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Ludo Boardgame Bar & Cafe

26 Scout Torillo St. corner Scout Fuentebella St.
Brgy. Sacred Heart
Quezon City, NCR 1112

(632) 791-8634

Monday-Thursday 4:00pm-12midnight
Friday- 4pm-3am
Saturday-Sunday 12noon-3am

The first of its kind in the Philippines! A place where you can get good food and a drink while playing games. Inspired by Boardgame cafes all over the world, Ludo was conceived by a regular gaming group of friends who wants to share their love of boardgames. Ludo is Latin for I Play. This signifies our advocacy to promote a social experience for family and friends where people actually interact with one another in person rather than being glued to their phones, gadgets and consoles.

Ludo features over 700 games in store for play. New to boardgames? Don't worry! Our staff can assist and teach games for you and your friends. Want to buy games? Try it out first with our store copy then take it home as we also sell games! So drop by, grab a drink or two and let's play games!

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