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For the Win Cafe

3216 Yonge Street
Toronto, Ontario M4N 2L2


Sunday - Thursday : 11am-12am
Friday - Saturday : 11am-2am

Uptown board game cafe with over 500 unique board games to choose from.

Featuring specialty coffee from Pilot Coffee Roaster, Bakery from Phipps desert and La Rocca, variety bubble tea, and collectible action figures.

Gaming Rates:

Gaming is free on weekdays from 11AM - 2PM, with the purchase of any food or beverage. (Holidays excluded)

Tuesdays are $2 flat rate for your entire stay, with the purchase of any food or beverage.

During non-promotional periods, a gaming fee of $2.5/hr per person or $1.5/hr for children under 10 will apply. For anyone not interested in playing games, you are more than welcome to grab a drink or bite to eat and sit in.

Take out and walk-ins are welcome. On busier nights Wi-Fi may be turned off in the evening after 6pm in order to help us in transition into a board game cafe. Thank you kindly for understanding.

VIP memberships are available for $12 a year. The membership grants you access to our premium board game selection of over $5,000 worth of fully expanded games, plus the ability to use our private room on a first come first serve basis (Minimum party size of 4). In addition, VIP members will benefit from a reduced hourly gaming fee of $2/hr.

EVENTS @ For the Win Cafe
- Every Tuesday night- Magic the Gathering (Draft or Tournament)
- Every Wednesday and Sunday night - MeetUp "Let's learn 2 play" Learning new games with new friends
- Sunday night Catan
- PACG organized play

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