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Gamesville Tabletop Inc

4211 NW 16th Blvd
Gainesville, FL 32605


Tues-Thur 12pm-9pm
Fri- Sat 12pm-Midnight
Sun 12pm - 6pm

CLOSED Mondays

Gamesville Tabletop is a destination game store and gaming parlor.

We carry many styles of board and card games, Magic the Gathering and other TCGs, Dungeons and Dragons, other RPGs and supplies. We carry fan merchandise from popular science fiction shows, cartoons and movies.

We also have used games and game parts. The customer missing one city from Catan or one card from Pandemic will have a local place to shop. In addition to all of the gaming merchandise here at GTT we have brain toys, like Rubik’s Cube and Rush Hour. GTT has a growing library of games for the customers to check out and play.

In addition we’re here to help customers make choices about the games they would like to play or purchase and even offer instruction.

GTT has a loyal customer rewards system where the customer can earn rewards that include discounts and free merchandise. Come in today to get signed up, so you can start earning points right away. The program also allows the customer to put points towards the daily gaming fee of $3 per day. The fee is not charged if you are attending a scheduled event. The fee may also be used towards in store purchases on the same day it was paid.

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