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Starfinder Society Roleplaying Guild Scenario #1-07: The Solar Sortie PDF

****( ) (based on 5 ratings)

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A Starfinder Society Scenario designed for levels 1–4.

When Historia-7, the leader of the Dataphiles faction, uncovers the first hints of a conspiracy operating against the Starfinder Society, the PCs must assist her in uncovering the truth. Sent to a corporate space station orbiting the Pact Worlds' sun, the PCs must earn favor with the hedonist son of a corporate CEO to gain access to the confidential files Historia-7 needs. However, the PCs are stuck in the middle when this corrupt dilettante's proclivities and shady associations emerge to thwart the Starfinders' covert infiltration.

Content in The Solar Sortie also contributes to the ongoing goals of the Dataphiles faction.

Written by Jenny Jarzabski Cary

Starfinder Society Scenario Tags: Faction (Dataphiles), Starship

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Average product rating:

****( ) (based on 5 ratings)

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Solid scenario with a few flaws

***( )( )

website ate my first review; let's try and recreate the magic

My reaction after the initial read through was that of a classic spy story; there is a compromised person that can be manipulated by a smart and savvy person/team. Good pacing, developed NPCs, and little touches here and there that give a grounding to the scenario's environment. I recommend people play this one. So why only three stars?

Well... there are a few flaws.

The first is the method of infiltration.

problem number one:
The first encounter felt like combat for combat's sake. This event does nothing to move the plot along and felt like a rushed way of "How do we get the PCs to the station?" Since we know about the Target and a significant encounter happens in a nightclub, why not have the team pose as advanced location scouts, or something similar? The Target is still the best person to use and you can still have the "Impress person X number of times" mechanic.

This also solves the "Iconic Problem"; why wouldn't the Target recognize any iconic Starfinders? The scenario already mentions the Target latches on to any iconics. "I'm flattered you follow me, Target; I'm thinking of opening a new venture here after dining with my very good, dear, personal friend Chef GK. He told me all about this place." If the Target's infosphere activities are monitored, the PCs should be discovered. This just doesn't work.

The second is the end.

problem number two:
The PCs make every check. The PCs make every right decision. The PCs do everything the mission asks of them.

And they are punished for it.

There is no reason to think otherwise! The Target was rock solid all scenario so why would the PCs think that right now, at that moment something was amiss? The "means and paranoia" throwaway line in the mission briefing, two to three hours prior, is not enough to give any clue to behave in a certain way. You haven't all scenario; why start now? The holograms that pop up at various points in the story? Flavor, and the one germane to the topic is the very first one you encounter. Ugh.

I did like the aid another mechanic in the nightclub.

I do wish to see more Dataphile scenarios like this going forward. I may have to start referring to Historia-7 as Control.

Space Oddity


A very enjoyable scenario. with a super fun NPC (and other colorful ones) and many interesting and original situations and interactions, and a nice variety of ways of doing things.
Highly enjoyable.

solid adventure for the most part

****( )

The adventure has a solid mix of RP, skill checks, normal combat, and an interesting starship combat. My only real issue with the scenario is that it is a little weak on how the PCs should approach the situation. The Starfinder organization, like the Pathfinder organization is inherently Neutral in disposition. This scenario seems to assume that the PCs will be good and act inherently PCs didn't do anything to gain infamy...but just barely avoided that in a number of situations. It was a lot of fun though and everyone seemed to enjoy it. I certainly enjoyed running it

It had everything.


This scenario had everything anyone could want out of a scenario.

Solid combat versus great, interesting enemies.
Very fun NPC(s) ro rp with. (With a given personality)
Skill based things for skill based peeps.
Starship combat that wasn't 1v1. (I'm a little miffed about the provocation for starship combat, but it has everything to do with the GM rolling high)
And it took place in a cool setting. (Though I'd love to visit a little closer or even inside in a scenario)

Such variety can't be in all scenarios, but the writers clearly saw the opportunity and delivered.

All around fun adventure

****( )

All around fun adventure.
GM’d this session yesterday for five players at low tier. They seemed to really enjoy the adventure.

They wanted to do a culture check on Razor to get more info about her, but there wasn’t a scripted out description for her, so I said she was an avid video gamer based on the description I had. Pilot would probably been more likely, but I went with video gamer, giving her a rank in that. Based on just a +2 int would not have been much of a challenge for the party’s pilot. When the party did choose to challenge Razor to a game of intelligence, the battle was close and interesting.

Another area of the adventure, the party wanted to set off the fire suppression system in the sun observatory lab. Since there wasn’t one described, I listed out a possible list of systems and rolled randomly ending up with a chemical foam system. They didn’t meet the dc to set it off, but if they had it would have acted as a grease spell slicking up the floor and lowering the creatures’ hit and damage by two. Which I think would have added some comedy to the encounter.

All around fun scenario. Thanks. Gift Certificates
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