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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game


Pathfinder Society

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

The Soldiery

4256 N High Street
Columbus, Ohio 43214

614 - 267 - 1957

M-Th 10am - 10pm
F 10am - 1am
S 10am - 11pm
S 10am - 7pm

The Soldiery is a full service game store specializing in role playing games, board games, ccgs, miniatures, and historical games.

We carry a wide range of singles of both collectable card games and collectable miniature games.

We are also well known for our out-of-print items. We have 49 feet
of display racks, chock full of new and used role playing books, and three bookcases of new and used board games, in addition to many popular board games displayed all over the store. We have two packed wall panels of new and out of production metal fantasy figures.

We are stockists of Games Workshop and are pleased to offer 15% off
everyday on our extensive inventory and 20% off on prepaid special orders of items we don't stock or on direct special orders.

Our 12 gaming tables are available to play on for free anytime and game demos are always welcome. We recommend calling ahead for availability Fridays to Sundays as we often have special events using large sections of the store.

We take trade-ins of old games for new. If you have a collection of board games, roleplaying games, collectable card games, miniatures you are interested in tradingin or even selling, either send us an email or fax us a brief description of what you have.

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