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Funagain Games

1280 Willamette St
Eugene, or 97401


Monday: 11a to 7p
Tuesday: 11a to 11p
Wednesday: 11a to 7p
Thursday: 11a to 11p
Friday: 11a to 11p
Saturday: 11a to 7p
Sunday: 11a to 7p

Even if you're familiar with the old classics like Monopoly, Life, and Scrabble, there is a whole other world of amazing board games. Our knowledgeable staff can help you choose a game, and maybe even teach it to you before you leave.

Funagain Games Eugene is the first branch of Funagain Games, a game store and internet retailer based in Ashland, Oregon. The web-store has over 5,600 different games currently in-stock which run the gamut of simple easy games for kids, to 1-2 hour family games, to days-long strategy games for the serious hobby gamer.

Our store here in Eugene currently carries over 500 different titles with more coming in everyday. We have a Game Lounge open to the public 7 days a week from 11-7pm (and often after hours) and a library of 300+ games to demo in the store or play with your friends and family.

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