Return to Freeport, Part Four: The Freebooter's City (PFRPG) PDF

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Freeport is known for its adventures, from Death in Freeport (the one that started it all!) to the mega-adventure Black Sails Over Freeport. Now the City of Adventure goes back to its roots with Return to Freeport! This six-part adventure series for the Pathfinder RPG is a new way to begin your Freeport adventures.

In Return to Freeport, Part Four, the adventurers sail back to Freeport and find themselves embroiled in a different kind of battle, even more dangerous than they are used to: pirate politics.

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I am having a problem with this particular download after purchase.

When I try to download the file, it navigates to what I believe is supposed to be the download link, but other than reloading the Downloads page, nothing happens. All the other downloads I've tested appear to be fine, so I suspect there is a problem with this download link in particular.

This download link is now working correctly, thank you.

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