A Tome for the Ages!

Pathfinder Adventure Path: Rise of the Runelords Anniversary Edition (PFRPG)

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Special Deluxe Edition of the Rise of the Runelords Hardcover announced!

We've finally broken the silence spell that's been keeping our lips sealed, and now we can share something that will make Paizo's tenth anniversary even more spectacular with this special release!

It's been five years since we started the Pathfinder Adventure Path, and the first one, Rise of the Runelords, has been hailed as a classic for hitting all of our favorite fantasy tropes in all the right ways. When we announced that we would compile the out-of-print and hard to find volumes into one hardcover, you rejoiced, and when we also updated it to the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game rules, as well as expanded upon sections of the adventures, and added new art, there was even more excitement! I'll dish on the contents of the Rise of the Runelords Hardcover soon, but we didn't want you to miss out on the chance to snag the Rise of the Runelords Deluxe Collector's Edition Hardcover! This is more than just the Pathfinder version of the adventure path, this is a collector's item, with a leather-like cover embossed with the Sihedron rune, symbol of the Runelords and long associated with fallen Thassilon, printed on high-quality paper, and with ribbon bookmark. It also contains full-color player handouts and key maps, tucked into the pages of this tome, while leaving the game master with their own copy!

We're not callin' it "deluxe" for nothin', and the Deluxe Edition will contain not one, not two, but fifteen prints of the original cover art, iconic characters, even the cover art for the Rise of the Runelords Anniversary Edition Hardcover! Did we mention that they're all by fan favorite artist Wayne Reynolds (whom you will be able to meet in person at PaizoCon next week)? Both the hardcover book and prints are contained within a special case, inspired by the Runelord Karzoug's own Sihedron Tome with metal casings, leather-like covers, and a working clasp to keep all of it safe from prying eyes. The Deluxe Edition is a limited release only available on Paizo.com—you won't find these in stores anywhere, and if you're a Pathfinder Adventure Path subscriber, your preorder will get you a free copy of the PDF (along with interactive map and player handout PDFs)!

The Rise of the Runelords Adventure Path helped carve Paizo into what it is today—check out all of the Rise of the Runelords-related products right here at Paizo and relive the exciting start to the world of Golarion again!

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Know No Fear!


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New Warhammer 40,000 RPG book available!

War is here, but you won't be fighting alone with the latest release in the Warhammer 40,000 universe from Fantasy Flight Games!

Across the stars, there are those who take up arms against the enemies of Mankind, and their names are known—Blood Angels, Space Wolves, Ultramarines—but they are not alone. Deathwatch: Honour the Chapter covers the Chapters of the Adeptus Astartes that were created after the founding of the order. While not as famous, they are all dedicated to the cause of protecting mankind against all threats, whether they come from other planets, or from traitors within! Besides a history of these new chapters, this hardcover will also cover new character creation rules, exciting new relics unique to the Chapters that you can use in your adventures, and of course, a wealth of guidance and adventure hooks that Game Masters can add to their game! Of course, with so many brothers from so many chapters with different combat doctrines and philosophies, joining forces against a common threat will be half the fun of the game—but at least they'll all agree that the bad guys will not survive the day!

Check out all of the armaments and adventures ready for your Kill-team with other Deathwatch supplements right here!

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A Six Shooter Full of Genius!


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New Pathfinder RPG PDFs from Super Genius Games!

The latest releases from Super Genius Games will rev up your Pathfinder Game with a full load of feats and new options for your campaign!

Not everybody likes guns in their fantasy games, but for those that do, you're going to want to stock the armory with Super Genius Presents: A Brace of Pistols! Diving into the world of flintlock pistols, highway robbery, and dangerous duels, this PDF has new guns like the boarding gun, 4-barreled duckfoot, and musketoon—deadly options for your gun-slingin' adventurer! Of course, you'll want to outfit your gun with options like twin triggers, spring-loaded bayonets, or set up a nasty surprise for a would-be thief with the gun trap. With four new feats (and a fun new game), your character will have great fun mastering the art of the duel and gaining additional options with their new flintlock pistols!

Super Genius also tackles some of the most iconic spells in the games this month and gives them exciting new options. With 5 Fireball Feats and 7 Magic Missile Feats, options like Legendary Missile boosts the spell damage, while Pressure Missiles slow down a foe to a crawl. Redefine your fireball spell into a burning line with Cometstrike, or affect foes even harder with Implosion and Shockwave!

Finally, Super Genius has a couple of PDFs that Strider would approve of: 6 Spell-Less Ranger Feats and 6 New Exotic and Martial Swords! Arm yourself with a cinquedea or the brutal executioner's sword while using your Woodland Juggernaut feat, or gain that extra bonus you need against your hated foes with Defensive Lore! (Game masters, don't miss out on 7 Feats for Flying Foes—make that encounter with a dragon really memorable!)

Add a dash of genius to your Pathfinder game with all of the options available from Super Genius Games right here!

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A Rainbow in the Dark!


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Backorder Pink/Gold $9.98 $8.98

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Teal/Gold Discontinued

New Chessex dice available!

Everybody loves dice, and the latest from Chessex will have you pondering if you're missing a color in your collection!

Just in time for convention season, Chessex has released their 2012 Vortex dice collection—a rainbow of red, pink, green, yellow, and blue dice! No matter the type of gaming that you're doing, or the system you're running or playing in, Chessex has a set of dice for you! Grab a Set of 7 Dice in red and yellow, or go green with a Block of 36 d6 Dice—never borrow another d6 ever again (or d10s)! (And if you're one of the hardy souls actually running a convention or organizing games, you can snag an entire Bag of 50 d20 Dice to give away as prizes, with all of the Vortex 2012 colors in them!)

Check out the huge variety of dice from Chessex right here at Paizo!

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Don't Underestimate the Power of the Small Size!


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New Pathfinder Paper Minis available!

Whether you call them demihumans, hobbits, halflings, pecks, or slips, these humanoids are going to make sure you don't overlook them, and they're ready to invade your campaign in the latest Pathfinder Paper Minis set!

With Halflings of Golarion, you get over a hundred halfling miniatures to add to your game! With representatives for every base class in the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, you'll have bards and barbarians, druids and rangers, sorcerers and summoners, even ninja and samurai, perfect to use as your next player character or as an unexpected foe! We didn't stop at just a handful of miniatures though—you've got representatives of many prestige classes, like the assassin, loremaster, rage prophet, and terror-inducing demoniac, but you'll also get the common folk, like nobles, commoners, and children! In places like Cheliax, halflings are not treated kindly, and you'll get both slaves and servants in this set as well, but luckily paladins and arcane tricksters are at hand to give them a way out. If your halfling is playing a class with "best friend forever" benefits, you'll get a selection of companions to choose from, like a badger, boar, riding dog, wolf, hawk, dodo, pig, even the ferocious axe beak!

And we have more than one set for you to choose from this month! Charging ahead through the seas of the Shackles, we've got two more Pathfinder Paper Minis sets for the Skull & Shackles Adventure Path, "Raiders of the Fever Sea" and "Tempest Rising!" Full of some of the nastiest threats under the waves, you'll get sharks of every size and temperament, enormous jellyfish, and of course, whole crews of pirates, sailors, and other scoundrels of the oceans!

Check out all of the Pathfinder Paper Miniatures right here, and get everything you need to run your Adventure Path—and more!

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No Country for New Adventurers!

Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Lost Kingdoms (PFRPG)

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New Pathfinder Campaign Setting book available!

From the earliest days of Pathfinder, we've hinted at some of the kingdoms that have come and gone in the Inner Sea. Now you'll get details of their rise and fall with our latest Pathfinder Campaign Setting book!

From the long-dead cyclopes-ruled kingdom of Ghol-Gan to the recently felled kingdom of Sarkoris, Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Lost Kingdoms gives an overview of several ancient civilizations of the Inner Sea. Histories of each realm are covered, giving an overview of their rise and how they met their messy end, whether by huge rocks falling from the sky or rifts tearing open in time and space. But of more importance to adventurers, you'll also get an overview of what's left of these old countries, snippets of information about places like the Gutblood Labyrinth or Cave of Tiandra. Your adventurer will be enticed by the promise of some of the new treasures like the helm of Ikimizi or learning the secrets of crafting the behemoth golem. Such prizes don't come without a price, and with threats like the ngoga or vescavor swarm, digging in old ruins is not a pastime for the faint of heart. New adventurers, don't apply for some of these expeditions—some of these ruin's challenges go way beyond 11, even CR 21 and up!

Check out all of the Pathfinder Campaign Setting releases right here, and if you're just dipping your toes into the world of Golarion, be sure to check out the player-friendly Inner Sea Primer!

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Mind over Metal!

The latest gaming supplements and accessories now available at Paizo!

Hacking, sorcery, giant mecha duking it out, and drow—it's just another day in gaming!

In the latest Shadowrun book, you'll want to read the fine print on your next job offer for your street samurai, 'cause where you're going is far from the comforts of home. With Shadowrun: Hazard Pay, there won't be a latte or 'net hardline in sight when you head to the icy wastes of Antarctica or the deep ocean to fulfill your contract. Not all jobs take place in the city after all! You'll also have the opportunity to gear up appropriately with the new equipment in this book—but you might want to make sure your employer is willing to chip in more nuyen! After all, there are a bunch of new and exciting ways to die when you're outside of the city...

Next up, in the far future beyond the limits of our solar system, six Great Houses and the legendary Star League created an era of peace and prosperity, enriching the lives of billions through the heavens. The truth, though, is very different, and in BattleTech Era Report: 2750, you'll get a historical overview of the BattleTech universe. Set before the Kerensky's Exodus and the Succession Wars, this book puts your pilot on the cusp of the events that lead to the Liberation of Terra—events that would forever change the destiny of the Inner Sphere!

Finally, we have Dungeon Tiles: Urban Underdark! Exactly what you need for The Rise of the Underdark store events or to build forgotten and buried ruins in caverns deep, these double-sided card stock sheets of terrain will help you build drow cities (and other deadly underground locations). More tiles means bigger encounter areas—the perfect place for a showdown between a drow house, their minions, and a bunch of adventurers with a surfeit of bravery!

With over 20,000 products for sale at Paizo.com, you'll find something that scratches your gamer itch, whether it's a roleplaying game, miniature wargame, or board game—check out all of our store right here!

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Familiar Names, New Faces!

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Rise of the Runelords Face Cards

New Face Cards available!

Ameiko, Belor, Karzoug, Nualia—famous names that have been part of the Pathfinder lore for years are now available with our latest Face Cards deck!

Featuring all-new art from our Rise of the Runelords Anniversary Edition Hardcover, our Rise of the Runelords Face Cards is chocked full of faces that your party might just recognize. Returning to Sandpoint, our favorite little town on the Lost Coast of Varisia, one could meet such interesting characters as Mayor Kendra Deverin, who keeps the peace between the Kaijitsu, Scarnetti, and Vhiski families who operate the town's major exports. Along with Sheriff Belor Hemlock, there's the quirky Brodert Quink, the town's sage and keeper of obscure regional lore, as well as Ven Vinder, shopkeeper (and his daughter Shayliss)! Just about every major face in Sandpoint is included, making this deck a perfect start for your Rise of the Runelords campaign or for the opening adventure of the Jade Regent Adventure Path, including all of the major players—ones that you will learn to love to hate!

Check out all of our cards right here, and get invaluable game aids like our Condition Cards and the Buff Deck, or make combat just a bit more exciting with the Critical Hit and Fumble Decks!

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Bad Knight, Good Knight!


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New Pathfinder Miniatures from Reaper now available!

Ready to play good cop/bad cop in your Pathfinder Roleplaying Game? Reaper Miniatures is ready to do their part with their latest figures!

The country known as Cheliax is a beautiful one: old forests, ancient mountains, glittering lakes...too bad it's become less of a vacation spot in the last hundred years! The keepers of law and order in Cheliax have spread to other nations, and the Order of the Nail Hellknight likes to make an appearance on Korvosa's mean streets, where they are commonly referred to as Domina's Devils! This knight, with his distinctive armor and helm will be an imposing figure on your battlemat—better hope that the thieving rogue doesn't get in his way! (They're not called "Hellknights" for nothing—they're not too familiar with this concept called "mercy.")

Even less of a vacation spot is the festering pit known as the Worldwound, where the innumerable demonic hordes spew out of the Abyss to follow the inscrutable goals of Deskari, Lord of the Locust Host! Guarding against the advance of the horde, as well as watching for signs of the return of Tar-Baphon, the Whispering Tyrant, are the Knights of Ozem. Dedicated to the goddess Iomedae, who herself was once a member of their order, these knights are ready to bring the pain to any demon, devil, daemon, undead, or cultist who dares lay a hand on the innocents under their charge. Perfect for PCs of a holier bent, this figure is ready to challenge her foes and smite the wicked!

Check out all of the Pathfinder Miniatures right here, and be sure to check out the huge variety of miniatures that you can get from Reaper!

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Red in Morning, Adventurers Take Warning!

GameMastery Module D0: Hollow's Last Hope (OGL)


Print Edition Unavailable

New Free RPG Day Pathfinder Module available!

In the City of Monuments, people are dying at the hands of a cagey murderer—and it's up to your party to stop them with our latest Pathfinder Module!

A single murder hardly warrants attention in a city like Magnimar. But when the victims are all worshipers of the goddess Sarenrae, and all of the murders are committed in the same fashion, it's time to call in the A-Team! In "Dawn of the Scarlet Sun", the city guard has turned to your party to solve this deadly mystery, hoping that keen-eyed locals will tell the PCs more than what the guard has managed to gather. Catching your canny foe will require equal parts wit, preparation, and luck—better have your hottest set of dice at hand when you play this module!

"Dawn of the Scarlet Sun" was designed to be used with our Champions of Evil Encounter Pack from our Pathfinder Battles pre-painted miniatures line, but we've got a couple of extra tie-in goodies for you in this module. With our upcoming City of Monuments release, you'll be able to spawn whole new adventures to keep your players busy in Magnimar, and if you're eagerly awaiting the arrival of the upcoming Shattered Star Adventure Path, or the arrival of the Rise of the Runelords Anniversary Edition Hardcover, you can use this module as a side quest for those Adventure Paths and earn the trust of Magnimar's Lord-Mayor Grobaras!

Want to know something even better? This module is available as a FREE download as part of our Free RPG Day participation. We've printed a few extra copies for purchase, if you're the kind that likes the feel of paper in your hand and you missed your chance to snag a copy at your local gaming store. Check out all of the Pathfinder Modules available here!

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The Forces of Creation at Your Fingertips!

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Advanced Race Guide (OGL)

Add Hardcover $44.99

Add PDF $9.99

Non-Mint Unavailable

New Pathfinder Roleplaying Game hardcover available!

Just being an adventurer means that you stand out from the NPCs in your campaign, but our latest hardcover for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game takes a look beyond your gear and your class—right to your character's very start!

In Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Advanced Race Guide, we take an in-depth look at all seven of the standard races from the Core Rulebook—dwarves, elves, gnomes, half-elves, half-orcs, halflings, and humans—and give you a heaping dosage of awesome! In each ten pages devoted to the core races, you'll get new racial traits, like the half-orc's bestial and cavewight, racial archetypes like the dwarven stonelord paladin, equipment, feats—even spells! Make your opponents feel like their skin is crawling with the gnome favorite jitterbugs, or brutalize your party with a charging half-orc inquisitor with the linebreaker spell activated. If you're a fan of playing humans, don't worry—you'll also get the same options as the other races, including feats like Defiant Luck or Surge of Success, and plenty of alternate racial traits to make your character unique!

Of course, you might want to play something more exotic, and we've devoted whole swathes of the Advanced Race Guide to playing some of the more unusual races of Pathfinder, like aasimar, drow, tengu, and tieflings—even changelings, goblins, grippli, and kobolds! Like the standard races, we've given you extra traits, feats, weapons, and magic items to pair with your character, but if you still haven't found the right race for your character concept, all of Chapter 4 is devoted to creating your own races for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game! Perfect for game masters crafting their own world, this chapter breaks down racial traits into a point-buy system so you can create your own unique character races for your world—or create mutants of common races!

Check out all of our Pathfinder Roleplaying Game releases here, and don't forget that all of our hardcover releases are available with special tablet-friendly PDF versions for on-the-go gaming!

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Drop Your Guard, and the Shadows Will Take You!

Pathfinder Tales: Nightglass

Add Print Edition $9.99 $5.00

Add PDF/ePub $6.99

Add Non-Mint $9.99 $7.49

The latest Pathfinder Tales novel has arrived!

When the great calamity known as Earthfall plunged the world of Golarion into darkness, only then was the twisted god Zon-Kuthon able to return. The realm of Nidal is where his pale hand first opened in aid, and the location of our latest Pathfinder Tales novel!

In Nightglass, young Isiem has been called to serve the Midnight Lord. With skill beyond his peers, Isiem has learned to summon the shadows that are the hallmark of Nidal's servitude to Zon-Kuthon, but such power comes with a terrible price. Less skilled peers vanish in the middle of the night, or are caught by the Joyful Things trying to flee the Dusk Hall, home of the shadowcallers and where Isiem learns his craft. His first assignment sends him to the aid of Nidal's ally, the devil-worshiping nation of Cheliax, but even the years of training could not suppress the questions that arose. For he was not called to protect or aid his countrymen or even the armies of Cheliax, but to exterminate the black-winged strix that lurked in the mountains, and now he wonders who the true monsters are—and if he is one of them...

Check out all of our fiction about the world of Golarion right here, and be sure to check our free web fiction every Wednesday on the Paizo blog!

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Go Down the Rite Path in the City!


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New releases from Rite Publishing!

Five fabulous PDFs await you this month from Rite Publishing—can you handle all of the great gaming content contained within its pages?

Sometimes, going down that dark alleyway as a shortcut is a bad idea, but fortunately for game masters, 101 Not So Random Encounters: Urban is ready to have more than just 1d3 street thugs to add to your adventure! Stretching from encounters fit for an adventurer fresh from the turnip farm to battle-hardened veterans with full suits of dragonscale armor, this PDF has enough encounters to populate an entire city! Fetchlings, stirges, and twigjacks are a small sampling of what you'll find, but you'll also learn that there is something deeper going on with many of the NPCs, and your party might find themselves on a whole new adventure that they hadn't planned on!

Of course, their opponents aren't the only thing your group will remember about an encounter—sometimes the map makes everything! High-quality maps are the hallmark of Rite's Fantastic Maps, crafted by cartographer Jonathan Roberts! This month, you've got two new maps for your game, Sentry Encampment and Stockade Dungeons! The Dungeon is just waiting for a nasty monster with a high Stealth check, while the Encampment might just have a squad of watchful guards looking over your buddy that got nabbed (unfairly, of course)!

"Honor" is just one of the many tenets that a samurai might live by, and in the world of Kaidan, that tenet can be as strong as steel. Way of the Samurai details numerous options for the samurai class. New traits like Honorable Soul give you a bit of flavor for your warrior, while new archetypes like the yamabushi or yojimbo can help define your character's place in the world and in a party! Way of the Samurai will also help you create new samurai clans and has numerous NPCs ready to drop into your game, like Takesune Tokisaka, mastersmith of the Takesune clan!

Everybody loves free stuff too, and Rite's ready with Pathways #16! Make your creatures a bit more sinful with the envious creature template, and make your mooks a bit more useful with feats designed for support characters! You'll also get a sneak preview of Raging Swan Press's Scions of Evil, and with three graveknight marilith antipaladins, your party is sure to run screaming in terror! You'll also get a short urban encounter, the second in the Scattered Sheaves series, written by Ron Lundeen of Run Amok Games! All of the Pathways 'zines are free, so snag a copy and add it to your game—tonight!

Check out all of Rite Publishing's PDF and print releases right here on Paizo.com!

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This Little Adventurer Went To the Market...

GameMastery Map Pack: Marketplace

Add PDF $8.99

Print Edition Unavailable

New GameMastery Map Pack now available!

Finding a new blade, getting lunch, or chasing a thief through the hustle and bustle—it's all possible with our latest GameMastery Map Pack!

You've managed to haul that dragon's hoard back to town, and now it's time to go shopping with GameMastery Map Pack: Marketplace! Pick up a new rug for your stronghold at the Carpet Merchant, have your fortune told by far-sighted mystics in their colorful tents, or haggle for a valiant steed at the Livestock Pen! Adventures can start at any time in the Marketplace, and with 18 different tiles to choose from, you can freely arrange the pieces in almost any combination, giving you the ability to start a rollicking combat, replete with overturned carts and thrown produce—at any time!

Like our Flip-Mats, our latest Map Packs are specially coated so that you can use dry, wet, or even permanent markers on your maps to indicate authentic battle damage caused by your party of adventurers! (Please consult your nearest rumor table in case you destroy a merchant's stall and that merchant appears to be overgeared for their level—they might not have NPC levels!) Check out all of our GameMastery Map Packs here, and don't forget, if you subscribe, you get a free PDF for all of your virtual gaming needs!

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Maps to Build an Empire With!

Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Skull & Shackles Poster Map Folio

Add Print Edition $19.99 $3.00

Add PDF $13.99

New map folio available for Skull & Shackles!

Only the most foolhardy sailor would dare sail the jagged region of the Shackles without a map—don't be That Guy, and bring along our latest Pathfinder Campaign Setting release to your next game!

With the Skull & Shackles Poster Map Folio, your crew of maritime wealth redistribution specialists will be able to chart out their territory as they adventure through the Skull & Shackles Adventure Path! In this map folio, you'll get not just one map, but three! First of course is the setting for the region itself, the realm known as the Shackles, blocking sea traffic to the southern lands of Sargava and the Mwangi expanse. But you'll aso get a map of the unofficial capital of the Shackles and home of the Hurricane King, Port Peril! Your captain and crew should be on their best behavior should they see the king's flagship, the Filthy Luchre in port, as he has a short temper and a long memory of slights made against him... Finally, the third map is what every pirating adventure needs—a treasure map! There is no X on this map though, but it can serve as a great prop to game masters wishing to add a side quest (or three) for any game set in this rough-and-tumble region!

All of these maps in the Skull & Shackles Poster Map Folio are unlabeled, making them a perfect player-friendly addition to your game, and you can have your players pin a red flag for every island that they manage to put under their thumb! Game masters running the Skull & Shackles Adventure Path won't want to miss our free web supplement that tags over 150 islands, towns, and sites of interest—read our blog post for all of the details!

Check out all of our Pathfinder Campaign Setting releases right here at Paizo.com!

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Lifestyles of the Rich and Infamous!

Pathfinder Adventure Path #57: Tempest Rising (Skull & Shackles 3 of 6) (PFRPG)

Add PDF $13.99

Print Edition Unavailable

Non-Mint Unavailable

New Pathfinder Adventure Path is in!

You've got a ship, you've made a name for yourself, but now it's time to get the recognition you've earned through blood and booty with our latest Pathfinder Adventure Path volume!

Now that your pirate crew has set up a home base in the isles of the Shackles, you're on a quest for something bigger: official recognition by the other Free Captains and the Hurricane King himself, Kerdak Bonefist! In "Tempest Rising", the third part of the Skull & Shackles Adventure Path, you'll have to impress the King's court with tests of skill, swords, and a "friendly" game of cards...but that's not going to be enough for some members of the Pirates' Council! As your rise to become a notorious pirate captain, you'll be invited to participate in the Free Captains' Regatta, a race that will draw upon all of your crews' experience and knowledge as you dive into the eternal hurricane known as the Eye of Abendego—and survive! More sinister dangers lurk, though, as rumors of a deadly plot rise up like flotsam from a storm, a plot that could have dire effects on the freedom-loving denizens of the Shackles!

Of course, our Adventure Path volumes aren't just about the adventure—we stuff 'em full of supporting material to make your games even more awesome! You'll get detailed background on key NPCs such as the druid ruler of Drenchport, Master of the Gales, treasures such as charts of the fair winds and ring of the iron skull, but you'll also get a gazetteer on the notorious capital of the Shackles, Port Peril! Will you gamble away your ill-gotten gold in the gambling halls of Crescent Harbor, or will you end up swinging from a rope in the Dead Man's Dance Hall for crossing the Hurricane King? The "Scourges of the Shackles" article details other threats of the Shackles, like the slaver Alahandra Boisich of the Cloudbuster's Dream, or the aristocrat-turned-pirate Cerise Bloodmourn of Come What May, but also threats from wind and wave! With a new Pathfinder Journal entry from Robin D. Laws, and an exciting assortment of new creatures for your Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, "Tempest Rising" will have you living the dangerous life of a pirate on the high seas!

Check out all of our Pathfinder Adventure Paths here, and don't forget to check out our Rise of the Runelords Adventure Path Hardcover, collecting the first Pathfinder Adventure Path into one super-sized collection!

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It's the Final Countdown!

Join in the last hours of the Pathfinder Online kickstarter!

You've answered the call to kickstart our Pathfinder Online technology demo—but will you saddle up for the final hours of our journey?

We've met our initial goal of $50,000—and then some! Every stretch goal we've set up for the Pathfinder Online technology demo has been met, from the Isle of 2,000 Backers to the Forest of $150,000, but will you find the Planar Rift to the $250,000 Zone? Every step of our stretch goals has meant that you have gotten another level added to that wretched hive of scum and villainy, Thornkeep! This dangerous place was initially designed as just a simple dungeon, penned by industry veteran Rich Baker, but every met goal has added more levels crafted by writers that long-time tabletop gaming fans will recognize—Jason Bulmahn, James Jacobs, Erik Mona, and with the $200,000 goal met, Ed Greenwood as well! Because we've done so phenomenally, the print version of the Thornkeep book (available if you pledge $50 or more) has grown from a 64-page book to 96—that's the size of one of our Adventure Path volumes!

Because we reached other stretch goals for the demo, if you've pledged $75 or more, you'll get your printed copy of the Thornkeep book autographed by all of the dungeon's authors. Even better, your copy of Thornkeep will contain a special bookplate autographed by Ed Greenwood, as well as legendary artist Wayne Reynolds! Not enough for you? If we hit $250,000, we'll kick in not one, but TWO Flip-Mats that will represent all four of the additional dungeon levels, as PDFs if you've pledged $30 or more, and in print if you pledge $100 or more!

Check out all of the details about the Pathfinder Online Technology Demo at Kickstarter, and keep abreast of all the exciting development news from Goblinworks on their blog!

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A Dirty Dozen of Genius Combat Options!


Our Price: $1.00

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New Pathfinder RPG PDFs from Super Genius Games!

The latest from the Super Geniuses have arrived—time to sharpen that blade and hope you have Iron Will, because there's some nasty things heading your way!

There's no denying how fun it is to smash things up with a fighter, and with 12 Alternatives for the Fighter's Bravery Class Feature, you'll get some exciting new ways to lay the smack down! As part of the Bullet Points series, this PDF doesn't mess around with any marshmallow fluff about ancient empires or dueling schools of epic age—just new ways to "stick 'em with the pointy end" and make sure they stay down! Need to deal more damage with that scythe? Check out the executioner ability, which gives you even more damage on your attacks, or bust a golem across their chops with gatecrasher (works against doors, gates, and portcullises too, of course)!

And feats! Who doesn't like feats—they're perfect for both player and game master alike! With 7 Shadow Assassin Feats, your shadow assassin (from The Genius Guide to the Shadow Assassin) gets a bunch of new options to terrorize the night with, like the Umbral Venom and Shadow Sense feats! If you play a caster, you'll want to check out Power Word Spells, a fascinating new look at some of the most iconic spells of fantasy roleplaying. Not to be outdone, the game master gets to play too with another of Super Genius Games's Bullet Points series. But as many players can attest to, the game master gets to play dirty. In 7 Feats for the Undead, the game master can tack on nasty surprises like Fulminate or Putrid Spray, giving even the lowly zombie or skeleton a trick up their tattered sleeves.

Check out all of Super Genius Games's releases here, and add a dash of Genius to your game!

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This... is My Boomstick!


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New gamer wear from T-Shirt Bordello!

Convention season is coming—time to outfit yourself in some new gamer-friendly wear from T-Shirt Bordello!

It's dark outside, evil approaches—and you're low on gas. After fighting off legions of the hungry dead, even Ash would want to wash away the taste of evil with a pint of Boomstick Double Stout! This t-shirt is 100% black cotton and features everybody's favorite zombie-killin', chainsaw-handed hero with his three favorite words! (Speaking of zombies, be sure to check out the Coffin Nail Pale Ale t-shirt too!)

T-Shirt Bordello loves tugging out our nostalgic heart strings, with shirts from classic video games like Asteroids, screwball comedies like Spaceballs, and everybody's favorite floating ball of death. But for fans of a certain elf in a green tunic, you won't want to miss the Game of Swords T-Shirt (it HyRULES)! Mashing up George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire book series with the Legend of Zelda video games, this t-shirt (in black of course) has a number of swords from the video game series set into a very recognizable form.

Do you like xenomorphs with molecular acid for blood? Of course you do, but if you're a colonial space marine, you might like 'em a bit less, but wear your pride with the USS Sulaco T-Shirt (available in both Green and Black), or if you're the corporate guy, grab a Weyland-Yutani t-shirt—just in time for the release of Prometheus! Warning, none of the t-shirts provide acid resistance...

Check out all of the gamer wear from T-Shirt Bordello right here!

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Arm Yourself with Lovecraft!


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New geeky gaming accessories from Accoutrements available!

We love wearing our geeky hearts on our sleeves, and with the latest goodies from Accoutrements, you'll be able to decorate that sleeve—with a tentacle!

That's right, now you too can have a tentacle all your own with the Inflatable Cthulhu Arm! Fitting snugly over your hand, you'll be able to play as your own horror from beyond time and space, discipline rowdy players in your next Call of Cthulhu game, or if you're really creative, play a shoggoth in all its tentacled glory! Note, you may need more than one tentacle...and if one Cthulhu-related goodie wasn't enough, check out the charm, water bottle, and mints that we have in stock!

Though we love our Lovecraft, we do like d20s as well, and with cherry-flavored d20 Suckers, you'll have a perfect gift for the next game night! Two inches in diameter, you'll be able to use this as an improvised weapon at the game table or at your next convention! (If you like brains, be sure to get the sour apple Brain Pops too!)

Finally, rum-lovin' pirates will be gettin' a taste of fortune with the Lucky Pirate Coin and Pouch Set! Filled with a handful of gold dubloons, this set is a perfect prop for any nautically-themed adventure or if you want something you can toss on the table during a rousing game of Towers!

Check out all the fun gaming ephemera from Accoutrements right here!

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The Demon Prince of the Undead Dreams—and Awakens!


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Frog God Games releases a Pathfinder RPG mega-adventure!

Plots dreamt of in the darkest depths of the Abyss are about to hatch in this mega-adventure from Frog God Games!

First released in fourteen individual parts, "The Slumbering Tsar Saga" spins a deadly tale of a demonic plot ten thousand years in the making. Penned by fan favorite author Greg Vaughan, this hefty book is bigger than the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Core Rulebook—bigger than The Tome of Horrors Complete! Over 1,000 pages of encounters, maps, monsters, and more await you, all starting at the blasted wastelands known as the Desolation. The pitted walls of the city known as Tsar hold dark and terrible secrets behind their forbidding heights, but with such dreadful plans wrought by the Demon Prince of the Undead himself about to finally come to fruition, brave adventurers must face mortal peril—and worse.

With over 250 pages for the appendices alone, "The Slumbering Tsar Saga" is a game master's new best friend to snag great new material from. Vile plots, terrifying creations by madmen in service to Orcus, prestige classes, artifacts, magic items, a new sorcerer bloodline, and a plethora of fun new spells, you'll find more than just an adventure in these pages—you'll get an entire campaign that your players won't forget! Of course, many have fallen trying to unravel the machinations of Orcus and his servants—there's a special "Obituaries" section ready to read the names of all that have fallen in "The Slumbering Tsar Saga"!

Snag your copy of "The Slumbering Tsar Saga" today—we've extended the preorder pricing until Monday, so get it now and save! Check out all of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game releases from Frog God Games right here!

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