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RPG Superstar 2015

PaizoCon 2015

RPG Superstar™ General Discussion

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Template Question

Disqualification Question

Eighth Timers Unite!

Paizo - Please put the bold back.

Did we come to a consensus on artifact eligibility?

Incorrect Item Types

Link for Voting?

Are we allowed to ask how many people entered this year?

Voting questions

For those about to vote...We Salute YOU

Who is collecting items?

Should we avoid intelligent or “artifact” items?

Could've Done Better

Don't Wait Until the Last Minute!

My Thanks

Advice For Those About To Vote

Submission Tool Problem?

One Hour Left—Get Those Submissions In ASAP!

Keep 'Em Coming!

Template Fu's Annual Template Check Offer

Paizo Blog: Keep Your Eyes on the Stars!

Paizo Blog: Get Ready to See Stars!

The Official Unofficial Top 32 Guildhall

Don't shoot yourself in the foot before the race starts.

Magic weapon price

The Wondrous Item Round-up!

Using Golarion Material For Item

Turning a SIAC into a non-SIAC - the story of Bobgar's longsword of fireballs

Questioning Regarding Citing Sources

Is there any way to edit your entry?

Italicize Spells

Just want to make sure I'm not breaking the anonymity rule here....

Reaction to the Shake-up of Round 1

Are Siege Weapons considered "weapons" for the purpose of this contest?

Question about eligibility

Cyrad's Style Guide Notes

Covent's Journey

Another eligibility question

This has got my blood pumping!

2015 Superstar

Can we discuss pricing?

Dumb question I've had for some time...

Sing a long 2015 Edition

Would a set be out of the question?

Forget what you thought you knew!

Round 1 surprise twist & repurposed items

Are shields legal entries?

Heads up Open Call hopefuls! Minor cosmetic issues!

Question about names...

Are we there yet? Are we there yet?

So you want to be a 3PP author

Nine Blazing Months!

Superstar authors launch Cross of Fire kickstarter!

Paizo Blog: Victoria Jaczko Wins RPG Superstar 2014!

How about an online class about item and monster design?

New contest begins: Here Be Monsters!

The Countdown Begins! 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0...

Superstars Team up for the Four Horsemen!

A new blog about RPG design, freelancing and RPGSS

Italicized Spells and Other Minor Conventions

Did you miss the archetype / organization round?

Someone has to do it, so it might as well be ME

R4 Exit Poll

Vote for the best Designer not just the adventure, a plea

Superstar Countdown: 2014

Voting link?

Thank you Sean K Reynolds

2014 Critique my Wondrous Item thread

Sideshow: best R4 item, monster, etc.

My Top 32 Were... (post your favorite also-ran items)

Paizo Blog: Superstar 2014: Vote For Your Superstar!

R4 Rules

Thank you RPG Superstar!

Some round 4 stats

The Unofficial Top 32 Guildhall with Golden Filigree

Paizo Blog: RPG Superstar 2014 Top 4 Teaser Trailer

Haladir's Item Critique Thread

Encounters you thought you'd see

Paizo Blog: Superstar 2014: Top 4 Revealed!

R3 Exit Poll

Some R3 voting teasers

Video interviews with the Top 16 this week!

Bryan Bloomer's Semi-worthless Wondrous Item Feedback Thread

Caleth's Critiques - Hot off the Press

Can I Give Away / Republish My Entry?

Rah Rah RPGSS!

Good, Bad, and Ugly Critiques

Round 2 - What would you have submitted (2014)

Round 3 voting - how to

The link to vote

R4 Rules

KA-CHUNK! Round 3 submission period is closed!

Phrases that are driving you bonkers

Round 3 Encounter Rules Question

Paizo Blog: Superstar 2014: Top 16 Revealed!

R3 and the use of templates & class levels -- judges, please clarify!

Exit Poll - Round 2

This year's voter-generated top 100 list

Round 3 Submission Tool Not Ready?

The Alternate Foyer

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