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***** (based on 2 ratings)

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The Deck of Many Things is a legendary artifact in tabletop roleplaying games, first appearing in 1975 and continuing to appear in roleplaying game publications ever since. The Deck has a certain shock factor to it. It tests us as players, forcing us to weigh personal goals against loyalty to the party. A bad draw can completely disrupt a campaign, getting a character killed, trapped, stripped of all items, or compelled into story lines that were not part of the original script. A good draw can imbalance a party, making one character able to overwhelm content and overshadow the rest of the team. And for these reasons, the Deck can challenge a gamemaster as well.

A classic Deck contains 22 cards, but the Analog Games' Deck of Many Things includes four new cards as a result of stretch goals requested and unlocked by Kickstarter backers. Traditionalists may, of course, choose to leave these cards out of their Deck when using it in play. Our deck is also composed of entirely original artwork, both front and back.

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***** (based on 2 ratings)

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A must buy!!


These are amazing, I unfortunately was not part of the kick starter for these cards so i did miss out on the special "The Beginning" card. For those that buy this set that card is listed in the reference cards as to what the effect is. You did not get gypped a card you just didn't make in time for the kick starter. With that said this is still an awesome set to have even if you never give your players a chance to play with this deck they have awesome artwork and are fun to keep out in open to mess with the players heads. I used them in one of my games and it worked out beautifully.

I got the Kickstarter edition, but I expect this deck is almost the same


I got the Kickstarter edition, which I expect to be just like this one except for a couple small changes: The side says "Kickstarter Edition" and inside there is one extra card, "The Beginning," a Kickstarter exclusive card that has a beautiful and cute picture of a dragon hatchling coming out of its egg. Oh, and a note on the rule sheet card for what "The Beginning" does.

In any case, the deck is beautiful and high quality. The tuck box is slightly oversized so there's room to pop in extra cards if you somehow acquire something you want to add. (I picked up "The Happy Squirrel" joke tarot card at GenCon from GameCrafters and found it was the same size, so added it to my deck.)

Rather than describe all the cards, I'll just link to Analog Games online Deck of Many Things which shows the whole deck:

The four new cards--Strength, Wizard, Wolf, and Sword--are pretty cards and well balanced with original deck.

I should also note that I collect decks and have all the Deck of Many Things printed thus far save the Green Ronin one. These are larger than the deck that comes with Madness at Gardmore Abbey, better quality printing than the old cut-out-yourself deck with the George Barr art from the old issue of Dragon, and better all-round than the fan-made one I got years ago. Probably the nicest version thus far. Gift Certificates
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