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RPG Superstar™ General Discussion

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Superstar Breaks the Forums

New contest begins: Here Be Monsters!

Request for BB Code help

Find RPG Superstar Finalists Working on the Unhallowed Horror Setting!

Archetypes, aren't they exhausted already?

Ok so I had an item made up...

Why do we remove the r from rpg?

When to add metamagic?

Quick Pricing Question

How calculate the price of an object with a penalty

Appropriate CL for an item?

Minor error in the round 3 rules

On the map round

Moving on to Round 3

Paizo - Please put the bold back.

Encounter Maps - things to consider

So long, and thanks for all the votes!

Ah - ha - Why my prices are wrong - I get it now...

Round 5: Wishlist

Paizo Blog: RPG Superstar 2013 Round 2 Voting and Monster Rules

What if it were all up to the judges?

Some general thoughts about the archetype round

RPG Superstar Retrospective - Neil Spicer

well then ..... that could have been better

Listen to last year's RPG Superstar and Sean K. Reynolds gives tips about the contest

Vision realized!

RPG Superstar the Game...

Secret Critiques

Official Round 2 Note: On Map Resolution

Anyone else having this problem?

The Countdown Begins! 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0...

Thank you Sean K Reynolds

Sideshow: best R4 item, monster, etc.

Round 3 voting - how to

R3 and the use of templates & class levels -- judges, please clarify!

Item Critique?

Voter "levels"

The Bag of Infuriating Varments got robbed

If I Understand Correctly...

Oh how I have missed this.

A great start to a new year

UK Games Exhibition - Birmingham NEC

A Judge's Musings on Round 2

A realization

Community Item Ranking

What does "neither" actually do?

A Really Tough Field

Already seeing doubles

Names and foreign language?

Question for round 2 and beyond.

Link for RPG Superstar Panel from PaizoCon 2011?

Know Direction interviews

My Round 2 Voting Process

Current Call List

An inspirational movie for the New Year!

Am I the only one...

Magic weapon price

Cyrad's Style Guide Notes

Superstar authors launch Cross of Fire kickstarter!

R4 Rules

The link to vote

Covent's Critiques

Can we see the judge votes?

Voting System Question

Item Critiquing

Questions about next year's competition...

Voting tool issue!

A Hearty Thank You

Round 2 Rule question

My top3 lists...

Failing to bold entries or format entries correctly

Can we talk about the items?

Items that break the rules query

Hint: Craft Wondrous Item

Round 1 Question - Construction Spell Sources

So what's considered public?

Parenthetical citations

Entry / Voting countdown - with associated trivia to make you go ohhhh

In cherished memories of the 27...

Alternately, Critique an Alternate?

The Unofficial RPGSS 2015 Critique My Item Thread

Funny Glitch in the Voting System

Happy New Year - 2015!

Want to hone your skills for future rounds? Then look no further!

Using Golarion Material For Item

Some R3 voting teasers

Rah Rah RPGSS!

Where did the Event Schedule go?

Ok so now that I know I didn't make it...

Item lookouts

The Under 21 Club

Share your item archiving workflow

Can't vote?

resetting a submission

Properly Citing a PF book.

Rounds question??

Paizo Blog: No Tears at This Bitter Manor

Judges: What makes a "good" bonus location?

Playtesting Round 4 take-aways

Where are the Guest judges?

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