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By Matt Morris

For the Pathfinder RPG customer who wants a little more, Everyman Gaming is proud to introduce Everyman Minis! Uniting several high-quality Pathfinder RPG freelancers under a single product line, each week a different Everyman Gaming author or freelancer tackles an exciting new topic by creating a miniature product specially designed to scratch that product’s particular itch.

This installment of Everyman Minis includes: 1,000 words converting the following Starfinder aliens to Pathfinder: kalo, nuar, shirren, skittermander, verthani, and vesk.

With Everyman Gaming, innovation is never more than a page away!

Page count: 6

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C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER! It's a new year, and Everyman Gaming's got a barrage of all-new product just for you, including an artistic upgrade to our Everyman Minis line! Huzzah! Here's the third of three all-new products for 2018.

Worlds collide with Everyman Minis: Far-Flung Races! Designed by the ever-astronomically-aware Matt Morris, this product allows you to import the shiny new alien lifeforms of Starfinder into your Pathfinder RPG! Included within are rules for playing kalo, nuar, shirren, skittermander, verthani, and vesk in the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.

Because really, doesn't EVERY campaign deserve a skittermander or six?

Will there be a follow-up, with more aliens ;) ?


JiCi wrote:
Will there be a follow-up, with more aliens ;) ?

If this sells well enough to warrant a sequel, absolutely!

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