Pathfinder Society Scenario #10-03: Death On The Ice

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A Pathfinder Society Scenario designed for levels 5-9.

A message delivered by an unlikely courier sends the PCs to the Crown of the World. After making a dangerous trek across the icy passes and bays of Golarion's northernmost continent, the PCs must come to the aid of a Pathfinder Society expedition whose archaeological excavations have uncovered far more than they expected to find. Can the PCs unravel the mysteries that lie beneath the gelid glaciers of the Crown of the World in time to save their fellow Pathfinders from a frigid fate?

Written by Scott Young.

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***** (based on 1 rating)

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Interesting Lore + Penalizing Murder Hobos = 5 stars


I played this and then ran it the very next day and I must say I found it to be one of the best scenarios I've ran/played (definitely in my top 10).

I found the first encounter to be the most interesting and like I said in my title, I love encounters where cool heads (no pun intended) prevailing means a successful encounter with more rewards for everyone. I've talked to a few people who complained that the first encounter can be deadly for martial characters who, in an attempt to NOT murder everything in site, could end up dying an untimely/embarrassing death from a simple environmental hazard. However, to be frank, this is a high enough tier that there should be SOMEBODY in the party with the skills/spells/items to overcome the cold/wet (no spoilers, it's called Death on the Ice for crying out loud).

The Inuit themed encounters were great and to be able to see the *redacted* actually *redacted* a player for long enough so that he *redacted* was amazing. While I myself am not Inuit I felt that the culture and lore also seemed to be well researched and presented in a way that was sensitive and well thought out.

The final encounter was difficult to pull off perfectly but fair assuming the party works as a team.

The inclusion of my all time ultimate crush Venture Captain Bjersig Torrsen and the faithful Mahki was just icing on the cake (more scenarios with him pleeeeeeeeease) and the concept/art for Svala Ice-Rider was top notch. Good job whichever one of Mariusz Gandzel, Jesper Ejsing, Benjamin Widdowson drew her. Well, to be honest, good job to all of you. Kuokei looks great and is giving what I can only assume is the Snowy Owl version of intense side eye at these Pathfinder scrubs who are supposed to help her out

Great Job Scott. Keep 'em coming!

Paizo Employee Organized Play Developer

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Pathfinder Society Scenario 10–03: Death on the Ice uses the following maps:

Scenario maps:
Pathfinder Map–Pack: Frozen Sites and Pathfinder Flip-Mat: Winter Forest, as well as a custom map. There's also an unmapped encounter that takes place on open water.

To quote TOZ, "Huzzah!"

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If the party are not chased by giant undead penguins I am going to be disappointed. Very, very disappointed.

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Leg o' Lamb wrote:
If the party are not chased by giant undead penguins I am going to be disappointed. Very, very disappointed.

Brace yourself for disappointment. Applying the giant simple template to undead penguins would make for an unfun encounter, so I made the executive decision to have only normal-sized undead penguins.

Animal distribution retort:
Also, the Crown of the World is the arctic. While Golarion's not bound to arctic vs. antarctic species delineation, there's part of me that winces a bit at penguins in the arctic circle.

No no, we have more than enough other awesome stuff coming up.

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So no Mountains of Madness? le sigh

Oh, I wouldn't say that...

Having now run this scenario 7 times, with at least 2 more scheduled, I have a question. There are two routes to complete this scenario. In one of them, there is a treasure given, which has a substantial value (commiserate with the level 5-9 scenario), but for the other option, there is absolutely no treasure that I can see. Is this intended? I simply put the same treasure in both options to solve the discrepancy, but am wondering whether this lack of treasure in Option Two is intentional, or if there was a mistake in the drafting and the treasure for Option Two was forgotten.

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