries—but sometimes all you need is a little something to bump them up to the next level before they go into that dragon's cave, and AdventureAWeek.com has got it! With 13 new adventures already stacked up for your Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, and more on their way! You'll travel from the cold northern lands in "Search for the Tri-Stone" to the dreaded forests of "Devil of Dark Wood", encounter new monsters like hamadryads in "Forest for the Trees" and tormented flesh golems in "Rogue Wizard", and find new machines, materials, and spells—not to mention diabolical traps and puzzles a-plenty!

As a game master, you've got a lot on your plate, so anything to help with game prep is a boon! That's why all of the AdventureAWeek.com PDFs also include all the HeroLab files you need to make running your game a snap—plus you'll get maps from ENnie award-winning cartographer Todd Gamble!

Check out all of AdventureAWeek.com's PDFs right here, and snag one (or three) for your next game night!

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Explore, Investigate, Survive—Just Another Glorious Day in the Society!

Pathfinder Society Scenario #3-21: The Temple of Empyreal Enlightenment (PFRPG) PDF

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New Pathfinder Society Scenarios available!

Life as a Pathfinder Society agent is rarely dull, and with this month's new scenarios for Pathfinder Society Organized Play, you'll continue exploring the deadly wonders of the eastern lands of Tian Xia!

For novice agents, the leaders of the Pathfinder Society will send you to "The Temple of Empyreal Enlightenment," dedicated to the Empyreal Lord Korada. A simple, straightforward mission of exploration with a bit of cartography turns into anything but when the "abandoned" temple is unexpectedly occupied. The worshipers are friendly, the food is bountiful, the meditation room and chapel peaceful—what could possibly go wrong?

For experienced adventurers that dared to travel the environs of Round Mountain, part two will send you to the "Pagoda of the Rat!" Pathfinder Society agents here might want to brush up on their negotiating skills before visiting the Pagoda. The ratfolk dwelling within have heard tales of the dubious morals of Pathfinder Society, and won't take it kindly when agents go poking around their lair! Of course, with the Aspsis Consortium dirtying their hands making the Society's diplomatic efforts next to impossible, your Pathfinder Society agent will have to polish up their most charming smile and sharpen their wit to get out the Pagoda of the Rat—alive!

Check out all of Season 3's scenarios right here—but are you ready for The Year of the Risen Rune, Season 4 of the Pathfinder Society?

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These Bones Don't Rattle Easy!


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New Reaper Miniatures now available!

Grab the latest batch of miniatures from Reaper and rattle the bones of your pirate crew!

Not all sailors rest easy once they've bled their last into the seas, and Captain Razig, Undead Pirate was not the first, and won't be the last! Perfect as an unliving scallywag to terrorize both merchant and PC vessels alike, this miniature is a great addition to your Skull & Shackles Adventure Path, and armed with both a cutlass and pistol (as well as guarding his own chest of loot), you might just find yourself re-using this miniature. The undead *are* notoriously hard to kill, after all!

In addition, other aquatic monstrosities like the Karkarion Shark Warrior can sneak up on drowsy night watchmen (and make great weresharks). Add the Tilk Warriors to a seaside town for a bit of Lovecraft on the high seas, or the Pennangalan for extra undead fright, or everybody's favorite living impaired—Zombies!

Check out all of the Reaper Miniatures available right here, and don't miss out on their new Bones line of miniatures!

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Roll Your Dice Like It's 1974!


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New roleplaying game from Goodman Games has arrived!

Old school is new school again with the latest offering from Goodman Games!

You're no hero—you're here for the plunder and riches that lie in these caverns, and you're not going to let any trap-mongering kobold, pike-wielding goblin, or slavering pig-faced orc get in your way. If this is your idea of a good way to spend your Friday night, check out the Dungeon Crawl Classics Roleplaying Game! When your class list consists of "cleric, thief, warrior, wizard" as well as "dwarf, elf, halfling" you know you're going to be rollin' it old school. Filled with tables and charts galore, you'll find class and level-specific critical hit tables with entries like "Miracle strike" and "Death incarnate", rules on turning away evil, and spell dueling, this hearkens back to a time when you had at least one backup character, if not more. This is a game where phenomenal cosmic power corrupts absolutely, mortals are motes in a god's eye, and every magic item is unique—and ready for the taking by your adventurer!

Check out all of the latest releases for the new Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG right here (including an adventure to get you started, like "Sailors of the Starless Sea"), or all of the roleplaying game books from Goodman Games here!

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Out From the Deep!

Pathfinder Module: No Response from Deepmar (PFRPG)

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New Pathfinder Module now available!

Animal mutilations, missing miners, and a month-long silence—what could be going wrong in this Chelish colony? You'll find out with our latest Pathfinder Module adventure!

For 8th-level characters, "No Response from Deepmar" will take you to the isle of Deepmar. Here, criminals that have run afoul of the Chelish legal system are given a choice: ten years in a mainland prison, or one year of hard labor mining rare spell components in the crystalline depths of Deepmar. Those that choose Deepmar regret the decision, especially as recent events have both prisoners and guards going missing. With no signs of a struggle to explain the missing people, but with animals slain in the fields and strange beasts running rampant in the mines, when night falls on Deepmar your party won't be resting easy. With each mine ominously named after a layer of Nine Hells, the PCs might just be wishing they were there, instead of wondering what might be just around the corner in the darkness!

Check out all of our Pathfinder Modules right here, and if you're a member of the Pathfinder Society, view all of our organized play sanctioned modules here!

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Cities in Dust!

Pathfinder Tales: City of the Fallen Sky

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New Pathfinder Tales novel available!

Treachery, mysterious artifacts, death threats, ancient ruins, and betrayal—sounds like the latest Pathfinder Tales novel has arrived!

Sometimes, it just doesn't pay to do the right thing. In City of the Fallen Sky, an alchemical researcher hailing from the lands of Numeria finds himself being chased across the Inner Sea by his former employers, the infamous Technic League! With a pocketful of strange artifacts from the Silver Mount, Alaeron tries to hide from his past, but falls into the unwilling employ of a crime lord after rescuing an adventurer. Bound to travel across the seas and into the steaming jungle depths, the ruins they seek contain ancient artifacts that just might buy their freedom—if they survive the journey! Written by Hugo Award winner Tim Pratt, this novel will have you fretting and laughing along at Alaeron, Jaya, and Skiver's antics as they try to find the City of the Fallen Sky!

It's a long weekend ahead here in the U.S.—check out all of our Pathfinder Tales novels here and grab a digital version for your favorite reader of choice! Don't forget, you can read free web fiction set in the world of Golarion every Wednesday on the Paizo blog, and you can check out a free sample chapter of City of Fallen Sky right here!

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Burning Down This Town!

GameMastery Flip-Mat: Town Square

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New GameMastery Flip-Mat ready for your tabletop game!

When adventurers roll into town, there's a good chance that a fight's going to break out (or the merchants are going to raise their prices). Set the stage for your next combat with our latest GameMastery Flip Mat!

We keep coming back to the town of Sandpoint—it's where Pathfinder began after all, and with GameMastery Flip-Mat: Town Square, you'll be recreate the events of the first chapter of the Rise of the Runelords Adventure Path! Of course, the Town Square can be used for more than just Sandpoint—there's a hundred different ways that you can use this place in your game, and with the ability to use wet-erase, dry-erase, or even permanent markers on our Flip-Mats, you can add, subtract, or set on fire any of the market stalls and buildings that you want to! Of course, this being a Flip-Mat, the reverse side has another map! A high stone wall with two guard towers is great for keeping the adventurers riff-raff out when the sun goes down, or the last stand, fending off the undead horde that might try to crawl up the sides of the wall!

Check out all of our GameMastery Flip-Mats right here on Paizo.com—and all of them are available in PDF form as well!

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Never Forget a Modifier Again!

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Buff Deck

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New GameMastery Card Deck available!

You'll never have to say "don't forget your bonus" again with our latest from our GameMastery Cards!

Somewhere out there, the words "Hey, did you add my bard's bonus to your attack?" are uttered, and when that bonus could mean the difference between landing a smite against the Big Demon Without a Dental Plan or not, you'll be glad that you picked up the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Buff Deck! The perfect companion for our Condition Cards, this deck is going to get added to your game bag as an immediate action! Collecting class abilities like rage and inspire courage, standard combat choices like charge and total defense, and a slew of boosting spells from both the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Core Rulebook and the Advanced Player's Guide, the Buff Deck will aid everybody in game—not just the game master! There's also five blank cards for you to add your own buffs—or maybe a witch's misfortune hex that you can hand to the game master!

Check out all of our GameMastery Card Decks right here and make your game even better with Chase Cards, Item Cards, throw in a monkey wrench into your game with Plot Twist Cards, or make a critical hit something to remember with the Critical Hit Deck!

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As Black as the Whispering Tyrant's Heart!


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New Pathfinder dice from Q-Workshop!

Aching to add another set of dice to your collection? Q-Workshop has some of the most unique dice out there, and they've got a brand-new set for you!

Step right up and get the latest dice from Q-Workshop, the spooky-colored Carrion Crown Dice Set! As dark as the shadows of Gallowspire, this set of dice is a fantastic addition to Q-Workshop's line of Pathfinder Adventure Path-themed dice. Whether you're the game master looking to keep the gothic feel of your game down to your dice, or your character is a dhampir antihero trying to earn a little good karma, these dice will stand out next to all the others at the table. If you're looking for something a bit brighter in hue, check out the Second Darkness Dice Set, or pick up a unique die that will let everybody know when you've confirmed a critical!

Check out all of Q-Workshop's Pathfinder dice right here, and be sure to check out their entire line of unique dice!

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Large and In Charge!

Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Giants Revisited (PFRPG)

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New Pathfinder Campaign Setting book now available!

Need to take down your party a notch? Bring out the big guns with our latest Pathfinder Campaign Setting release!

Dragons, dungeons, and giants—any long time gamer remembers this classic assortment of foes, one that we gave an homage to way back in "Fortress of the Stone Giants," but you'll get more than a handful of trouble with Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Giants Revisited—no drow necessary! With ten different varieties of giants—cloud, cyclopes, fire, frost, hill, marsh, rune, stone, storm, and taiga—you'll get detailed writeups of these super-sized humanoids, covering their culture, the lands they live in, and one sample giant to use in your campaign. With all of these giants to choose from, you'll want to find a special home for all of them—or even recreate Hall of the Fire Giant King with our CR 19 fire giant monarch, Orynox Marchelin and his queen Hregana. Game masters who want to customize their giants will have new feats to pick from—make your party second guess their tactics when a fire giant can make their boulders explode with superheated rock! Giants are known for their bags of treasure as well, and each giant type has a chart of random goods to fill their loot bags up with!

Dive into the world of Golarion with the Inner Sea World Guide or venture into space with Distant Worlds—check out all of our Campaign Setting books right here at Paizo.com!

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A Thousand Isles of Secrets!

GameMastery Map Pack: Lost Island

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New GameMastery Map Pack available!

Throw down our latest GameMastery Map Pack and get ready to encounter the unknown!

Islands litter the seas on every map, so when your party says "We want to go there" as they stab at a little dot, you gotta think fast—and fortunately GameMastery Map Pack: Lost Island is going to help you do just that! Skip pulling out the old battle mat and taking the time to draw in the shore lines, rocks, and trees and get to the action right away. Each of the eighteen tiles in this pack can be combined into new and interesting maps for your players to explore—you can mix and match to your heart's content! Combine the Castaway's Lean-to, Idols, and Waterfall for the home of a demon-worshipping hermit, or do a classic mashup with Pirate's Cove, Jungle Paths, and Treasure Trove. And as an added treat, our latest Map Packs (and Flip-Mats) are specially coated for wet-erase, dry-erase, or even permanent markers so you can customize your maps to your game—and change it up for the next game session!

Check out our full line of our GameMastery Map Packs right here—and if you subscribe, you'll get a digital version for free!

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Engage Combat the Rite Way!


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New Rite Publishing releases for your Pathfinder RPG game!

Faces, feats, and free stuff—what's not to love from Rite Publishing this month?

Combat feats, how do fighters love thee—and you'll have 101 new ways for your Pathfinder Roleplaying Game character to dish out the smackdown with one of Rite Publishing's latest PDFs, 101 Combat Feats! Got a raging barbarian with an axe barreling down your way with murder on his mind? Consider the Countercharge feat, or if you're the one doing the charging, pick up Crushing or Frightful Charge for some extra fun! Bold Riposte, False Guard, Focused Shot, Master's Grip, Stone-Cold Sniper—these feats are going to change the way your character approaches the battlefield, because you're going to dominate it! If you're playing an inquisitor from our Advanced Player's Guide, be sure to take a look at 10 Inquisitor Feats!

One of the most memorable Rite Publishing releases is Coliseum Morpheuon, the no-holds-barred arena set in the realm of dreams. With supporting PDFs like the "Faces of the Tarnished Souk" series to flesh out the numerous strange denizens of the realm, Coliseum Morpheuon keeps getting better with every release, and now you'll be able to read the tales of the arena! In the "Anthology of Dreams", you'll learn more about this coliseum ruled by the Khan of Nightmares from such authors as Steven Schend, L. Jagi Lamplighter, Tim Hitchcock, and Neil Spicer! This month, you'll also get two new Faces: Po'Kesteros the Lostling and Z.Z. Grimshanks, the Knave of Sharp Seconds!

This month also sees the fifteenth issue of Pathways, the free 'zine packed full of free gaming material for your Pathfinder Roleplaying Game! This issue features the gluttonous creature template (portrayed in satyr form on the cover), spells for those entranced by the mysterious of the earth, and an interview with the winner of RPG Superstar 2012, Mike Welham!

Check out all of Rite Publishing's RPG supplements (and fiction) right here!

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Put the "Dungeon" Back in Dungeon Master!


Our Price: $29.95


New Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition releases from Wizards of the Coast!

Hope you like the dark, because you'll be searching out your fortune in deep caves with the latest releases from Wizards of the Coast!

In The Dungeon Survival Handbook, you'll learn what every adventurer needs to know when crawling through relics of bygone ages—how to deal with traps, bypass common obstacles, and (hopefully) avoid encountering some of the meaner denizens of a dungeon! New races are included, like the goblin, kobold, and svirfneblin, and seven new organizations are there to aid and ally with as you explore infamous dungeons like Castle Ravenloft or White Plume Mountain! While there's plenty of player goodies in here, the Dungeon Master gets a whole new bag of tricks to add to their gaming repetoire! Tips on getting the characters involved, how to run an Underdark adventure, and fantastic special rewards are just a few of the things that will make your Dungeon Master's heart smile? (Did we mention the return of Meepo?)

Underneath the streets of the City of Splendors like the infamous dungeon known as Undermountain, a place that we return to with Halls of Undermountain! The innumerable halls of this centuries-old labyrinth continue to claim the lives of the bright-eyed adventurers that seek to find still-hidden treasures in its depths. Of course, with a place like Undermountain, it's got a bit of a reputation—its halls aren't empty after all! Filled with combat, obstacles, traps, and treasures galore, this classic dungeon crawl will have you going to the inn known as the Yawning Portal for one final meal before descending into Undermountain!

Check out all of the 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons releases right here on paizo.com!

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Maps for the Spider Goddess!


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Our Price: $18.00


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New Dungeons & Dragons Game Mats from Gale Force 9!

The drow are back and badder than ever with the latest game mats from Gale Force 9!

Ever since their first appearance in G3: Hall of the Fire Giant King, the drow have had their fingers in a lot of pies over the years—and they're not done yet! With official Dungeons & Dragons Rise of the Underdark events already underway, Gale Force 9 has teamed up with Wizards of the Coast to bring you not one, but two game mats to dish out damage to a party of would-be heroes! In the Temple of Lolth Vinyl Game Mat, you know just walking in is asking for a whole heapin' handy haversack full of trouble! Drow priestesses and acolytes around every corner, but bigger, meaner, nastier troubles like draegoloth, yochlols, and of course, ever size, shape, and variety of spider imaginable (and a few you don't want to) lurk in the shadowed corners of this unholy temple!

The drow aren't all about spider-worshipping—in fact, there's a good chance that you'll face off against a drow wizard who's had plenty of time to master all manner of arcane torture. There's an equally excellent chance that face off is going to be in the Drow Sanctum! Eldritch lights will illuminate things better left in the dark and unsummoned from the mystic circle in the middle, and your party will hope that the lights don't go out when the prison doors open up!

Both of these game mats measure 20x30 inches and are friendly to wet-erase markers (great for marking where your paladin made their stand against a Handmaiden of Lolth)! Check out all of Gale Force 9's licensed Dungeons & Dragons Game Mats right here!

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I Got a Fever, and The Only Prescription is More Pirates!

Pathfinder Adventure Path #56: Raiders of the Fever Sea (Skull & Shackles 2 of 6) (PFRPG)

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New Pathfinder Adventure Path now available!

Plunder and peril await on the high seas with our latest Pathfinder Adventure Path volume for the Skull & Shackles Adventure Path!

When you've got a new ship that was acquired through questionable means, it needs a bit of a facelift before you and your party can claim the title of Free Captain! In this second volume of the Skull and Shackles Adventure Path, you'll start living the life of a pirate with "Raiders of the Fever Sea!" The legend of Tidewater Rock, and the good luck it purportedly brings to those who hold it, sets you and your crew on a mission to gain fame and fortune worthy of a captain in the Shackles! Along the way, the party will discover a most unusual treasure map, but as the good Doctor Jones has said, X never ever marks the spot, and your loot isn't just there for the taking!

Of course, our Pathfinder Adventure Path volumes aren't just about the adventure—"Raiders of the Fever Sea" also includes detailed backgrounds of key NPCs in the adventure like Captain Merrill Pegsworthy of the Bonaventure, but you'll also get more information on unique treasure like Svingli's Eye which ties into our Skull & Shackles Item Cards set! The major oceans of Golarion (including some you haven't heard of yet) also get covered, along with undersea threats, tips on underwater adventuring, and a new spell, submerge ship, is sure to get filed under "must have" for your spellcaster! Cyclopean prophecies are uncovered in part two of "The Treasure of Far Thallai" by Robin D. Laws, and new creatures abound in this volume's bestiary! Canopy creepers, sahuagin mutants, and the return of the sea cat are just a few new critters to add to your game master's toolkit!

More than just an adventure module, the Pathfinder Adventure Path volumes are designed to give each session of your game an extra shot of excellence with supporting articles, fiction, and new creatures! Check out all of our Pathfinder Adventure Paths here, and start a new campaign today!

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Keep Your Battle-Brothers Close, and Your Bolter Closer!


Our Price: $39.95


New Warhammer releases from Fantasy Flight!

Across the vastness of space or in dark forests from the dawn of time, Fantasy Flight Games is ready with the latest Warhammer roleplaying game releases!

The Canis Salient region of space brims with suspicions of treachery in "Rising Tempest," the latest adventure for the Deathwatch! As part of an elite team of skilled warriors, your characters sent to eradicate a xenos threat. In a perfect storm of bad circumstances, the forces of Chaos, an imminent full-scale Tyranid invasion, and the traitorous Tau stand in the way of your orders, your Deathwatch team will find themselves in hot pursuit of an ancient evil as the situation in the sector reaches a boiling point! If you're a Game Master for Deathwatch, you can't miss the Game Master's Tool Kit, with useful charts at your fingertips—as well as the adventure "The Shadows of Madness!"

Does your Warhammer Fantasy game go to 11? Check out Hero's Call, full of high-powered careers for your character, new regional options, new player races, action cards for new traits, as well as spells and blessings! Game masters will gain new skills and ways to challenge powerful parties, including guidelines to run the heavy hitters of the Warhammer Fantasy setting, like Archaon the Everchosen! And just in case you didn't have enough dice (like there's such a thing), snag the Extra Dice Set—you'll need them to answer the Hero's Call!

Check out all of the Fantasy Flight Games roleplaying games and accessories here at Paizo!

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Death Comes Calling!


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New Pathfinder RPG PDFs from Super Genius Games!

Five fingers of death—no, PDFs from Super Genius Games are ready to add to your Pathfinder Roleplaying Game and kick your game up a notch!

There are those that walk with the power of death itself, wielding it as both armor and weapon, even though their hearts still beat in their chest—or not! In The Genius Guide to the Death Knight, you'll get a whole new class of bad guy, their very essence suffused with the power of the grave! Corrupt the living with a touch, gain immunities to cold and disease (to start), bind a lost soul to do your bidding--all in the name of the god you serve! The death knight is an alternate class for the antipaladin (itself an alternate class), and many paladin feats will also work with the death knight!

Of course, this isn't the only PDF that you're getting from Super Genius Games this month—you've got four more PDFs to add to your game with glee! Foes like Argonax the Mad await to torment your PCs, or new monsters that a time thief might run across in Mythic Menagerie: Ravagers of Time! Does your cleric need a bit of extra oomph with their heals—don't miss 7 Cure Light Wounds Feats, or if you've got the blood of gods in your veins, you'll want a weapon worthy of your heritage with The Genius Guide to Relics of the Godlings!

Check out all of Super Genius's PDFs here at Paizo—you'll find something Genius to add to your game!

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A Double Slice of New RPG Sourcebooks!


Our Price: $39.99


Don't miss the latest RPG releases!

Needs something besides swords, sorcerers, and dragons in your gaming life? Check out these two new releases to slake your gaming thirst!

In the land of Rokugan, you'll still find magical blades, dark magic, and ancient dragons, but here, honor is more than just a word—it is a way of life. In The Book of Air for the Legend of the Five Rings Roleplaying Game, the powerful element of Air gets its full due. In-depth examinations of archery, air magic used by courtiers and shugenja alike, even the mystical arts of kiho used by monks are explored in depth with this hardcover book. In addition, the iconic dueling system known as iaijutsu is explored further, but you'll also get an entire campaign setting that ties into the element of Air! If you're an Earth-loving Crab shugenja, or a member of the Fire-wielding Phoenix clan, don't despair—further elemental sourcebooks are forthcoming (and don't forget to check out The Great Clans sourcebook for the skinny on all of the clans and their vassal families)!

Our second RPG punch is less about the sky and more about the sea...a sea that encroaches on ever-vanishing lands with 50 Fathoms for the Savage Worlds RPG! Three witches cursed the land of Caribdus to die as they did, under the cold depths of the ocean. The world created by their dying curse is the one that characters will find themselves in—a world of piracy and sea dogs, new creatures like scurillians, grael, doreen, and the mighty kraken. Some are trying to save Caribdus—others are plundering it for everything it's worth!

You never know when a new roleplaying game might strike your fancy—check out our huge selection of roleplaying games available through Paizo.com!

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Rob their Wheat, Now Rob their Hearts!


Our Price: $18.00


Give the gift of Catan from Mayfair Games!

This is the one time you'll want to roll a 7 with the latest Settlers of Catan accessory from Mayfair Games!

Everybody loves it when they get to move the robber piece around in Settlers of Catan—who doesn't love to get free resources at the expense of other players, as well as prevent them from gathering resources? It's all a part of the iconic Settlers of Catan board game, but did you know you can get them in plush form? The Robber Set from Mayfair games gives you a full set of three plush figures to give to the board game enthusiast in your life, but that's not all! Every major resource from the original game—brick, ore, sheep, wheat, or wood—is available in plush form!

Whether it's an Anniversary Edition that will last a lifetime, a Travel Edition for summer road trips, Replacement Cards for your well-worn game pieces, or the 5-6 Player Expansion, Settlers of Catan is an all-time favorite game for a reason! Check out all of the Catan games and accessories right here on Paizo!

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When There's a Zey, There's a Way!

Pathfinder Society Scenario #3-19: The Icebound Outpost (PFRPG) PDF

Our Price: $3.99

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New Pathfinder Society Scenarios now available!

Whether it's a Vudran temple or the colossal sphere of rock known as Round Mountain, Pathfinder Society agents will be wishing for a warm fireplace in the Grand Lodge of Absalom when they are tasked with exploring the Pathfinder Society's latest mysteries!

A flash-frozen temple filled with relics of ancient Vudra stand ready to be discovered with "The Icebound Outpost," our latest Pathfinder Society scenario! When Master of Spells Aram Zey summons your Pathfinder Society agent to explore the site, time is not on your side—the Aspis Consortium is already pilfering the holy shrine of Ragdya, the monkey-faced god! Rooting the Aspis out of the temple and preserving it for the Society's vanaran allies is your main goal, but ancient protective magics still linger here, and they do not discriminate against friend or foe! For 1st to 5th level characters, this scenario is part of the Season 3's overarching story, the Year of the Ruby Phoenix, taking Pathfinder Society agents out of the Inner Sea to the lands of Tian Xia—and beyond!

For sturdier characters of 7th to 11th level, "The Sundered Path" is the first of The Rats of Round Mountain two-parter! Sent to stop the Aspis Consortium from allying with the ratfolk that dwell in Round Mountain, the PCs will have to outwit (or out-sneak) the guards before they can begin the journey into its depths. Curious creatures await them on the path to the Pagoda of the Rat, and they will demand payment to let the PCs pass them—with blood or with gold!

Check out all of Season 3's scenarios here, and check out our latest Pathfinder Society blog, revealing some hints about Season 4—The Year of the Risen Rune!

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Another School Year, Another Sanity Point Lost!


Our Price: $44.95


Love your Lovecraft with Cthuhlu gaming goodies!

We just can't get enough of Lovecraft around here, and the latest game from Fun to 11 gives you an interesting twist on tried-and-true deckbuilding games like Dominion!

Everybody remembers when school was a chore, but when you go to the Miskatonic School for Girls, you'll have more on your mind than algebra and term papers! Miskatonic School has always been a fine, upstanding private school, reknowned for generations to be the place to send bright young girls for education. But the staff are all aligned with dark gods, and all of the students are ripe for having their minds broken and twisted by entities malign! With faculty like Headmaster N.R. la Hotep and staff recruiter Herbert West, you may not make it to the end of the semester, let alone to the end of Mr. Asa Toth's music class! This deckbuilding game first showed up on Kickstarter, funded by gamers that wanted to see prep school antics combined with the Cthulhu mythos, but you're not only purchasing cards for your own deck—but your opponent's as well! Stack your opponent's deck with sanity-crushing faculty, while getting all the good students (like Charlotte D. Ward and Henrietta Akeley) to team up against the faculty and keep your sanity! The student house that keeps their sanity the longest wins!

Fantasy Flight Games loves their mythos too, and with both the Arkham Horror board game and the Call of Cthulhu card game produced in their creative powerhouse, you'll get double the nightmarish horrors! Bump up the danger with the Black Goat of the Woods Expansion for Arkham Horror, or find new combos with older cards with the Words of Power Asylum Pack for the Call of Cthulhu CCG! (You won't want to miss their Art of H.P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos hardcover, or their Bag of Cthulhu tokens either!)

Munchkin Cthulhu, plush tentacles, Trail of Cthulhu RPG, 30th Anniversary Edition of Call of Cthulhu—Lovecraft had no idea what he crafted when he first penned his tales! Check out all of the mythos-inspired gaming goodness in our store (and a lot more) here at Paizo!

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In this Game of Thrones, You Roll, or You Die!


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New Edition of A Song of Ice and Fire RPG from Green Ronin!

Get a fistful of dice ready, because in the Seven Kingdoms, life is cheap, and you'll have to bring all of your wits (and a sharp blade) to survive in the newest release from Green Ronin!

Whether you're a pampered southron lord or a hardened child of the north, A Song and Ice and Fire Roleplaying Game will cast you as one of the many pawns in the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros! Updated to include the events of the HBO TV series "A Game of Thrones" as well as the events of the fifth novel, "Dance of Dragons," you'll dive into George R.R. Martin's world like never before! A full-featured gazetteer details the Houses of this famous fantasy setting, giving each their histories, notable deeds and characters, how they act—and where their power bases lie. With an extensive guide for the Narrator on crafting a scenario and how to use favored characters, and a simple, yet brutal combat system, this game will capture the harsh realities of A Song of Ice and Fire.

But political intrigue is at the heart of the books series, and in A Song of Ice and Fire, you'll need to be more than just another pawn on the board! This game includes how to build your stronghold into a fiefdom—even a country—and smoothly integrates into the mass combat, sending armies to clash against each other. Play as Lannister, Stark, Baratheon, play a game of "what if" and re-tell the story of A Song of Ice and Fire—in your own way!

Check out all of Green Ronin's many roleplaying games right here, including the adaptation of BioWare's Dragon Age video game!

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True Believers—Assemble!


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New roleplaying game from Margaret Weis Productions!

You won't be able to see the big-screen Avengers for a few more days, but you can act out your own superhero story with the latest Margaret Weis Productions roleplaying game!

Marvel Heroic Roleplaying Basic Game takes your favorite Marvel characters and gives you a chance to take on supervillains like Carnage or sinister organizations like Hydra, all with the easy to learn Cortex Plus System! If you like your superhero tales that are all about the story and less about min-maxing the rules, check out the sky-reaching rules contained in the Operations Manual! Combining storytelling with resource management, you can give your hero penalties early in the game to earn bonus dice later—you're going to need them when Juggernaut's fist comes slamming down onto you!

With familiar characters, an introductory adventure based on the New Avengers series, and a whole slew of bad guys to duke it out with to continue the story, Marvel Heroic Roleplaying Basic Game is a great way to take a break from sword and sorcery with a minimum of prep time learning a new system! Grab up your vibranium shield, your thundering hammer, or summon the forces of the elements to strike at your foes and defend the helpless—it's clobberin' time!

Check out all of the Margaret Weis Productions RPGs right here at paizo.com!

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