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Tides of War: Kineticst/X Feats (PFRPG) PDF

****( ) (based on 2 ratings)

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Often volatile and notoriously unpredictable, kineticists embody the very essence of nature itself. With the ability the channel the elements and bend them to their will, they are very often seen as a force to be reckoned with. Some of these talented individuals dare to branch out into other fields of training; seeking more effective ways to employ the craft of the kineticist.

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Average product rating:

****( ) (based on 2 ratings)

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Is multiclassing the kineticist now viable?

****( )

Tides of War: Kineticist/X Feats is a short supplement containing feats for multiclass kineticists. Much like the similar product I reviewed earlier (Bard/X Feats), it contains a page and a half of feats, all designed to be taken as early as character level 3rd. None are a simple “Count your level as X for the purposes of Y” – rather, they all add new ways to use a kineticist, in particular, the burn mechanic.

Many of the feats require you to accept burn to utilize them, with a note in the introduction of the product stating that the burn cost cannot be reduced by any means, including gather power. Examples include the ability to reduce the bonus to Constitution granted by a mutagen instead of accepting burn, add a hex to a kinetic blast, add the advanced template to summons, or funnel burn into one of many ‘pool’ class features to restore points to them. My personal favourite may be Raging Kinesis, which allows a raging character to form their kinetic blade as a free action and keep it activated for the duration of their rage!

Generally, the kineticist class doesn’t lend itself to multiclassing, but these feats provide new and interesting ways to do so. Pick it up if you’re interested in expanding your kineticist, or playing in a gestalt campaign – it’s cheap and worth it.

Kinetic Multi-Klassing

****( )

I wanna start off saying that I like the idea of feats for multiclassed kineticists. Anything that makes people want to even dip my favorite class is good. However, there is a balancing factor that I both understand and dislike as it makes a some of the feats less likely picks.

Each of the following feats costs 1 point of burn that cannot, in any way, be reduced. This includes Gather Power. Now on to the feats.

Burn Cushion(Kineticist 2, Mutagen class feature): Once per day you can take a point of burn when making a Mutagen that increases your Con score to make a special Mutagen. Instead of taking Burn you can reduce the Con bonus instead. The mutagen continues even if the bonus reaches 0.

Burst Protection(Kineticist 2, elemental defense, Channel Energy class feature): When you channel to heal you can take burn to grant your elemental defense to your allies until your next turn.

Hex Kinesis(Kineticist 2, Hex class feature): Accept a point of burn and reduce you kinetic blass damage to add a hex to it. Your kineticist level stacks with the class giving you a hex to determine the hex's power, so that's nice. Hex DC is Con based this way, and you can take it more times to be able to apply different hexes.

Kinetic Summons(Kineticist 2, ability to cast or SLA Summon Monster/Nature's Ally): Accept a point of burn when summoning an elemental that matches your first element(Not your expanded if you have one) to add the advanced template. Not a bad one, though still pricey.

Mind Your Element(Kineticist 2, Bardic Knowledge class feature): No burn here. Just a decent bonus to knowledge checks that are connected to your first element. The bonus increases once if you pick the same element when you can expand.

Pool Push(Kineticist 2, and “pool” class feature): A small number of times a day you can accept a point of burn to get back a point in your pool. One example would be a psychic accepting burn to get their phrenic points back. Potentially useful.

Raging Kinesis(Kinetic blade infusion, kineticist 2, rage or bloodrage): Accept burn when entering your rage to form your kinetic blade, keep it your entire rage, and use your HD as your BAB. This is definitely a feat I'd take on a character, and that's before getting to the part where you add your Strength mod to the damage on top of your Constitution mod.

Sheathed in Wisdom(Kineticist 2, AC bonus class feature, defensive wild talent): No burn. You gain a minor energy resistance based on your first element. It stacks with the resistance from other sources too, which is a rare thing in this system.

Tactical Defenses(Kinetitcist 2, defense wild talent, tactician class feature): Remember Burst Protection? This is the same, but instead of channeling energy you accept burn when using your tactician ability and it lasts longer.

Wilder Talent(Kineticist 2, “talents” class feature from another class): Spends a point of burn to regain a use of a limited duration(uses, rounds, or minutes). You have to pick the talent when you take this feat, just like Hex Kinesis, and just like Hex Kinesis you can take it multiple times for different talent.

That's all the feats. They all have their uses, and some are certainly really good, so I'm happy to give this 3.5 stars(rounding up). Gift Certificates
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