Pathfinder Adventure Card Game Promo Card: Nok-Nok

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Lamashtu's chosen Nok-Nok be
That's why his eyes number three
Middle eye is not real... yet
But soon will be, on that you bet!

Stupid gobs want Nok-Nok dead
Bang a drum beat on his head
His loyalty, it knows no end
Nok-Nok longshanks' bestest friend!

Add some ferocious goblin fun to your to Pathfinder Adventure Card Game with Reepazo! This fully playable character, complete with role and token cards, will be released for Free RPG Day 2018. Nok-Nok may be used with any Pathfinder Adventure Card Game set.

Note: Nok-Nok will be sent free to subscribers of the main Pathfinder Adventure Card Game line alongside the Ultimate Wilderness Add-On Deck in July. On July 1, he'll be available for sale on

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