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RPG Superstar™ General Discussion

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Round 2 location breakdown

There is a place where I can see My Item?

Archetype RiverLands Question

Identical Pairings

Insight Galore

Phone Friendliness

Rules Question

Item viewing

Sean's advice on dashes

It's back and I'm freaking out

Praise for the judges

General Advice for Next Year's Competitors

Things I liked about round one

New Tag

Paizo Blog: Keep Your Eyes on the Stars!

Just want to make sure I'm not breaking the anonymity rule here....

Can we discuss pricing?

Are shields legal entries?

Heads up Open Call hopefuls! Minor cosmetic issues!

Question about names...

Next Year's Round 1

Voting Question

Wednesday isn't Friday

Happy New Year to all contestants, host, judges and Paizo staff, 2014

Drinking the Kool-aid....

This round of the contest is closed.

Posting a call here first...

Please Playtest the Round 4 Encounters

In the spirit of Neil's suggestion

Paizo Blog: RPG Superstar: Round 2!

Weirdest moment for me during this contest

Chat log from last year - enjoy...

Voting Titles

Archetype for the Bartender Character Class (AKA R2 concerns)

What to do when item is copied

About Copyright Infringement In Items

Slight bit of worry...

Suggestions to the top 8 for R4

Judge Mikko's Tips for Round 3

Quick! How Many...

Good Luck & Happy Holiday's

Better items this year, but when is the cull?

Disqualification Question

Questioning Regarding Citing Sources

Is there any way to edit your entry?

Another eligibility question

Superstars Team up for the Four Horsemen!

Voting link?

Just to be sure

Accidental Submission, (Apologies if this is the wrong way to post)

[Video] Be the Next RPG Superstar! (PaizoCon 2013)

"Tusla", Oklahoma gamers represent!

Rules for previous years' rounds?

Odd voting sync behavior.

How do we STOP showing items?

Thank You to Paizo's intrepid code developers!

Tying Your Submissions To A Theme: Good Idea? Bad Idea?

"you" vs. "the wearer"

Why entering RPG Superstar is good for you

Need to ask a general question

2016 Superstars—Take The Pledge!

Looking fo the RPG Superstar guide

Change in the Top 16 Lineup

New Round 2 Entry!

RPG Superstar 2015 Question???

A Plea for Insanity

Incorrect Item Types

Covent's Journey

Sing a long 2015 Edition

Some round 4 stats

Not one bit of guilt

My I Use Material From Non-Core Books?

Pricing Concerns

Spelling Numbers?

Fun Challenge: Triple Map Pitch

How I make a monster

Covent's Critiques 2015

Did we come to a consensus on artifact eligibility?

Italicize Spells

Question about eligibility

KA-CHUNK! Round 3 submission period is closed!

Round 3 Encounter Rules Question

Round 3 Submission Tool Not Ready?

New Top 32 SS Names

Template Bash Offer to all participants.

Superstar practice

Congrats to the top 16

Overall Quality--I am very impressed

Here's how good this year was: NO golden tickets

Some Personal Voting Data

Inter-Voting Activities

Voting Fun!

A tale most vile!

Round 1

So let us say there are 1,500 submissions...

Are we permitted to discuss specific items that are not our own entries?

Reporting Items to be DQ'd

Eligibility Rules Update

Creak! Spudoing! Kraaaang! Klunck! waiting for...

Rule 27 - The best example ever!

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