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RPG Superstar 2015

PaizoCon 2015 will be offline for scheduled maintenance starting at 4:00 PM Pacific time on Tuesday, March 31.
The downtime is estimated to last about 6 hours. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

The messageboards on are renowned for a friendly environment with knowledgeable and passionate members. We encourage anybody who posts to give the community their thoughts on each entry, but to do so in a constructive and non-inflammatory manner. Critique the submissions, but not the designer—personal attacks on the contestants will not be tolerated.

RPG Superstar™ 2008 General Discussion

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Topic Posts Last Post
"Get to know us" RPG Superstar Contenders?

"Hey, you gonna use that monster?"

"I can't find the country submit button" or "I've got the SRD blues"

....All Over But the Crying

60 words left - should I include method behind my madness?

Able to see my item comments?

Admit it, round 3 villain people

Adventure Levels

After the 32 are chosen

Again we wait...

Ahh, submitted...

Almost There....!


An artificer's homunculus...

An unusual request for the final round


And then there :( The sole remaining alternate

And we are essentially done...


Anonymous Voting for Next Superstar?

Anyone interested in helping design a setting?

Are the 32 free to comment yet?

Arrrggg!!!! This Suspense is Killing Me!

Auto-Rejection Reasons

Aw man, I think the clock is slow ...

Bad Item Stereotypes

Bad link

Bring on Round 2

Campaign World Idea

Can I try just one more time?

Can we see our own wondrous item critique?

Chat with Lisa Stevens!

Clark says: Competition Still Wide Open!

Clark Says: Give yourselves a hand!

Clark's Confession--I COULD NOT HAVE WON THIS

Clark's man-crush on Boomer

Come for the Contest, Stay for the Community


Congrats to Christine Schneider!

Congrats to the 32 and the Runner-ups!

Congratulations to the Top 4!!

Congratulations to the Top 8!


Congratulations, Winners!

Contest Concern

Contestants: Would you like a critique of your villain stat block?

Convention Event

Couple round 3 questions

Create some Loot, or Design a monster and win $100 and other cool stuff too.

Critters on the loose

Design a Country- What are you all doing?

Different Tasks for RPG Superstar v2.0?

Disappointed in the villains

Discuss your wondrous item

Does anyone else feel....

Don't put your name in the text of the submission


Entry question: Cost to create

Everyone's a frickin' critic

Feature story on Superstar finalist Clinton J. Boomer

Feedback on submissions

Final round votes?

Foot in the RPG Door

Format question

Format Question: WotC IP

Formatting Question: Tables

Freelance Jobs offers for the 31 finalists of Paizo’s RPG Superstar™

Future Rounds of the Superstar Contest?

Gary - Issue with the RPG Superstar Page

Get out the vote, people!

Golden tickets ponderance

Good countries!

Good luck from the Judges

Good round! Tough decision!

Handling Voting Irregularities?

Happy Holidays, a free villain to use, as you like (inspired by RPGSS).

Hardcover cover credit?

Help submitting?

Hey, my posts are getting scrubbed!

Hey, who wants to see what one of the 32 was doing while he SHOULD have been working on his country?

Honest Critiques of the Top 32 by an RPG Designer and Publisher

How Does One Enter the Business of Professional RPG Design?

How I intend to judge

How many entered?

How many votes per account?

How Should I Vote?

How Will You Use Round 2 Countries?

I am leaving here forever, you bastards!

I missed the deadline too, here goes:

I wanna be an RPG Superstar!

I'm Dreaming of Thematically-Linked Monsters...

I'm going to be lazy and ask a question...

Important! In case we do not make it to Round 2...

A Judge's Tip to Cut the Suspense of Waiting

A Modest Proposal

A Nightmare I had after the great Revealing!

A pleasure to work with Paizo

A question about the future round rules (serious)

A word on voting

A writing exercise

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