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By Alexander Augunas and Margherita Tramontano
Call forth incredible powers with Everyman Options: Shaman Spirits! Whether you commune with the spirits of the apocalypse, seasons, dragons, or the inky darkness between the stars, this installment of Everyman Options is sure to have options that feel both familiar and fresh for your shaman characters. Master 16 new shaman spirit for the shaman hybrid class. These spirits include adaptations of oracle mysteries (such as apocalypse, dragon, or summer) as well as all-new spirits like transmogrification or quintessence.
With Everyman Gaming, innovation is never more than a page away!

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Thanks, Rick! Hope you had a nice Christmas holiday.

Looking for a little extra Christmas spirit this holiday season? Well, while we may be going secular for this week's new product, Everyman Gaming's got plenty of spirit in their latest installment of Everyman Options—Shaman Spirits! Penned by the tag-team combo of Alex Augunas and Margherita Tramontano, this product includes over a dozen new shaman spirits for you to enjoy. Whether based off of existing oracle mysteries (including three of the oracle mysteries published this year by Everyman Gaming) or penned fresh from the get-go, no other product boosts the options available to the shaman class by this magnitude! So don't delay, bring a little more "spirit" into your life today!

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