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The Paizo office will be closed on Monday, January 15 in observance of Martin Luther King Jr. Day.
We will return on Tuesday, Janurary 16.

Paizo Advantage

Paizo Advantage is your opportunity to save 15% on most products available on (except for non-Paizo downloadable files and charity items). This discount even applies to other Paizo subscriptions! Plus, you are be able to use your discount when shopping at conventions like PaizoCon and the Paizo booth at Gen Con.

The Paizo Advantage discount does not usually stack with other discounts. If a product has already been discounted or is on sale, you'll receive the better of the two discounts.

Qualifying subscribers automatically receive their Paizo Advantage discount once their first subscription item ships, and only as long as their subscriptions remain active.

There are two ways to gain access to Paizo Advantage: by becoming a Pathfinder Adventure Path subscriber, or a Starfinder Superscriber. If you are Pathfinder Adventure Path subscriber, as well as a Starfinder Superscriber, your Paizo Advantage benefit does not stack.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscription

In addition to the Paizo Advantage, Pathfinder Adventure Path subscribers receive a 30% discount off of the cover price, as well as a free PDF version, for each volume shipped as part of their subscription.

Learn more about the Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscription.

Starfinder Superscribers

To become a Starfinder Superscriber and gain the Paizo Advantage benefit, you must be subscribed to four physical Starfinder subscriptions. In addition to this discount, Starfinder Superscribers receive a free PDF version for each item shipped as part of their subscriptions (where applicable), and will also receive a free digital Starfinder Society Roleplaying Guild Scenario subscription.

Learn more about Starfinder subscriptions.

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