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RPG Superstar™ General Discussion

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Topic Posts Last Post
Praise for the judges

Official Round 2 Note: On Map Resolution

My Round 2 Voting Process

My Own Personal Favorites

Thoughts on Round 2 Maps

How I make a monster

Clockstomper's Penance

Judge Mikko's Tips for Round 3

Round 2 Exit Poll

Minor error in the round 3 rules

New Round 2 Entry!

Map Round Thoughts for Next Year

Change in the Top 16 Lineup

Congratulations to the Top 16, Round 3 Speculation (Unofficial)

So, You're Designing a Pathfinder Monster...

RPGSS Mad-Libs!

Alternately, Critique an Alternate?

Lucus' Critiques Collected

First Timers Unite!

So what makes a monster Nar-Vothian?

Critique Jensen's Map (and maybe more?)

Secret Critiques

Critiques by theheadkase!

Good, Bad, And Ugly Critiques 2015 Edition

Maps from people who didn't make the top 32

Map Discussion to Kill Time

Fun Challenge: Triple Map Pitch

A list of things learned:

Tip: Avoid "Prized by..."

Round 3 Exit Poll

Round 4 Printed Rules Errors

Suggestions to the top 8 for R4

Paizo Blog: Announcing RPG Superstar 2015's Top 8!

Unofficial tracker for 2015 item critiques

What "Famine" is starving for...

Where's Template Fu?

What the heck is an en dash?

Your item's backstory!! (Kind of a Critique thread)

Your personal favorite item (that was not your item)

Thanking the RPGSS "Staff."

Know Direction interviews

Official Critique My Item Thread

Round 4 Exit Poll

Superstar Breaks the Forums

Paizo Blog: The Final Four!

A question on formatting for something different...

Looking fo the RPG Superstar guide

Joke Items to Kill Time

Round 4 monster predictions

If you could, what would you say...

The most Superstar blog for the RPG Superstar season

People's Choice 2015 - Honorary ticket to the guild hall...

From Contestant to Paizo Employee!

Phloid's Unofficial "Edit My Item" Thread

Because No One Asked For It: Round 5 Exit Poll!

The RPG Superstar Countdown Thread

The Unofficial Top 32 Guildhall and Armory

Paizo Blog: This Year the Winner is Bringing the Axe!

The Beginning of the End of My First RPG SS

The New Viewer's Guide to RPGSS

Authorship, Intellectual Property and RPGSS

Detect Mojo! -- mini-contest

Map Fu Catch Up

So you want to be a 3PP author

Challenge Paizo - Eh? What? Read on my fellow padawans...

Top 32: Your foot is in the door. Are you going to walk through?

Blazing 9!

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