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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game


Pathfinder Pawns: Bestiary Box

Add Print Edition $44.99

Add PDF $24.99

New Pathfinder Pawns now available!

Everybody's gotta have a good start to their miniatures collection, and with our Pathfinder Pawns, you won't have to break the bank to do it!

Make no mistake, we love our miniatures around the office, and many of our desks are festooned with veritable armies of them. But like many, sometimes we don't have time to paint hordes, and when game night rolls around, you gotta have a mini. Right now. With the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Bestiary Box, you'll have over 250 miniatures to your game—immediately! Made of the same sturdy cardboard stock that you got with the pawns in the Beginner Box, the Bestiary Box brings you the same high-quality art featured in the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Bestiary, scaled down to tabletop gaming size! Even better, you'll get duplicates of your favorite baddies to send out in packs, creatures like goblins, swarms, dretches, gnolls, ghouls, skeletons, and zombies!

Between the Beginner Box and Bestiary Box, you've got over 300 pawns to get your miniature collection started off right, and with the Pathfinder Pawns subscription, your collection will just keep growing! Check out our upcoming releases right here at Paizo!

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Something Sinister in Sandpoint!


List Price: $3.99

Our Price: $2.00

Add to Cart

Get your monthly dose of Pathfinder in an all-new format!

You've longed for tales about our iconics—those characters you've seen over and over again in our Pathfinder artwork—and now you'll get a front row seat to read all about them with our Pathfinder Comics!

In Pathfinder #1, something is afoot in Varisia—not a surprise, since this wild land holds many secrets from ancient empires long since relegated to dusty historical tomes and theses on magical theory. A random encounter on the road has Valeros fighting against a pack of goblins, along with the magic-wielding Seoni and the knife-loving Merisiel, but goblins are a cowardly lot, and don't attack during the day...normally. However, these goblins are anything but normal, bearing strange scars and growths upon their bodies, and our party, along with their ally Ezren, enlist the aid of the dwarven woodsman Harsk to track down more of these unusual goblins. Goblins don't travel alone, though, and our group may have stumbled upon something quite big indeed.

Pathfinder Comics is foray into the world of comics with our partner Dynamite Entertainment. Written by Jim Zub and illustrated by Andrew Huerta, you'll get an exciting, adventure-packed introduction to the world of Golarion that will have you eagerly awaiting the next issue to see what trouble our iconics can get themselves into! (Answer: A lot.) Check out all of our Pathfinder Comics here, and subscribe now to get your own copy (with a exclusive cover) delivered directly to you!

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Spirit Bound to Flesh!


Add Print/PDF Bundle $19.95

Add Print $16.95

Add PDF $12.95

New Pathfinder Roleplaying Game compatible products from your favorite publishers!

Need more for your Pathfinder Roleplaying Game? Third-party publishers are here to put that extra touch in your campaign!

Not everyone learns magic by studying dusty tomes, praying to a deity, or channeling inherent talent. Some learn to bind spirits to their flesh, and now your character can too with Pact Magic Unbound! Radiance House originally released their pact magic material for d20, and now it's ready and waiting for your Pathfinder Roleplaying Game—and available as both print and PDF! Besides 32 of the most popular spirits from their earlier tomes, you'll also get new archetypes for all of the core classes, a new domain, rage powers, rogue talents, oaths to take for paladins, and plenty more—not to mention Occult feats and binder secrets!

Radiance House isn't the only one with new releases—GenCon resulted in a whole raft of new releases, some of which have wound its way into our store! Hot off the digital downloads we have Dreamscarred Press's latest psionic artifact, the Dancing Robes of Sharatwan, along with Little Red Goblin Games' Legendary Levels: Magic. Both of these bring exciting new magic items to your campaign, letting your players create their own legends and tales of their power! Speaking of legendary, Legendary Games has an icy sidetrek adventure for 7th to 9th level characters, "Under the Frozen Stars"! has you covered if you need more quests with "Alagoran's Gem" and "Goblin Cave"! If you're looking for more swashbucklin' goodness (ya-harr), check out Tattlebox #3: A Pirate's Life from Zombie Sky Press, or maybe brave the ocean depths with Alluria Publishing's Cerulean Seas: Waves of Thought, or bring a bit of fortune to your next treasure hoard with 10 Luckbringer Magic Items from Rite Publishing (or maybe prey upon character flaws with Monsters of Sin #5: Pride from Open Design)!

For player character options, Abandoned Arts has not one, but four new archetype-focused PDFs for barbarians, druids, rangers, and witches. Super Genius Games reloads their creative barrels with three Bullet Points PDFs, 10 Feats of Fear and Fearlessness, 5 Haste/Slow Feats, and 5 Unseen Servant Feats! If you're putting on your best suit of enchanted armor before going into a megadungeon, take a gander at the FREE Megadungeon Delver's Player Options—you might just find the key to your survival within its pages!

New Pathfinder Roleplaying Game product shows up every day here at Paizo (and not just our own). Be sure and check out all of the releases from your favorite publishers right here at!

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A Story for All of Us!


Only days left to fund The Gamers 3!

Some tales are told that every gamer can instantly identify with, and now you can keep the tale alive with Zombie Orpheus Entertainment's latest Kickstarter!

Both The Gamers and The Gamers: Dorkness Rising are full of moments that make you guffaw (or groan as you say, "Oh man, I've been there!") as the antics of Cass, Gary, Lodge, Joanna, and Leo play out on the small screen. We've watched these in-game and out-of-game characters grow as much as a pile of dead bards, and at the end of Dorkness Rising, we all wanted to know what would happen next. Now you have a chance to get that question answered with Zombie Orpheus's latest Kickstarter, The Gamers: Hands of Fate! This latest tale takes the merry crew to the Best Four Days in Gaming—that's right, they're headed to GenCon! There, they see if they can handle the full convention experience, and step outside of the realm of roleplaying games into the world of collectible card game tournaments! Besides getting an excellent tale of game geekery, as with other Kickstarters, you'll get awesome rewards for your pledge level! Besides the movie, you'll have a chance to snag a copy of of the screenplay, poster art by Wayne Reynolds, a miniature of the infamous Shadow, or a copy of that villain's demense, The Shadow's Dungeon (a lair crafted by our own Sean Reynolds, who had a cameo in Dorkness Rising)!

Mere days are left to fund the third Gamers movie, Hands of Fate—get in now and get awesome rewards for backing a Kickstarter that will give not just you a couple of hours of enjoyment, but enjoyment for the entire community! Check out all of the releases from Zombie Orpheus right here!

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Add Some Spark to Your Pathfinder Game!


Add Print/PDF Bundle $29.99

Add Print Edition $24.99

Add PDF $7.99

A brave new world from Rossi Publishing Games!

Like your Pathfinder game less Arthurian and more Victorian? Get ready to fly the skies in a dirigible with the latest from Rossi Publishing Games!

When traveling to a new place, you'll want a road map to guide your way, and with the world of Terah, you'll want to pick up the Character Reference Guide! In this portable tome, you'll get an overview of the races and classes of the world of Terah, from the scheming dark elves, the Great Machine-controlled dwarves, the nomadic gnomes, the gunslinging high elves, the lupine vykati, or one of many ethnicities of human that are scattered across the globe. Of course, you won't merely get bowler hat-wearing dwarves and pinstripe suited elves in Terah: Character Reference Guide, you'll get an overview of new character classes—which you can get a peek of for free with the next product!

If you like free stuff (and who doesn't!), be sure to check out Terah: Classes! In this free PDF, you'll dive into some of the unique classes in the world of Terah: the charlatan, deceitful master of deception; the spark, brilliant crafter of constructs both mundane and arcane; and the earthsinger, dwarven maestro of the deep songs within Terah's bones. Not only do you get these new classes, you'll also get a smattering of archetypes like the biologist and full spell lists for both the charlatan and the spark!

Check out all of Rossi Publishing's releases here, and make your Pathfinder Roleplaying Game steam-powered!

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Rise Up, and Fight Again!


Add Standard Case $511.68 $399.99

Add Standard Brick $114.99

Add Huge Booster $24.99

Add Standard Booster $15.99

Huge Case Out of print

Rise of the Runelords Prepainted Miniatures are here!

You saw them at GenCon, you bought every booster pack we had—but you can still get our latest Pathfinder Battles prepainted miniatures here at!

The Rise of the Runelords set for our Pathfinder Battles line is waiting in our warehouse and ready to strike a pose on your battlemat! We've gone all-out in celebrating our tenth anniversary with the updated and improved Rise of the Runelords Anniversary Edition Hardcover, but we didn't stop with just a book, we wanted miniatures that would come into your game, steal all of your pickles, then set your favorite tavern on fire! From our iconic needle-toothed pyromaniac goblins to uniquely Golarion creatures like the sinspawn and Shining Child, the Pathfinder Battles: Rise of the Runelords set is full of high quality miniatures for your game. Available in multiple configurations, from booster to brick to case, you'll get just about every miniature you need to run this Adventure Path, from start to finish. Don't forget, if you opt to subscribe to the Pathfinder Battles Case Subscription, you'll get a chance to grab by far one of the meanest bad guys in the entire adventure—the Rune Giant (or as I like to call him, "Mr. Big")!

Check out all of our Pathfinder Battles prepainted figures right here, and subscribe to get discounts on case premiums!

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A Big ol' Pile of Them Bones!


Get in on Reaper's Bones Kickstarter Before it Ends!

The clock is ticking on a one-of-a-kind deal from Reaper Miniatures—one that any tabletop gamer is not going to want to miss!

Affordable and high quality miniatures from one of the best miniature companies in the biz? Nearly 10,000 backers have said "Yes please!" to one of the biggest game-related Kickstarter projects ever and stomped every stretch goal presented—and then some! Have no idea what I'm giddy about? Let me, there is too much. Let me sum up. Gamers love their miniatures, and they really like the Bones line of plastic miniatures released by Reaper Miniatures. But Reaper just can't produce them fast enough, and plastic molds are phenomenally more expensive than those old metal molds. So Reaper has turned to Kickstarter to raise the funds for a whole bunch of new plastic molds, and the initial response has been overwhelming!

How overwhelming? Reaper modestly proposed $30,000—enough for thirty new molds to double the available miniatures in the Bones line. Current funding has them at sixty times their goal, and you may ask yourself "Why should I kick my hard-earned gold pieces towards something that's already funded?" Because you're guaranteed to get not just one miniature, or two, or even twenty: we're talking hundreds of miniatures at the Vampire backer level! This is one heckuva opportunity to start your minis collection if you're a new gamer, or round out your collection if you've been gaming long enough to wear your d20 out into a sphere! Even better, Paizo's CEO Lisa Stevens has given her enthusiastic two thumbs up to the Kickstarter project, and now you'll get a chance to have our iconic heroes from the licensed Pathfinder Miniatures included in your backer level (along with a pile of our delightful Goblins)! All of the miniatures that you get are the same great sculpts that you'd expect from Reaper Miniatures, only easier on the wallet!

Check out all of the existing Bones miniatures right here at—and get ready to see a whole lot more of them with the Reaper Bones Kickstarter!

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Bad Moon Rising!

Pathfinder Module: The Moonscar (PFRPG)

Add Print Edition $13.99 $5.00

Add PDF $9.99

New Pathfinder Module now available!

Ancient observatories may peer deep into heavens, but your characters aren't going to get to enjoy it with the latest Pathfinder Module!

Some people look up to the night sky and wonder; others look up in fear. With Pathfinder Module: The Moonscar, your characters may just end up doing both! People are going missing, the kind of people that can normally handle themselves when being accosted, and from all over the Inner Sea region—not to mention one of your dear friends! When a member of the Pathfinder Society's ruling council sends you and your party a personal request to find out what's happened, you'll end up not just far from home—you'll end up far from everything you hold dear, on the moon itself! There, you'll face off against creatures native to the unforgiving moon's surface, as well as ones that you wouldn't expect to find gazing down upon the blue and white orb of Golarion...but no less deadly! For 16th level characters, this module also includes suggestions for game masters running any of our Adventure Paths to integrate this adventure into their campaign, giving them a way to begin adventures beyond Golarion and to distant worlds!

Check out all of our Pathfinder Modules right here!

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Let the Year of the Risen Rune Begin!

Pathfinder Society Scenario #4–01: Rise of the Goblin Guild (PFRPG) PDF

Our Price: $3.99

Add to Cart

New Pathfinder Society Scenarios available!

Season 4 of our Pathfinder Society Organized Play program started just a few days ago—are you ready to explore deadly ruins for ancient treasures?

Venture-Captain Sheila Heidmarch has opened up the city of Magnimar to the Pathfinder Society—time to head out west to Varisia for new adventures! This month with the season opening we have four new scenarios for you to play through, starting off with "Rise of the Goblin Guild!" For 1st through 5th level characters, this scenario serves as an introduction to the new lodge in Magnimar. Skullduggery is afoot though, and for once, the Pathfinder Society isn't implicated! This time, you're the victim, and the hunt for the thief will lead deep under the City of Monuments to discover a very interesting group of thieves indeed!

Up next and for hearty agents of 3rd to 7th level, "In Wrath's Shadow" sends you packing on a fast sloop across the Varisian gulf—but in a good way! The ruins of an ancient stronghold belonging to one of ancient Thassilon's runelords has been uncovered, and a relatively undisturbed temple a key find for the Pathfinder Society. Your job is to clear out the temple of any danger—whether ancient or modern—so that scholars can safely explore the ruins.

There are a couple things that Magnimar is known for—after all, a place called the City of Monuments has to have a few key places that any traveler shouldn't miss. The Golemworks of Magnimar is one of these places, and is known throughout the Inner Sea for their skill at crafting these automatons. In "The Golemworks Incident", something is amiss. For 5th to 9th level characters, this scenario sends Pathfinder Society agents to aid the arcane organization in hopes of garnering favor with them.

For the final scenario that we released at GenCon 2012, the Pathfinder Society has a huge problem—namely, finding a safe path from the green lowlands of Varisia up to the Storval Plateau. A likely route has been found at the iconic site known as the Storval Stairs, but somebody got there first, and they're not letting anybody pass without their say-so. Will your agent use lies, diplomacy, or the point of their blade to get by in "King of the Storval Stairs?" For 7th to 11th level characters, you might want to leave the new adventurers back at home in Absalom's Grand Lodge!

Check out all of the Pathfinder Society Scenarios here, and check out all of the Pathfinder Society legal options for your character here!

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Back to Where it All Began!

Pathfinder Player Companion: Varisia, Birthplace of Legends (PFRPG)

Add Print Edition $10.99

Add PDF $7.99

New Pathfinder Player Companion!

Get ready for an all-new Pathfinder Player Companion, with a brand-new layout to give you exactly the information that you want!

We can't help ourselves—we love Varisia. It's where Pathfinder started five years ago, and with Pathfinder Player Companion: Varisia, Birthplace of Legends, we're back to give you a bigger and better overview of the region! Get a quick overview of new rules with the Rules Index, allowing you to quickly locate new archetypes like the kapenia dancer, traits like Ex-Sczarni, Harrow Chosen, and Sandpoint Faithful, but also new feats like Thunder and Fang! Give your character touchpoints with "Five Things Everyone Knows about Varisia" when traveling in this untamed land, and gain guidance on common character roles like the cypher hunter, Magnimarian warden, Sable Company marine, Shoanti outrider, or Varisian bravo. Is your character of an arcane persuasion? Perhaps they studied at one of Varisia's famous arcane schools, like Korvosa's Academae or the elite Stone of the Seers in Magnimar—maybe even Riddleport's Cypherlodge! Also, with Varisia, Birthplace of Legends, finally gain long-awaited information about the Shoanti quahs and the territory that they occupy, as well as Varisian caravan routes, commons roads, and their travel times! The best part? All of the Pathfinder Player Companions are the perfect handout for players, and provide a tantalizing hint at some of the adventure paths that are set in the realm of Varisia!

Check out all of our Pathfinder Player Companions here, and get all the information that your character needs to survive in the world of Golarion!

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Seven Sky-Shards Under the Setting Sun

Pathfinder Adventure Path #61: Shards of Sin (Shattered Star 1 of 6) (PFRPG)

Add Print Edition $19.99

Add PDF $13.99

Add Non-Mint $19.99 $14.99

New Pathfinder Adventure Path now available!

Another Gen Con, which means it's time for a brand-new Pathfinder Adventure Path to start, and we return again to the wild west of Varisia with the Shattered Star Adventure Path!

In the city of Magnimar, you can't avoid the past—the crumbling Irespan that looms over everything is a monument of ancient Thassilon, so naturally, this city has attracted a few members of the artifact-seeking Pathfinder Society. In "Shards of Sin", as one of the newest members of the Magnimar Pathfinder lodge, you and your compatriots are charged by Venture-Captain Sheila Heidmarch to find out why Natalya Vancaskerkin has gone rogue. Along the way, you'll uncover more than just a missing person case—you'll find out that you're on the hunt for a legendary artifact! This hunt will send you to all corners of Varisia, and with the first adventure penned by longtime Adventure Path author Greg A. Vaughan, you'll get a ride that your rookie Pathfinder Society agents aren't soon to forget!

We never stop with just the adventure in our Adventure Path volumes! We always pack in tons of supporting information to help gamemasters craft their campaigns to 11, and we'll give you an article discussing the very artifact that's the focus of this Adventure Path in "Shards of Sin". But if you've been waiting for us to spill the goods on the infamous skymetals of Golarion, don't miss this issue! You'll get the powers (and side effects) of materials like abysium, djezet, horacalcum, inubrix, noqual, siccatite, and of course, the most famous skymetal of all—adamantine! Author Bill Ward of "The Box" web fiction returns with a new Pathfinder Journal, this time dealing with that rough-and-tumble town of Riddleport, and you'll get new creatures to add to your campaign like the bishop agathion, vile fleshdregs, and my new favorite familiar option—wolpertingers!

Check out all of the Pathfinder Adventure Path volumes here, and be sure to pick up Pathfinder Player Companion: Varisia, Birthplace of Legends, Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Magnimar, City of Monuments, and the GameMastery Item Cards: Shattered Star Adventure Path to round out your Shattered Star campaign!

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Gotta Get Geared Up!

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Ultimate Equipment (OGL)

Add Print Edition $49.99

Add PDF $9.99

Non-Mint Unavailable

New Pathfinder Roleplaying Game hardcover now available!

There's adventure to be had, and the bad guys aren't going to wait for you to finish shopping. Grab your gear and go with our latest Pathfinder Roleplaying Game hardcover!

You've got your character built—abilities are allocated, skills selected, feats chosen, heck, you've even got a name...but what about gear? Time to go shopping with our latest Pathfinder Roleplaying Game hardcover, Ultimate Equipment! With every option that your character could want (and then some) in one location, you won't be flipping through a huge stack of books to find just the right piece of equipment--just one! Just a smidge under 400 pages, this hefty tome contains not just starting gear like studded leather armor or more exotic fare like do-maru or four-mirror armor, but exotic materials like angelskin, blood crystal, Elysian bronze, living steel, or the disease-ridden viridium. Besides the "arms and armor" part of your character's gear, we have maps, alchemist's kits, glue of every kind, coffee pots, cypher books, perfume, stilts—even full kits for all of our base classes!

But we're not even at the halfway mark of Ultimate Equipment.

Hundreds of pages are devoted to magic items of every kind in Ultimate Equipment. Need to put a lock on an enemy caster? Have the party cleric or wizard cast dispel magic on the barbarian's dispelling burst earthbreaker, or have the ranger use their phase locking longbow to prevent a hasty retreat. Gunslingers will love the burrowing bullets, and antipaladins will want to arm themselves with the classic mace of terror or nine lives stealer. Both old and new magic items are all in one place, but unlike before, the wondrous items list is now sorted by slots, so you can quickly find the right magic item to add to your character. Both artifacts and intelligent items return in a big way (along with cursed items), and you might find the staff of the magi—or unearth the Bottle of the Bound!

Of course, the dealer of the loot needs to have a way to easily hand out the party's hard-earned prize. With Ultimate Equipment, we've given game masters a new way to generate treasure (a way that long-time gamers will be smiling over). You'll be able to generate a dragon's hoard with just a few dice rolls, which lets your game master focus on the story, instead of whether or not that owlbear had gold or silver pieces.

Check out all of our other Pathfinder Roleplaying Game releases right here, or subscribe to the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game line to receive free PDFs with your subscription copies!

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Fight the Good Fight—No Matter Where it Takes You!


Add Print/PDF Bundle $19.99

Add PDF $9.99

New Third-Party Pathfinder Roleplaying Game releases!

It's time for another roundup of third-party Pathfinder Roleplaying Game releases that you may have missed—can your game handle new dungeons, high-level bad guys, new dragons, or going beyond 20th level?

What's worse than facing off against a lich? How about facing off an insane lich where the secret of his destruction isn't just hidden, it's hidden away in another reality entirely? In "Fractured Phylactery," this adventure from Gaming Paper will challenge your 15th+ level characters with everything they can muster, because the journey alone will tax their resources. But facing down against the lich in its own lair...will your heroes walk away from this one? Written by John Ling and with maps by Robert Lazzaretti, you are not going to want to miss this high stakes, high level adventure!

Of course, there's plenty of other new releases for your Pathfinder Roleplaying Game besides adventures like "The Swamp Isle of the Croaking Priestess" from Spes Magna Games or "Teeth of the Storm" from Run Amok Games. Spruce up your dungeon with Dungeon Dressing: Pools or craft maddening visions with Portentous Dreams from Raging Swan Press or shake up player expectations with #30 Variant Dragons from Rite Publishing. Make your game truly memorable with rules for 20th level and higher play with Legendary Levels II from Little Red Goblin Games, or introduce the Helm of the Hydra to your Dreamscarred Press psionics game. Abandoned Arts has four new PDFs covering new archetypes—perhaps your Fighter needs to utilize chain and whip better with the lasher archetype, for example. Speaking of more character options, surely the spontaneous casting druid in The Expanded Shaman from Open Design might appeal, along with new feats for the shield and lightning bolt spells from Super Genius Games!

Everybody loves free product, right? Newcomer Butterfrog Studio has the Field Guide to the Butterfrog, full of tidbits about this strange creature, while we learn more about the steampunk world of Terah with Classes from Rossi Publishing Games. In addition, Rite Publishing has their free e-zine, Pathways #17 concerning the topic of hellfire, and Dreadfox Games has a free preview of their Grimoire Cognitas, delving into the world of divination magic!

That was just a small taste of what our third-party publishers have released this month! Check out all of the third-party releases available right here!

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Double Dose of Pathfinder!


List Price: $3.99

Our Price: $2.00

Add to Cart

Two New Pathfinder Subscriptions available!

We've got not one, but two new presents for you this month: new Pathfinder subscriptions!

First off, we've teamed up with Dynamite Entertainment to bring you a whole new way to get to know the world of Golarion—Pathfinder Comics! Starting this month, our story begins in the realm of Varisia, with some of your favorite Pathfinder iconics! The fighter Valeros, along with the dagger-loving elven rogue Merisiel and sorcerous Seoni, begin to unravel a plot concerning the goblin tribes that infest every part of Varisia like locusts. Usually about as organized as a herd of cats, the goblin tribes are growing stronger—and more organized. Something is behind their new-found unity—something that our heroes are determined to find out! With the Pathfinder Comics subscription, you'll get not one, but two choices for your subscription! The Ongoing subscription nets you one copy of the exclusive cover (such as the awesome Goblin Iconics version by Tyler Walpole), but the Deluxe Ongoing subscription will get you the exclusive cover—along with the four standard covers for each issue! For subscribing, you'll get 20% off the cover price, along with a 15% discount on all back issues and limited-edition releases, such as the Matteo Scalera Foil Cover version of Pathfinder #1!

Secondly, we've got ways of making your game awesome. When we released the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Beginner Box, you said, "These cardboard pawns are awesome! We want more!" We said, "Great idea!" We announced the Bestiary Box. You said, "More please!" We said, "All right then, let's do this thing!" and now you can get these affordable miniatures delivered right to your doorstep with the Pathfinder Pawns Subscription! Made of durable cardboard with all of the high quality artwork that you've come to expect from our books, the Pathfinder Pawns are scaled for your Pathfinder Roleplaying Game!

Check out all of the subscriptions available from Paizo right here—but don't forget to check out our exclusives, where you'll be able to find items like the Rise of the Runelords Deluxe Collector's Edition, and a Pathfinder Goblin Plush (also available in a standard version)!

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Sihedrons, Starknives, and Ioun Stones, Oh My!

GameMastery Item Cards: Shattered Star Adventure Path

Add Deck $10.99 $4.00

Non-Mint Unavailable

New GameMastery Item Cards now available!

Need a visual representation of that strange artifact that the players just uncovered? GameMastery Item Cards are exactly what you're looking for, and our latest ties in with the Shattered Star Adventure Path!

The first part of the Shattered Star Adventure Path is heading to stores right now, and if you're running this Adventure Path, you won't want to miss out on the GameMastery Item Cards: Shattered Star Adventure Path deck! With precisely the right illustration that matches the artifacts and items that you'll be seeing in the Shattered Star Adventure Path, don't miss out on this chance to wow your players with rune-carved halberds, gruesome spiked chains, puzzle boxes, and items of arcane manufacture! And with hundreds of different Item Cards available across many sets, you'll be able to construct your own hoards for your players to plunder.

Check out all of our GameMastery Cards right here, and get the perfection addition to any game!

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The Clock is Ticking on Savings!


List Price: $69.98

Our Price: $44.98

Add to Cart

Paizo Publishing 10th Anniversary Sale ends August 13th!

Need to fill the holes in your Paizo collection, but don't want to break the bank? We've got a sale for that!

We've been celebrating ten years of Paizo Publishing all year long with retrospective blogs as well as a special updated and converted release of our first Pathfinder Adventure Path, the Rise of the Runelords Anniversary Edition Hardcover! But did you know that we have a whole slew of our back catalog on sale, along with our PDFs? That's right, you can pick up bundles for new-to-Pathfinder players with the Inner Sea Starter Bundle, or immerse yourself in our world of Golarion with the Pathfinder Tales Starter Bundle! Want to dive in to the world of game mastering with a Pathfinder Adventure Path? You can with the Serpent's Skull Adventure Path Bundle, and for only $80 for all six parts! Not just our Pathfinder books are on sale—we have GameMastery Maps, Item Cards, card and board games, and a veritable constellation of Planet Stories are also available for the taking! Of course, I did mention PDFs—the first three seasons of Pathfinder Society, electronic issues of Dragon and Dungeon magazines, even our Pathfinder Roleplaying Game PDFs (not to mention a whole lot more) are on sale for 25% off!

Don't forget, this sale ends on August 13th, so get (or gift) Paizo for your collection! Check out our sale and many others right here at!

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Put the Prestige Back in Your Character!

Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Paths of Prestige

Add PDF $13.99

Print Edition Unavailable

Non-Mint Unavailable

New Pathfinder Campaign Setting release available!

Do you hail from Irrisen, where ice flows through your veins, or do you pay homage to absolute law in the service of House Thrune? Get ready for the latest Pathfinder Campaign Setting release and take your characters to another level!

No matter where you hail from in Golarion, there's a chance that your standard-issue adventuring skills and abilities just aren't going to cut it. You need something more—you need Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Paths of Prestige! With 30 new prestige classes for all kinds of characters (as well as a list of world-specific prestige classes you can find in our other books), this will be your go-to book when your character has to up the ante against your foes, or bring succor to your allies. Characters with a strong swordarm might want to become a master of Brevoy's fighting style with the Aldori swordlord prestige class, or crush undead as a Knight of Ozem, carrying on traditions that go back hundreds of years. Pursue justice as a Gray Gardener of Galt, gaining the ability to ensare souls in your weapon as the infamous final blades do, or use your family's wealth and power to your own ends with the noble scion class! If your character eschews blade for magical forces or divine guidance, you'll get options like the Arclord of Nex, inheritor of a magical tradition stretching back four millennia, pursue perfection as a champion of Irori, or tie together arcane spells and the natural world with the Magaambyan arcanist!

Check out all of our Pathfinder Campaign Setting releases here, and dive into the world of Golarion!

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When the Lights Go Down in the City

Pathfinder Tales: Blood of the City

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New Pathfinder Tales novel here!

In the latest Pathfinder Tales novel, we head to the streets of Magnimar, for a story of urban mercenaries in the City of Monuments!

Nobility has a way of complicating things in the latest Pathfinder Tales novel, Blood of the City. Out on the steppes of the Storval Plateau, when you want something, you take it, but among Magnimaran nobility, saving face and plying the political web of power makes getting what you want a bit more difficult. Luma, able to hear the whispers and murmurs of Magnimar's cobbled streets as sure as any tavern song, aids her siblings of the Derexhi family. Together, they consider themselves "problem solvers" for the city's elite, but even though she's the oldest, her half-elven heritage earns her little respect—or trust. Not every job is a cakewalk though, and when a job goes terribly wrong, Luma finds herself in the prison known as the Hells, tangled up in a wave of bloody power plays and unable to trust those she once held dearest. Written by Robin D. Laws, author of The Worldwound Gambit, "Plague of Light", "The Ironroot Deception", and "The Treasures of Far Thallai," Blood of the City will send you along for a grand ride through murder, mayhem, and intrigue in the City of Monuments!

Check out all of our fiction set in the world of Golarion with the Pathfinder Tales line right here!

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Hells Belles!


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New Pathfinder Miniature now available!

We're ready for another Pathfinder Miniature from Reaper—are you?

Whether you've got a devil whispering in your ear or you're on a first-name basis with a denizen of the Damned, the latest Pathfinder Miniature from Reaper Miniatures puts a new pawn on the side of the Nine Hells! Originally appearing in Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Book of the Damned—Volume 1: Princes of Darkness, the Diabolist makes a masterful miniature to use for your game. With a knowing smile on her face, the Diabolist is the perfect choice for any Hells-bound spellcaster—whether they're using dark forces as a means to avenge greater wrongs, or as a path to personal power is your choice, of course!

Check out all of the unpainted Pathfinder Miniatures available from Reaper right here, along with miniatures for Savage Worlds, genre-spanning adventures with their Chronoscope line, and easy-on-the-budget Bones Miniatures!

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Adventurer on the Roof!

GameMastery Map Pack: Rooftops

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New GameMastery Map Pack available!

Homeowners are going to want to check their insurance policies with the latest GameMastery Map Pack!

Chasing down thieves and ruffians never, ever sticks to just alleyways and Marketplaces--pretty soon you're going to go up, and with GameMastery Map Pack: Rooftops, the chase is on! (You're using our Chase Deck, right?) Over shingled roof and through smoking chimneys, whether you're diving through the rooftop shanties of Old Korvosa, dancing past the leering gargoyles on the merchant's manor, or doing your own version of parkour across a dilapidated roof, your next Rooftop chase just got more exciting! (Just skip the alchemist's fire when trying to slow your target down, okay?)

Like our GameMastery Flip-Mats, our latest Map Packs are specially coated so you can deal Authentic Battle Damage™ with wet-erase, dry-erase, even permanent marker when your players decide to bring out the artillery sorcerer! Check out all of our GameMastery Maps right here, and get high quality maps for your tabletop roleplaying game!

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I Stab at Thee!

Pathfinder Adventure Path #60: From Hell’s Heart (Skull & Shackles 6 of 6) (PFRPG)

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New Pathfinder Adventure Path now available!

Swash that buckle pirate, it's time for the final part of the Skull and Shackles Adventure Path!

You've survived being a swabbie, felt the lash of wind and wave, proven yourself to the Free Captains of the Shackles, and supped on the icy cold dish of revenge in the first five parts of the Skull & Shackles Adventure Path. Now your crew of scallywags face the threat of an invasion fleet in the sixth and final part, "From Hell's Heart!" The enemy has survived the Eye of Abendego, arriving unscathed on the opposite side with little more than a tattered sail here and there to speak of their journey. The freedom-loving citizens of the Shackles, while just as likely to take your ship when you're not lookin', won't tolerate being preyed upon by any but their own. Your crew must rally the Free Captains to defend their ports and isles, before the enemy fleet strikes before they can mobilize! It's a tough battle, but when the PCs meet resistance from an unexpected quarter, things suddenly get even more complicated. With a naval battle that will be remembered for years, "From Hell's Heart" is going to be an explosive finale to our swashbucklin' Skull & Shackles Adventure Path!

Aside from the adventure, we have many other delightful articles in this Adventure Path volume! You'll get tips on how to expand your Skull & Shackles campaign beyond the finale, new rumors and terrors to spice up your game (such as the return of a favored artifact from the early days of fantasy roleplaying), and of course, new aquatic monsters to terrorize the most stern-faced sailor! The mysterious addu, the fearsome drowning devil, the pallid sword-toothed faceless whale, and burning gargiya are just some of the beasties in this volume—and you won't want to fail your saving throws against them!

Check out all of our Adventure Paths right here, and get some of our earlier adventure paths like Second Darkness, Legacy of Fire, and Serpent's Skull for deep discounts until August 13th! If you've got a character ready to brave dungeons deep, sign up for the Shattered Star Adventure Path! The first part, "Shards of Sin," debuts in just three weeks at GenCon 2012—subscribe and get a free PDF, as well as the Pathfinder Advantage, which gives you a 15% discount across our website!

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I Need a Hero!


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New Pathfinder Miniature from Reaper now available!

Who wants high quality, detailed miniatures that you can paint at an affordable price? You do, of course, and Reaper Miniatures has them!

When you absolutely, positively need to break a siege, tear down a castle wall, or collapse a dungeon corridor—accept no substitutes! You need a dwarf. Enter Cheiton, Dwarf Hero! Armed with one mean lookin' bludgeoning weapon, Cheiton is ready to crush his opponents and murderize any mortar that he comes across. With immunity to guff and a stern gaze that could make a keg of beer go sour, Cheiton is the perfect stand-in for your latest dwarf character!

Check out all of the Pathfinder Miniatures available from Reaper right here!

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Beyond the Fields That We Know!


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New third-party Pathfinder Roleplaying Game supplements!

Need more options for your class, or how about psionics for your Pathfinder Roleplaying Game? Check out the latest from our horde of third-party publishers!

You may have heard of some of our third-party publishers: Open Design, Super Genius Games, Rite Publishing, or Raging Swan Press, just to name a few. But I'm betting that there are few that you haven't heard of, and new ones keep showing up every month, ready to satisfy every need and niche option for your Pathfinder Roleplaying Game! This month is positively bristling with options, so let's begin with the Dazzling Display!

Starting off, if you've ever wanted to journey beyond the mortal realms, the goodly kobolds over at Open Design have the path laid out for you in Dark Roads & Golden Hells! No matter what realm you play in, whether it's Golarion, Midgard, or a world of your creation, the infinite planes offer a hundred different opportunities for adventure! With places like the Loom and the City of Vultures Beyond, you know you're going to get an encounter that you're not soon to forget, and when you face off against fate-eaters, rust drakes, and spinning hags, your characters are going to wish that they stayed back home on the farm!

0one Games has been releasing PDFs for quite a few years—one of the first companies to do so! You may know them for their super-detailed maps from their Blueprints line, but did you also know they have adventures for beginning roleplayers, as well as a set of serial urban adventures? "Curse of the Sickled Hand" is a great introductory adventure for new players, and with a clean layout and always excellent maps, this is a perfect place to start your game mastering career! If you like your adventures with more political intrigue than you can shake a drow house at, "The Mole" is the adventure for you!

Newcomer Abandoned Arts has been busy on the PDF front, offering new options for core classes. Their latest releases focus on Druids, Rangers, and Witches—don't miss out on the chance to pick up a new class feature or hex that will perfectly suit your character with their Class Acts PDFs!

Build better encounters with Advanced Encounters: Terrain Toolbox from Sneak Attack Press, detailed taverns from newcomer Faceless Entertainment, battle frost giant pirates with Raging Swan Press's latest adventure, new grimoires from Dreadfox and Magic Skull Games, preorder the latest psionic supplement from Dreamscarred Press—all this and more is possible with these new releases from our third-party publishers!

With over one hundred third-party Pathfinder Roleplaying Game publishers, and more every month, they have hundreds of gaming supplements for you to choose from! Check them all out right here at!

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