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Unexpected Hybrids: Techadin (PFRPG) PDF

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Science Meets Faith!
Churches are generally known for their cloistered monks, fiery pastors, and love of tradition. Some embrace the changing tides of the world however and use them to fulfil their god’s mission. The anointed warriors who follow this creed are known, in slang terms, as “techadins” for their wondrous ability to use technology along with their faith.

Techadins are often at odds with the hardliners in their faction- they are pushers of new ideas and are more willing to embrace and explore new venues of faith. Techadins are progressive but full of as much righteous zeal as their counterparts. Enlightened, educated, and ruthless in their pursuit of evil- techadins are paladins made for a more progressive world. Techadins are more common amongst good-aligned knowledge deities or even deities of magic. Such deities often have many techadins (though they have a more formal name such as “Brother Scientists of The Will” or “Guardian-Researchers” or “Seekers of the Divine Mind”).

Parent Classes: Paladin and Alchemist

-Throw Holy Hand Grenades!
-Wear Magic Reliquary Mecha Armor!
-Divinely Modify Your Gun! (Everyone needs a grappling hook)
-Golems for Days!

-Page Count: 11 pages (1 cover, 1 credit, 2 OGL, 7 content)
-PDF Optimized

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