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PaizoCon 2018 Preview Banquet Ticket

PaizoCon 2014 Banquet

Our Price: $35.00

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Don't miss the annual PaizoCon Preview Banquet, where we show off upcoming Paizo and Pathfinder products, and well as other super-secret things we're just dying to tell you about! Additionally, members of the Paizo staff, Guests of Honor, and other special guests of the convention will be seated throughout the banquet hall, giving attendees the opportunity to chat with game industry professionals.

Banquet Details

  • The PaizoCon Preview Banquet is held on Saturday, May 26 at 7:00 PM Pacific time in the Grand Ballroom, emceed by Paizo Publisher, Erik Mona.
  • The banquet typically has a duration of 2-3 hours, with a period to allow guests and Paizo staff to select their food, table, and introduce themselves.
  • Because there are more tables than Paizo employees, we cannot guarantee a Paizo staff member at every table, but we will do our best to make sure your banquet experience is a unique one!
  • The banquet dinner and dessert is served buffet style, with a variety of dishes to choose from (including vegetarian options). We cannot guarantee that food will be allergen free, however.
  • Eating any of the banquet food is optional, though it is included in the ticket price. We do not offer discounts to attendees that opt out of this part of the banquet experience.
  • If you need any accommodations or have concerns about the banquet, please contact before the show so we can work directly with you to assist.

Due to the size of the room, a limited number of Preview Banquet tickets will be sold—buy your ticket now to guarantee your seat!

Note: While you do not need to purchase a PaizoCon 4-Day Badge to purchase a Banquet Ticket, you will need a 4-Day Badge or Single Day Badge (sold at the PaizoCon Convention Store) to enter the event.

Product Availability

Will be added to your e-Tickets immediately upon purchase. Fulfilled immediately.

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