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RPG Superstar™ General Discussion

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Database of items after the cull

Voters' Incessant Ramble

Voters' Incessant Praise

Voting drinking game

A Wing and a Prayer

Voter tags next to your name

Countdown til voting ends

R2 rules update

Paizo Blog: Superstar 2014: R1 Submissions are Closed, Public Voting is Open!

Learn anything new from voting?

So long, and thanks for all the votes!

Just to be sure

I am Very Impressed

My item disappeared (and it's not even Illusion School)?

Go ahead, laugh at me! (Or: A message for first-time entrants.)

Paizo Blog: Superstar 2014: Don't Fear the Reaper

If your submission resembles this item, you were probably culled.

Trends and general observations

How I judge

Both items are equally good / bad

Item lookouts

If you spot an item you think should be disqualified

What's your secret? How do you come up with this stuff?

The meme ... 2014 edition

When is the cull?

No Top 8 This Year?

Has Anyone Seen My Item? The Name Is...

The Under 21 Club

Description format was changed on submission

is it just me ...or

Rule 5 Question (The "Gag Order" Rule)

Fillable Form

Have the Same Combination Twice

Voting question

Good But Unused Entries - Question

T-Minus 5 days and counting...

Not one bit of guilt

Alliterative item names: Clever or Campy?

Voting System Question

Should the Prize Change for 2015?

AAAHHHH The one minute timer!

Everyone Gets a Trophy - Or At Least Immortality...

Five minor errors that bug me in submissions

Share your item archiving workflow

seeing same items a number of times

How could you???

Wanna Be a Superstar? Make Gloves. (Wondrous Item Breakdowns)

Paizo Blog: It's the Most Superstar Time of the Year!

Oh how I have missed this.

submitted my entry, missed the formatting section

Can't vote?

The Final Countdown

Cover credit: am I ineligible?

Is there a delay in submissions being posted?

Voting Question

A great start to a new year

Wednesday isn't Friday

Item Critiquing

What is a Golarion Monster?

Appealing to the public vs. appealing to the judges

Happy New Year to all contestants, host, judges and Paizo staff, 2014

Filigree and You

(Ultimate Magic) or no Ultimate Magic

The difference a year makes...

Wondrous Item Naming Hurdles

Drinking the Kool-aid....

What round will Frank Mentzer be judging?

Accidental Submission, (Apologies if this is the wrong way to post)

What have your favorites been?

A worked example

When should a wearable item be slotless?

The Crafters Trap (For new Inventors)

Quick Question - Variant item appearance

Superstar Felicitations - December 2013

You submitted, congrats! Now remember to vote!

resetting a submission

Properly Citing a PF book.

Deadlines for later rounds

Paizo Blog: RPG Superstar 2014: Week 1 Advice

Calling all women gamers: RPG Superstar needs you!

Non American contenders?

My I Use Material From Non-Core Books?

Best Wishes

What have you done to the teasing posts?

Request for BB Code help


It's almost that time

Exactly 300 Words?

Template Bash Offer to all participants.

Games Design related Pod Casts by the bucket load...

Ah - ha - Why my prices are wrong - I get it now...

Rounds question??

Wondering: If your module pitch doesn't make it...

Blazing 9 Items (post-RPG Superstar 2013)

What can we do better next year?

Blazing 9 offer

This round of the contest is closed.

Find RPG Superstar Finalists Working on the Unhallowed Horror Setting!

Reach Expert

Official 2013 "Critique my item" thread

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