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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game


Pathfinder Society

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Phoenix Fire Games

44 Fairview Ave
Meridian, ID 83642


Mon 11AM - 9PM
Tue-Sat 11AM - 11PM
Sun 11AM - 4PM

Phoenix Fire Games is a family operated business. Our family loves games and wanted to be able to bring some fun and excitement to all of you.

This page is designed to give you an idea of what we’re like. If you or someone you know is like one of us, chances are we can suggest a good game for you!

Sean Wainwright:
Sean likes board games. Any board games. He likes card games, too. He likes to watch everyone’s plans unfold and see where things end up. His favorite games involve a little bit of everything — some strategy, some luck, and a lot of interaction.

Patty Wainwright:
Patty likes lighter fare: family games, party games, fast turns, and so on. Luck is a fun part of the game, and makes sure everyone can win.

Brad Brashier:
Brad likes the deep stuff. The more realistic (read: complex) the better, and the less luck the better, too. He enjoys family games from time to time, but generally prefers wargames, miniatures, and especially Role Playing Games. Patty is Brad’s Sister.

Kathleen Brashier:
Kathleen’s preferences fall squarely between Patty’s and Brad’s. She likes Role Playing and building games, but doesn’t like to spend too long reading the rules. She also doesn’t like fighting or war games.

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