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RPG Superstar™ General Discussion

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WARNING - talking about your submission may get you disqualified for breaking anonymity

A Mini Rant on "Camping Items"

Dealing with the waiting stress - a step by step plan...

Tying Your Submissions To A Theme: Good Idea? Bad Idea?

Made a mistake on my entry any way to delete and try again ?

Round 2 looks a little disappointing

Minor formatting questions for submission

I'm so excited about my item

Thoughts on the public voting and discussion

Your Title Counts. Literally.

Names and foreign language?

Listen to last year's RPG Superstar and Sean K. Reynolds gives tips about the contest

Question for round 2 and beyond.

Why do we remove the r from rpg?

I suspect the Judges will be singing this at the end of voting...

Hint: Craft Wondrous Item

Rules Question

Technical Questions about the RPG Superstar Boards

How Many Jacobs?

Put on your fancy designer hats!

How would you challenge the judges

Paizo Blog: Are you ready to be a Superstar?

Round 1 Question - Construction Spell Sources

So what's considered public?

Spelling Numbers?

Parenthetical citations

Rule 27 - The best example ever!

Entry / Voting countdown - with associated trivia to make you go ohhhh

Proper Format for Slotless Items?

Tables in submissions

When to add metamagic?

Quick Pricing Question

Paizo Blog: RPG Superstar 2013 Deadline Reminder

The 4 ACTUAL judges telling you exactly how to make the Top 32--seriously

Item Activation and Action Economy

Are there *any* rules for figuring out Caster Level?

All my old friends are back

"you" vs. "the wearer"

Slight bit of worry...

Any ideas on the CR the monster will have to be?

How calculate the price of an object with a penalty

What Have I Done?!?

it burns us, my precious

Vision realized!

Why entering RPG Superstar is good for you

Item viewing

SKR's Modern Object rule vs. "Distant Worlds"

Question About Contest Rules (Item #1)

In cherished memories of the 27...

Mythic Superstar

Sean's advice on dashes

Could be the best year yet...

The Top 64

RPG Superstar 2013: The Approach

Clark-nak the Magnificent!

It's back and I'm freaking out

Appropriate CL for an item?

Restore balance to the force

Need to ask a general question

RPG Superstar 2012 Groundless Speculation Thread!

Link for RPG Superstar Panel from PaizoCon 2011?

RPG Superstar Frequently-Fielded-Gripes: a draft

64 pages?!

9 Blazing Months

Question about Writers Groups

RPG Superstar the Game...

Hey all you gamers, sittin' on the fence, get off your ass and get down here...

Does anyone know when / if RPG Superstar is happening this year?

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