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RPG Superstar™ General Discussion

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Topic Posts Last Post
The Crafters Trap (For new Inventors)

The difference a year makes...

The Encounter Round?

The Final Countdown

The link to vote

The meme ... 2014 edition

The most anticipated thing about RPG Superstar

The most infuriating entries...

The Official Unofficial Top 32 Guildhall

Theory on how to stop the repeating item madness

There is a place where I can see My Item?

Things I've learned about game design by voting...

This round of the contest is closed.

This year's voter-generated top 100 list

Thoughts on the public voting and discussion

Thoughts on the Round 3 submissions

Tip: Avoid "Prized by..."

Top 32 Reveal

The Top 64

Top 89 -- That's right, I just posted them!

Tougher every year?

Trends and general observations

Two free PDFs for the Top 32!

Tying Your Submissions To A Theme: Good Idea? Bad Idea?

UK Games Exhibition - Birmingham NEC

Umm, short time slot much?

The Under 21 Club

UNofficial 2013 "Critique My Item" thread tracker

The Unofficial Top 32 Guildhall with Golden Filigree

Unofficial tracker and list for the 2014 Critique thread

Video interviews with the Top 16 this week!

Vision realized!

Vote for the best Designer not just the adventure, a plea

Voter "levels"

Voter tags next to your name

Voters' Incessant Praise

Voters' Incessant Ramble


Voting drinking game

Voting Fun!

Voting link?

Voting question

Voting Question

Voting System

Voting System Question

Voting Titles

Voting tool issue!

Voting Using Sean's Rules

Wanna Be a Superstar? Make Gloves. (Wondrous Item Breakdowns)

WARNING - talking about your submission may get you disqualified for breaking anonymity

Wednesday isn't Friday

Weirdest moment for me during this contest

well then ..... that could have been better

What can we do better next year?

What does "neither" actually do?

What Have I Done?!?

What have you done to the teasing posts?

What have you found to be...

What have your favorites been?

What I'm looking at in round 2 archetypes

What if it were all up to the judges?

What is a Golarion Monster?

What round will Frank Mentzer be judging?

What to do when item is copied

What will you do with your free time?

what's in a name?

What's your secret? How do you come up with this stuff?

When can we talk about our own items?

When is the cull?

When should a wearable item be slotless?

When to add metamagic?

Where are the Guest judges?

Where can I find info about the River Kingdoms for my R2 entry?

Where did the Event Schedule go?

Where did the submission form go?

Why do we remove the r from rpg?

Why entering RPG Superstar is good for you

Wishing all entrants the very best of luck, 2014

Wondering: If your module pitch doesn't make it...

Wondrous Item Naming Hurdles

Wondrous Item Query - for next year of course...

Wondrous item Ranking Methodology

You submitted, congrats! Now remember to vote!

Your Title Counts. Literally.

[Video] Be the Next RPG Superstar! (PaizoCon 2013)

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