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Often volatile and notoriously unpredictable, kineticists embody the very essence of nature itself. With the ability the channel the elements and bend them to their will, they are very often seen as a force to be reckoned with. Some of these talented individuals dare to branch out into other fields of training; seeking more effective ways to employ the craft of the kineticist.

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Same deal as always, free copy of our work for the price of an honest review.

Any taker? Come on folks, I know there are feat folks out there just chomping at the bit to talk about FEATS.

Free copy for the low, low, really LOW price of a fair review, no money required!

All I need to know if you email address, and by the power of the net, you can be reading awesome new kineticist focused feats in almost no time at all!

I'd ask, but I have had trouble finishing the review for the last set of offerings and it's not fair for me to ask when I haven't done the last one.

No problem, the offer always stands, no time limit, looking forward to reading your thoughts on our bard material.

::casts shamless bump spell::

What it's my signature spell?!

::casts shamless bump spell again::

What it's my signature spell?!

Pearl of Power..recast...BAM!!

::casts shamless bump spell::

8 hours rest baby!

Sovereign Court

I shall assist with bumpy powers of bump-ness!

Come on gang! Free stuff!

Huzzah, my signature spell is spreading!

::casts shamless bump spell::

What? I had nothing to throw fireballs at, and can't let all those spell slots go to waste! Now to figure out how metamagic feats work with my signature spell!

I keep seeing this bumped, but I'm still working on my reviews of your last two bard products. How about I claim a free copy of this to review, after I get those others posted? >.>

>.< LOL EL Ronza

Not a problem at all....we shall keep a copy earmarked for you!

Shadow Lodge

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I'll give it a shot. Only fair since I did the Breach Kineticist too. :)

Sending copy to your previously provided email address via tech...errr..MAGIC, yeah, that's what I used, yep. :)

Oh, and...




::casts shameless bump spell::

What...don't wanna get outa practice now do I..?

RPG Superstar Season 9 Top 32

Thanks for the review DB3

Sovereign Court

Thnaks for the Review DragonBorn! XD

Shadow Lodge

No problem. It would have been up days ago, but the site ate my post and I got frustrated :/

Okay, now that I've finished reviewing the bard products, I'm good to do this one if it's still wanted :)

On it, expect a copy to your contact email shortly El Ronza!

RPG Superstar Season 9 Top 32

Thanks for the review El Ronza

Indeed, we appreciate you taking out the time during this busy holiday season to give us some cheer with an excellent review El Ronza. The entire TFPG staff wishes you and yours only the best in 2018!

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Always happy to help. Cross-posted the review to DTRPG, as well.

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Reviewed first on endzeitgeist.com, then submitted to Nerdtrek and GMS magazine and posted here, on OBS, etc.

Sovereign Court

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Thanks for the review, Endzie! Glad you enjoyed it! ^.^!

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Thanks for the excellent review Thilo, gotta say, that was nice little boost after our last little "miss-step" with the parent book.

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