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RPG Superstar™ General Discussion

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Topic Posts Last Post
"Breaks the Rules" question - Formatting

"Hard Mode"- trends by item type

"Neither of the two" and "reshuffle"

"Power Outage" Conspiracy Theories

"Tusla", Oklahoma gamers represent!

"you" vs. "the wearer"

(Ultimate Magic) or no Ultimate Magic

2nd to 7th (but less than 8) Timers Collective

9 Blazing Months

64 pages?!

2014 Critique my Wondrous Item thread

2014's R3 Location / Encounter / Map round rules posted

2015 Superstar

AAAHHHH The one minute timer!

About Copyright Infringement In Items

Accidental Submission, (Apologies if this is the wrong way to post)

Adam Donald and the Screeching Fiddle

Add your ranks to new Knowledge here...

Advice for future rounds / years from a GM perspective

Advice For Those About To Vote

Ah - ha - Why my prices are wrong - I get it now...

All my old friends are back

Alliterative item names: Clever or Campy?

Almost Rans

Already seeing doubles

Alternately, Critique an Alternate?

Am I being fair?

Am I the only one...

An alphabetical list of every item I saw this year

An idea for next year's voting

An inspirational movie for the New Year!

Another eligibility question

Any ideas on the CR the monster will have to be?

Anyone else happy about their item?

Anyone else having this problem?

Anyone else seeing duplicate items?

Appealing to the public vs. appealing to the judges

Appropriate CL for an item?

Appropriate? to the River Kingdoms.

Archetype for the Bartender Character Class (AKA R2 concerns)

Archetype list to the PRD

Archetype question.

Archetype RiverLands Question

Archetypes, aren't they exhausted already?

Are shields legal entries?

Are Siege Weapons considered "weapons" for the purpose of this contest?

Are there *any* rules for figuring out Caster Level?

Are we allowed to ask how many people entered this year?

Are we permitted to discuss specific items that are not our own entries?

Are we there yet? Are we there yet?

Are you a non US / Canada contestant?

Armory of Awesome (Good Vibes Thread)

Authorship, Intellectual Property and RPGSS

Because No One Asked For It: Round 5 Exit Poll!

Before reveal unusual feelings...

Best of Luck to Everyone!

Best Wishes

Bestiary Round.... what if?

Better items this year, but when is the cull?

Blazing 9 Items (post-RPG Superstar 2013)

Blazing 9 offer

Blazing 9!

Both items are equally good / bad

Bryan Bloomer's Semi-worthless Wondrous Item Feedback Thread

Caleth's Critiques - Hot off the Press

Calling all women gamers: RPG Superstar needs you!

Can I Give Away / Republish My Entry?

Can I Post My Item On My Personal Site?

Can we discuss pricing?

Can we have a sub forum for critique my item posts?

Can we see the judge votes?

Can we talk about the items?

Can't vote?

Challenge Paizo - Eh? What? Read on my fellow padawans...

Change in the Top 16 Lineup

Change in top 32?

Chat log from last year - enjoy...

A great start to a new year

A Hearty Thank You

A Judge's Musings on Round 2

A list of things learned:

A little creative diversion between waiting and monster writing: what do you see as the SKR's duties as Host of Superstar?

A Little Distraction: Wondrous Items for Christmas

A Mini Rant on "Camping Items"

A moral dilemma

A new blog about RPG design, freelancing and RPGSS

A New-Found Respect For The Judges

A note about copyright violation DQs

A Painful realization

A Plea for Insanity

A Plea for Sanity

A plea for sanity

A question on formatting for something different...

A realization

A Really Tough Field

A sense of repulsion doesn't replace a sense of wonder

A Suggestion For Next Year's Voting:

A tale most vile!

A Wing and a Prayer

A worked example

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