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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

CriticalHit Games, Inc.

Kennedy Plaza
702 S. Gilbert St
Ste # 104
Iowa City, IA 52245


Monday 2pm - 10pm
Tuesday 2pm - 10pm
Wednesday 2pm - 10pm
Thursday 2pm - 10pm
Friday 2pm - 12am
Saturday 10am - 10pm
Sunday 1pm - 6pm

Critical Hit Games is a locally-owned specialty games retailer focused on the social aspects of gaming.

We sell a wide array of boardgames, card games, miniature games, RPGs, and more.

We offer over 800 sq. ft. of open gaming space for casual play, family games nights, club gatherings, special events, and tournaments. Our miniature gaming room contains three terrain tables for use with all popular miniature games and a selection of terrain.
For Parents

Critical Hit Games is committed to providing a safe and friendly environment for all ages. To ensure everyone can use our play space comfortably, inappropriate language is not allowed in the store.

Due to the competitive nature of some of our events, we consider good sportsmanship and fair play a requirement from our event participants. We do not tolerate players taking unfair advantage of one another due to a difference in experience level or age.

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