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RPG Superstar™ 2010 General Discussion

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Seriously, about your maps...

The Unofficial Top 32 Guildhall, Local #2010

Clark, Please Give Me Feedback on My Item

How many entries were received?

Blazing Months of Nine Items

Lesser and Greater Items

2011 Thoughts

Wondrous Item auto-reject advice #15: Item is unclear on how often it is useable

Wondrous Item auto-reject advice #13: Item makes you blind and not blind

Wondrous Item auto-reject advice #9: The Intellectual Property Violation

Wondrous Item auto-reject advice #14: Item is something we can't advertise due to mature or offensive content

Wondrous Item auto-reject advice #5: Item Fails to Follow Game Rules

Wondrous Item auto-reject advice #12: Item is a Joke

Wondrous Item auto-reject advice #8: The Random Item

Start thinking about it

No auto-reject advice today

Wondrous Item auto-reject advice #4: Item Ought to be Not-An-Item

Wondrous Item auto-reject advice #6: Item is a Variant of an Existing Item

Wondrous Item auto-reject advice #10: Item isn't Spell-Checked or Proofread

Wondrous Item auto-reject advice #3: Backstory / History / Description Item

Wondrous Item auto-reject advice #2: Swiss Army Knife

Wondrous Item auto-reject advice #11: The In-Character Quote

Help with pricing?

Overall, Round 4...

RPG Superstar Monster Drawings!

RPG superstar MVP?

RPG Superstar 2010 has a winner!

So patronize it.

Unofficial Round 5 Exit Poll

Paizo Blog: RPG Superstar 2010 has a winner!

Voting is closed for RPG Superstar 2010!

Isn't this supposed to be RPG superstar?

Good Luck to the Final Four!!!

Having difficulty?

Adventure proposals as if I'm in the game store...

Largest open-call tabletop roleplaying design contest in history?

Paizo Blog: The Beginning of the End

Paizo Blog: RPG Superstar Entries Due Today!

Great Contest! Now Bring It Home...

Unofficial Round 4 Exit Poll

Paizo Blog: The final round of RPG Superstar 2010 has begun!


Looking Ahead: Good Maps, Bad Maps

A little advice for the Final Four

Apology to Matthew McGee.

R4 voting closed... feel free to talk about your R4 entry!

Happy birthday, Clark!

Paizo Blog: Pick the RPG Superstar 2010 Top 4!

A tip for the Top 8

Alexander MacLeod, please contact me!

Does anyone have a defibrillator?

Unwritten Design rules?

Unofficial Exit Poll, Round 3

James Martin, please email Sean :D [This has nothing to do with vanishings in Raleigh this weekend...]

All eight R4 entries are in!

No Way For Me To Submit Entry?

How do we upload a map?

Another round 4 question...

Err, six Round 3 votes? Is that right?

Way to go top Eight!

Paizo Blog: Announcing your RPG Superstar 2010 Semifinalists!

If I was in the Top 16 I would submit...

Round 4 question

Very minor nit to pick...

Not enough time in the day! A quick overview.

The Bias of the Single Monster Stat Block

How many words is a 32 page module?

Save Label Question

Come On Round 3!!!!

ONLY WARNING: Contestants Talking About Their Items

Look at this young rising star!

Paizo Blog: RPG Superstar Round 3 Voting Begins Today!

On the use of ALL CAPS

Each year has a "favorite item type"

Why CR 6 or less?

If I was in the Top 32 I would submit....

Round 3 Stat Block Question

Help! The submission tool / button is not jumping out at me!

Too Much Talk of Templates

Is the word count on the submission preview 100% official?

Round 3 Rules Question

Website weirdness

Congrats on the R3 competitors!

Fiddlesticks! I should have submitted...

Round 3 Monster Speculation Thread

Paizo Blog: RPG SuperstarTM 2010: 16 finalists advance to Round 3!

My monster votes went to...

Round 2 voting is closed!

Attention Top 16 competitors! Please read!

Designer's notes

Burning Question for Clark

Letting the Review Dust Settle

Voting is Closed, What now?

It's the final countdown! 32 Hour PbP Nomic!

I'm curious - how many entrants?

Where do we go from here?

Repeat Offenders! Nice work!

Awesome monsters

How do the judges do it?

Round 2 Submitted, Begin Spurious Round 3 Speculation!

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