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RPG Superstar 2015

PaizoCon 2015

Get Ready to See Stars with RPG Superstar™ 2015!

RPG Superstar™ is back for it's 8th year! Every year, Paizo invites aspiring game designers to submit to our annual Open Call to give them a chance to show off their talent. This year, we're shaking up the format and have a new host and set of judges who are excited to see the best and brightest ascend to the title of RPG Superstar™ 2015.

Think you have what it takes to take the title and win the grand prize of being able to write your own Pathfinder Module? This year the difficultly has been amped up, and we think the pool of talented and innovative designers is ready for it. This year we've changed the Open Call from Wondrous Items (for the first time in the history of the contest!) to give hopeful contest participates a greater challenge. For more information about the thought process about this change, check out host, Owen K. C. Stephens', announcement blog post. More exciting changes and information about the following rounds will be available as the contest progresses.

As always, we've got an amazing group of judges from the tabletop RPG industry who will be reviewing and critiquing the entries. This years panel of judges includes:

Liz Courts, Cartographer & WriterMark Seifter, Designer
Crystal Frasier, Artist & WriterRob Lazzaretti, Cartographer
Adam Daigle, DeveloperMikko Kallio, RPG Superstar™ 2014 Finalist
John Compton, DeveloperSteven T. Helt, RPG Superstar™ 2013
James Jacobs, Creative DirectorNicole Lindroos, Green Ronin Publishing

Learn more about our judges here.

In the end, four finalists will be offered professional writing contracts with Paizo, an opportunity to jumpstart their game design careers working on the various Pathfinder projects. Three runners-up will win the opportunity to write Pathfinder Society Scenarios. The winner of RPG Superstar™ 2015 will win the ultimate prize, writing their own adventure for the Pathfinder Modules line!

Never heard of RPG Superstar™? This contest spans the course of several weeks, with each round presenting our contestants with various design challenges. The first round is an Open Call where the community votes on their favorite entries from hundreds of submissions which our panel of judges will use to narrow down the best 32 entries. These top 32 will move on to compete to determine who will be the next RPG Superstar™. The overall winner of RPG Superstar™ 2015 will be announced on March 24, 2015!

RPG Superstar™ 2015 Top 32

Gabriel Almer
Round 2 Caverns of Steam, Near Dwimovel (Darklands, Sekamina)
Round 1 Staff of the Prime Mover

Charlie Bell
Round 2 Smokemount Hold
Round 1 Crook of Unseen Forces

Charlie Brooks
Round 2 The Mekhum Temple
Round 1 The Hero's Breath

Russ Brown
Round 2 Lost Water Gardens of Jalmeray
Round 1 Ice Fang

Christopher Donnangelo
Round 2 Remesiana, Cheliax
Round 1 Staff of the Vanara King

Brian Fruzen
Round 2 Salvation's End
Round 1 Pyrolastic Spike

Mark Hart
Round 2 Dagon's Temple & Village of Boggard's Maw
Round 1 Venom's Kiss

Jeff Heikkinen
Round 2 Inside the Glacier
Round 1 Flowing Fortress Armour

David Higaki
Round 2 The Gravepit Basin of Fallen Sercai
Round 1 Earthcracker

Dana Huber
Round 2 Elven Guardpost on the Tanglebriar Border
Round 1 Ophidian Coil

Taylor Hubler
Round 2 Temple of Kabriri, The Pit, Sandpoint Hinterlands
Round 1 Fist of Havoc

Ben Iglauer
Round 2 The Haunted Dinosaur Graveyard of Mediogalti Island
Round 1 Fool's Scepter

Jason Keeley
Round 2 Leviathan's End
Round 1 Rod of Exorcism

Jacob Kellogg
Round 2 Tomb of the Mad Elementalist
Round 1 Soulshifter Staff

Patrick Kilcullen
Round 2 The Orv Vault of Ur-Athan
Round 1 Swarm-strike Caster

Scott LaBarge
Round 2 Shadde-Quah Shoanti Cliff Dwelling. Calphiak Mountains
Round 1 Keyhole Stiletto

John Laffan
Round 2 Port Vito, Sinking Town Turned Smuggler's Den
Round 1 Staff of the Thieving Magpie

Monica Marlowe
Round 2 Firebrand's Redoubt: Stronghold of Lady Delbera Axebringer
Round 1 Spectre Blight

Matthew Morris
Round 2 Nanny Pajit's Gyre, Gogpodda
Round 1 Psychopomp's Crosier

Kalervo Oikarinen
Round 2 Ancient Cyclops Stronghold in the Icerime Peaks
Round 1 Fate-binder

Ben Parkin
Round 2 The Isle of Goboru
Round 1 Magrim's Mountain Crusher

Anthony Pennington
Round 2 The Fancy Reefclaw Brewery
Round 1 Depth Charger

Newton Philis
Round 2 Escape from the Fleshlairs of Okeno
Round 1 Breach Barrier

R Pickard
Round 2 Town of Griffon Falls
Round 1 Harvestweal

Olivier Rayé-Lalonde
Round 2 Leftover's: East Shore's Only Inn
Round 1 Ring of the Investigator

Justin Riddler
Round 2 Sewer, Bridge, and Hypogeum Under Caliphas
Round 1 Mountain Stance Armor

Matt Roth
Round 2 Needlecreek Chasm, The Sodden Lands
Round 1 Rimewinder

Chris Shaeffer
Round 2 Treant's Crossing
Round 1 Hide of the Vibrant Frog

Maria Smolina
Round 2 Hexed Pathways to Icecrime Peaks
Round 1 Shield of Stormwall

Frankie Trombetta
Round 2 Ghol-Gan King's Wrecked Funeral Ship
Round 1 Interrogator's Ally

Christopher Wasko
Round 2 The Drowning Temple
Round 1 Windstrider Mail

Benjamin Wilkins
Round 2 Ennoblement Abbey
Round 1 Staff of the Trusted Phsyician

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Make sure to cast your vote before February 2!

RPG Superstar™ 2015 Schedule

Round Round Begins Entries Due Entries Revealed Voting Begins Voting Ends Winners Announced
1 Open Call: Design a Magic Armor, Weapon, Ring, Rod, or Staff
2 Top 32: Create a Map
3 Top 16: Create a Monster and Stat Block
4 Top 8: Design an Encounter with a Map
5 Top 4: Submit an Adventure Proposal
All events are at 2 PM Pacific time. Dates and times displayed above are in the US/Pacific time zone.

RPG Superstar™

General Discussion
Open Call: Design a Magic Armor, Weapon, Ring, Rod, or Staff
Round 2 Submissions
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