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Open Call: Design a Wondrous Item

Topic Posts Last Post
Bitter Widow's Veil

Deck of Falling Houses

Earthbind Boots

Amulet of Reverse Incantation

Familiar's Soulstone

Bog Boots

Horned Helm of the Wild Stag

Bosun's Call

Murktouch Cloak

Ironmorph Dust

Quicksilver Gloves

Gossiper's Gourd

Charlatan's Symbol

Poltergeist Knot

Goblet of Liquefied Cognition

Crest of the Fallen

Nightsbane Quiver

Bonedancer Bodhrán

Patternward Spectacles

Sun Wukong's Puzzle Box

Stormcrusher Gauntlets

Groundbreaker Cloak

Choker of the Siphoning Scorpion

Spirit Window

Deck of the Hellwasp's Sting

Scourge Vial

Hedgewall Seed Pouch

Voidspun Lenses

Fetish of the Frog Queen

Jar of Mottled Clay

Star Cinder

Death Mask

Evergreen Seed Pouch

Screeching Fiddle

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